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Chapter 4: The exact same jade sculpture!

Those rich in the south of the Yangtze River looked at Ji Leshan enviously. How could Ji Leshan know such a rich man?

Any woman who is attracted by this wealthy family is all the beauty of flying on a branch to become a phoenix!

Not to mention the big betrothal gift in front of us, but just to say that the family that can take out this betrothal gift, how can it be an ordinary family?

Although there is no Lu family in Jiangnan City, everyone knows that this Lu family must be elsewhere, and it is a force calling for rain.

I heard that there is a Lu family who covers the sky with only one hand, but I don’t know if this Lu family is related to that Lu family in the magic capital?

It seems that we will have to fight the Ji family well in the future. This is the idea in everyone’s mind.

“Congratulations to President Ji, this is really, gratifying!” All the rich and powerful in Jiangnan came to congratulate.

Even if it is envy and jealousy in his heart, he will not show any jealousy on his face.

Ji Leshan was also a little dumbfounded, and could only reply with a strong smile.

“I just don’t know which daughter of the Ji family has been admired by the Lu family?” asked the one who had something good.

“Does this need to be said, it must be me.” A girl from the Ji family with a fiery figure and a coquettish look straightened her chest.

“Obviously it’s me! I know a young master with a generous shot the other day. We talked very happily. Maybe he is the mysterious young master of the Lu family.”

Several girls in the Ji family are doing their part. Can you be reserved?

Ji Xueyu naturally became more uncomfortable as she listened, but she also knew that she was not qualified to participate in their topic, after all, she was already married.

Although there is no real husband and wife, but after all, there is the name of husband and wife.

How could the noble young man from the Lu family look at her as a woman?

Lu Feng lowered his head and said nothing, his expression was stern.

Unprecedented coldness, and even brought a sense of coldness.

They don’t know where the Lu Family is sacred, but how could Lu Feng not know?

Do you want to compensate yourself in this way and return to the Lu family?

But, do you think these things can make me Lu Feng look back? You are wrong.

Moreover, Lu Feng had already thought about why the Pai Yao he had chosen was replaced? This must be the Lu family’s method, right?

“Don’t say it.” Ji Leshan scolded everyone. After all, many outsiders were present at this time, so some attention should be paid to it.

Everyone, take a break here first, I want to deal with the immediate matter.” After that, Ji Leshan greeted these rich Jiangnan tycoons again and summoned the Ji family into the room again.

When everyone came to the room, they spoke unobtrusively, and they were mixed with mockery of Ji Xueyu and Lu Feng.

Ji Xueyu naturally became more uncomfortable as she listened, but she also knew that she was not qualified to participate in their topic, after all, she was already married.

Although there is no real husband and wife, but after all, there is the name of husband and wife. How could the noble young man from the Lu family look at her as a woman?

“Oh, dad, look at this white marble brave. It can rescue disasters and ward off evil spirits and promote marriage. It is really the best of the best!” Ji Hongyu touched the white marble brave with his palm and couldn’t help but praise.

Seeing how he looks now, he seems to have forgotten that it was time to say that Lu Feng’s brave was a fierce beast.

“Yes.” Ji Leshan was also happy for a while, but then everyone found something embarrassing.

Because this white jade brave is exactly the same as the brave sent by Lu Feng!

Whether it is the shape or the material, or the kind of warm and cool touch, it is not bad!

No matter how you look at it, they look like a pair.

Everything is the same, but because it comes from different people, the value is also different.

“The one between Pai Yao and Lu Feng…” Ji Xueyu stopped talking.

“What does it have to do with Lu Feng? Don’t you think that the rubbish sent by Lu Feng can be compared with this white jade brave?”

“Lu Feng’s stall that I don’t know where to buy.” Ji Hongyu directly directed Ji Xueyu Interrupted.

“Yes, I bought it at the street stall.” Lu Feng was too lazy to explain.

“Needless to say, since the Lu family has sent the betrothal gift, there must

be something else.” “Didn’t that person say that the young master of the Lu family will come in person at that time, and this matter will not be discussed for the time being.” Ji Leshanwei High weight is the final word, and everyone can do it for themselves.

Afterwards, Ji Xueyu’s family didn’t even eat any food, and left in embarrassment amidst the mocking eyes of everyone.

Ji Xueyu wanted to take Lu Feng away with him, but her mother Tang Qiuyun stubbornly pulled her away, and didn’t mean to wait for Lu Feng at all.

This incident really made their family lose face and became the object of everyone’s ridicule.

When Lu Feng entered Zuoji’s house, he came to the door as a son-in-law. To put it bluntly, he just cut the door upside down. How could there be any betrothal gifts?

At that time, Lu Feng was like a dog, and he couldn’t even give out a dime gift, let alone such a huge handwriting of the Lu family today.

The more Tang Qiuyun thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt, the more he thought about it, the more jealous he became, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Lu Feng was nothing but waste.

Even if Ji Xueyu marries a commoner, he can give out tens of thousands of gifts, right? But what about Lu Feng?

What else can you do for three years besides eating and waiting to die? The same surname is Lu, why is this gap so big?



Ji Xueyu, Lu Feng, and Tang Qiuyun and his wife were all here.

Tang Qiuyun pointed at Ji Xueyu’s father Ji Yushu, scolding his head and covering his face.

“Do you see what the gap is? The offer from the Lu family is worth ten million, but Xiao Yu did not even have a dime at the beginning!”

“If it wasn’t for your cowardice, how could the old man ignore our opposition and force Xiao Yu to marry Lu? Feng, this rubbish?”

“My old lady is really blind. I thought that when I married Ji’s family, I could be the young lady’s fragrant and spicy drink. Who knew you would be a rubbish?”

“I was thinking of Xiaoyu’s beautiful appearance, she would definitely welcome me. Here comes a arrogant son-in-law, who knows how to marry a trash. What did Tang Qiuyun do in my life?”

Tang Qiuyun became more and more angry when he spoke, and in the end he yelled out.

Ji Yushu didn’t say a word, didn’t even have the guts to refute, and vividly deduced his wife’s strict character.

And he knew that he was really useless, and he didn’t dare to be tough in front of Tang Qiuyun.

Lu Feng also stopped eating, and remained silent.

“You are a trash that can’t make a fart with three sticks! You talk, let me tell you, let Xiaoyu divorce Lu Feng tomorrow!”

“What kind of face is not good, the face of your Ji family has nothing to do with me, I suffer Enough for this kind of life!” Tang Qiuyun became more arrogant, when Lu Feng said such words.

Ji Yushu said with a bitter expression: “The old man said back then that Xiao Yu should not be allowed to divorce Lu Feng in any case, Lu Feng…” Ji Yushu glanced at Lu Feng next to him, and swallowed the rest of the words.

In fact, Ji Yushu never said, the old man left Ji Yushu a few words.

Longyou Shoal was hit by a shrimp show, and the tiger fell in Pingyang by a dog.

The golden scales are by no means a thing in the pool.

No matter how stupid Ji Yushu was, he knew that the old man was talking about Lu Feng. At that time, Ji Yushu also had some expectations.

But he waited for three full years, he didn’t wait for Lu Feng’s situation, let alone see the moment when Lu Feng transformed into a dragon.

“Do you still want to use the previous set of rhetoric to tell me that he is not the thing in the pool?”

“The shit is not the thing in the pool! Just rely on his Lu Feng’s uselessness than you, you tell me him Isn’t it a thing in the pool?”

“If you want me to see him as a dead star, it doesn’t count if you lose your home, but you come to our house and bring disaster!”

“It doesn’t count if we ruin our home, but it’s sticky like a moth. In my family, Xiao Yu ruined Xiao Yu’s life!”

“You don’t feel bad for the girl, I feel bad for my girl!!”

“I tell you Ji Yushu, tomorrow if you don’t let Xiaoyu divorce Lu Feng, then we two will get divorced!! “

Tang Qiuyun Vixen unreservedly showed her essence, sitting on the ground directly and began to cry with her nose and tears.

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