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Chapter 5: Divorce Agreement! !

Ji Yushu’s face is full of pain, why doesn’t he feel sorry for his daughter?

The Ji family has a large industry, but Ji Yushu’s family is the most unwelcome.

The reason is that Mr. Ji has always valued Ji Xueyu and was jealous of everyone.

However, the late father had a sudden illness, and he passed away before he could make a will in the future.

As a result, Ji Hongyu’s father, Ji Leshan, as the son of Ji’s family, naturally took over the Ji family industry.

The person who had not hoped to be the head of the family suddenly became the biggest person in power of the Ji family, and naturally began to suppress the Ji Yushu family everywhere.

Although they didn’t dare to directly expel Ji Yushu’s family, all the dirty work in the company was handed over to Ji Xueyu.

But Ji Xueyu’s husband-in-law was so useless. No one gave the Ji Yushu family a chance, so they naturally became the object of the entire Ji family’s ridicule.

If Lu Feng had a little background, Ji Leshan and the others would not dare to do it.

So in the final analysis, Lu Feng really accounted for a big reason.

But Ji Yushu didn’t count the divorce. As soon as he paid attention to filial piety, he would never go against the words of Mr. Ji.

Secondly, the Ji family can be considered a small and powerful family in Jiangnan City, how can they get married and divorced at will?

Even if Ji Leshan and the others look down on Lu Feng, they will never let the Ji family be ashamed again because of them.

The wedding three years ago had already lost face in Jiangnan. After such a long time, this matter is about to be forgotten by everyone.

If it is divorced again, it is bound to become a bigger joke.

Listening to the conversation between the two, Ji Xueyu lowered his head and said nothing, while Lu Feng sighed in his heart.

“Mom, you don’t have to fight, I and Xueyu, let’s divorce.”

Tang Qiuyun’s loud noise came to an abrupt end, and Ji Yushu suddenly stared at Lu Feng, even Ji Xueyu raised his head instantly.

However, the meaning contained in Ji Xueyu’s eyes is very complicated.

“What are you talking about? Are you serious?” Tang Qiuyun quickly got up from the ground and looked at Lu Feng excitedly.

“Because I put the Ji family in shame and Xueyu was wronged, then I will leave.” Lu Feng said lightly.


Tang Qiuyun was overjoyed when he heard the words, turned around and took a document out of the room, and threw it directly on the desk.

The five big words of the divorce agreement look particularly dazzling.

“Sign! Sign now!” Tang Qiuyun is already ready!

Lu Feng took two deep breaths and prepared to sign with a pen.

He is gone today, but he will not leave forever.

Ji Xueyu is the person he likes, and when he comes back next time, Ji Xueyu will surely let Ji Xueyu enjoy the supreme glory.

“I don’t want a divorce.” At this moment, Ji Xueyu’s voice came, and Lu Feng’s movements suddenly stopped.

The tone is extremely calm, but the meaning in it is very firm.

“Xiao Yu, are you crazy? With your appearance, even if you remarry, there are a lot of outstanding young people waiting for you to choose. Why bother to waste your time with a wimp?” Tang Qiuyun was surprised.

Tang Qiuyun never thought that he would cry and hang himself to shake Ji Yushu’s mind. Now he is about to get Lu Feng to sign, but Ji Xueyu himself is not willing to divorce.

“No, in the past three years, although Lu Feng has nothing to do, he has not done any major things, but he has worked hard for the past three years, and he does all the household affairs.”

“When we were still sleeping, he got up and made breakfast. You go. When playing mahjong, he washes and moppes the floor at home. Which one of these things was not done by him?”

“He is incapable, but he has never left me hungry in three years. Even if I work overtime until twelve o’clock in the night, he will deliver food.”

“I look down on his uselessness, but I don’t hate him.”

“And , Uncle won’t let us divorce. Ji’s face is more important than ours.”

Following Ji Xueyu’s words in the house, everything fell into tranquility.

Lu Feng’s palm trembling while holding the ballpoint pen, his chest undulated violently.

He had never been so excited even in the face of the former Lu family, but at this moment he was somewhat unable to suppress his inner emotions.

Lu Feng has always believed that the experience since childhood and the three years of experience have long seen through the hearts of the world and tempered his mood as solid as a rock.

But Ji Xueyu’s words really touched his heart.

It turns out that he is not useless in Ji Xueyu’s heart. He can hear from Ji Xueyu’s words that this woman has a certain affection for herself, no matter how much she has it.

Ji Xueyu had never said such a thing in front of him, and Lu Feng had never thought that Ji Xueyu had such a view of herself in her heart.

People always have to put together something for something worthwhile, right?

And now, Lu Feng seems to have found something worthy of his change.

“Lu Feng! If you really love Xiao Yu, don’t delay her! Sign!” Tang Qiuyun saw that Ji Xueyu couldn’t make sense, and retargeted at Lu Feng.

But this time, Lu Feng didn’t pay attention to her at all, turning around and using his cuffs to help Ji Xueyu wipe away the teardrops.

At this moment, Ji Xueyu’s eyes are red and her face is tearful, and she looks like a pear blossom with rain that makes people feel distressed.

“Xueyu, as long as you want, if you want it, it will be the stars in the sky. I, Lu Feng, will also pick it up for you personally, and bring it in front of you with both hands.”

“Even if it’s the whole world, I’m willing to fight for you!” At

this moment, Lu Feng was so domineering, how could there be a half-wasteful look on his body?

He seems to be like the peerless divine sword that has hidden the front for many years. Today’s divine sword is out of its sheath and will shock everyone’s hearts.

Even Tang Qiuyun, who was arrogant and violent, looked dazed at this time, looking at this somewhat unfamiliar Lu Feng, he didn’t know what to say.

“What you said is true?” Ji Xueyu asked this sentence in a ghostly manner.

She didn’t even notice that she actually believed what Lu Feng was saying at this time.

Perhaps it was that Lu Feng was too domineering at this time, so domineering that people could not resist.

“It’s all true, you only need to nod, and I, Lu Feng, will do everything for you.” Lu Feng looked serious.

“Good! I do not want the stars of heaven, nor this world, I just do not want to be looked down upon, not to make fun of being ridiculed, I want all those who despise us know that they are blind !!”

Speaking last , Ji Xueyu was already hoarse, as if she had exhausted all her energy to shout these words.

In the past three years, because of the cynicism and ridicule that Lu Feng has received, coupled with today’s everywhere, Ji Xueyu can no longer bear it and is on the verge of collapse.

“Okay!” Lu Feng said succinctly, turning around and leaving after replying a word.

Behind them, Tang Qiuyun and Ji Yushu looked at each other, while Ji Xueyu hugged her arms and squatted down slowly, as if all her strength had been drained.

… The

Bund of Jiangnan City.

A young girl of the same age as Lu Feng sat next to Lu Feng and looked at the scenery of the Bund.

This girl has bright eyes and white teeth, a beautiful appearance, and a well-dressed temperament. She is a wealthy daughter at first glance.

“Brother Lu Feng, have you finally decided to go back to Lu’s house?” Lu Zihan said softly, with a very ethereal voice.

Facing Lu Zihan, Lu Feng was not as indifferent as the old man who faced the jade carving shop before. After all, this Lu Zihan was in Lu Feng’s house, and one of the few people close to him.

“The Pixiu jade carving was changed by the family, right?” Lu Feng asked lightly.

“Yeah!” Lu Zihan nodded gently: “The family felt that they were exactly the same as the brave, plus the words suggested by the gift giver, they should be able to think that it was Brother Lu Feng.”

Lu Feng smiled, and he was in Ji. In the eyes of the family, it was just a waste. Even if the giver’s hint was obvious, they would not believe that Lu Feng belonged to the Lu family.

I will never believe that a waste of Lu Feng can come up with a bride price of 9.99 million.

The Lu family has such great confidence, but they don’t understand what happened to Lu Feng in the past three years.

“Brother Lu Feng, the family said that as long as you are willing to come back, you will not suffer in vain.” Lu Zihan continued.

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