Chapter 4 Gu Yiran, you are so cruel

She wears a dress similar to Xia’s unique look, and her face is youthful and beautiful at their age, but compared to Xia’s unique slenderness, her figure is slightly fatter.


Hearing this long-sounding call, Xia Youyi finally came back to her senses and saw that the person here was her best friend who had defected earlier. Her expression changed and she immediately asked angrily, “Mi Xiaotu, you just were Where did you go? They left me alone in the bar…”

Mi Xiaotu looked embarrassed, but just kept smiling “hehe”.

Xia Tong snorted angrily and didn’t want to talk to her.

This shameless guy!

Before Gu Yiran appeared, the two of them were still having fun together on the stage of the bar. Who knew that Mi Xiaotu had sharp eyes, and when he saw Gu Yiran’s figure, he drove away alone and left behind. She dealt with the shameless Gu Yiran alone.

Mi Xiaotu also knew that he was doing something unordinary this time, so he kept smiling, “Don’t be angry, it’s the only one, I know I was wrong, I shouldn’t leave you alone, if this happens in the future, I will definitely pull it. Can I run with you? Okay, don’t get angry, it won’t be beautiful if you get angry…”

Xia Youyi couldn’t help but give her a blank look, “You traitor!”

Mi Xiaotu smiled embarrassedly, but said faintly, “Actually, I shouldn’t be completely to blame for this. Who can think that Gu Dasha will suddenly come here, and you know, Gu Dasha is this person. It’s usually like that, uh… so difficult to deal with, if you let him know that I brought you to the bar, then I won’t take my skin off, I don’t have the guts to resist him…”

The only one in Xia didn’t understand the urinary nature of this best friend, but he was not loyal, plus he was timid and afraid of death. However, she is very polite to describe Gu Yiran with the words “difficult to deal with”. To be honest, it is a black heart, a black liver and a black lung.

She said angrily to Mi Xiaotu, “If you dare to play the’blessed and hard to be alone’ set in the future, we two will break off our friendship!”

“Relax, rest assured, I will never do it again in the future.” Mi Xiaotu responded eagerly, took a careful look at Xia Youyi, and then asked, “Um…what did you think the young master Gu didn’t do to you just now? “

Just after asking, she felt that this was a bit redundant, and she should know that when she thinks about it, even if it is not good for women in the world, even if it is not good for women in the world, it will never be any bad for Xia Tong.

But it’s really strange to think about it. This QUNEEN BAR is a famous place for women to play. Usually there are not many male customers. Why did Gu Dashao come over by accident tonight?

Xia Tongyi thought of Gu Yiran, but was angry, and said with a black face, “You will not be allowed to pretend him in front of me in the future!”

“Oh.” Although Mi Xiaotu was puzzled, it was obvious that Xia’s only face was not good, so he didn’t dare to ask any more.

Di Liu’s eyes circled on Xia Youyi’s face, and she quickly saw the mark on the corner of her mouth after being gnawed by Gu Yiran on the tip of her eyes, and she couldn’t help but wonder.

As soon as I was thinking about it, my phone’s ringtone suddenly rang. When Mi Xiaotu saw the caller ID on the phone screen, he only felt that the whole person was not good.

She hurried to a corner not far away to answer the call, smiling almost flatteringly, “Hey, it’s Master Gu, why is it important for you to find me at this time…”

Before he finished speaking, a cold and low male voice came from the other end of the phone, “Mi Xiaotu, next time you dare to take your only one to a bar, I will let you throw you to Africa and follow. Refugees as companions.”

Mi Xiaotu:

Fuck, so cruel!

“Yes, yes, I know, I won’t dare anymore, don’t worry…”

Mi Xiaotu squeezed a stiff smile on his face. As a fierce victim who had long experienced Gu Yiran’s “those who follow me prosper against me die”, at this time he only knows the phrase “He who knows the times is a brilliant man”.

After finally hanging up the phone, Mi Xiaotu breathed a sigh of relief, but when he looked at the three words “Gu Dashao” on the contact, he felt like crying again.

“Whose phone number?” Xia Youyi asked casually when she saw her back.

Mi Xiaotu grimaced, not daring to tell the truth, and then found a reason to cover it up.

She asked Xia Youyi, “Where are you going next?”

Xia Tong thought for a while, “Go home, I will stay home tonight.”

“Okay, then all go home…”

After speaking, the two drove back to their homes.

When Xia Tong arrived at Xia’s house, it was almost half past ten.

I thought everyone should be resting at this time. Who knew she had heard loud laughter from inside before she even walked into the house.

Xia Youyi became cold unconsciously when she heard her expression. She stood outside for a while before pushing the door open and walking in.

In the spacious and bright hall, the few people who were chatting freely, because Xia’s only one suddenly appeared, stopped, and all looked sideways in the direction of the door.