Chapter 5 Xia Youyi, you are a wicked woman

“Only, are you back?”

Mrs. Xia Zhou Xuemei was the first to react, calling her kindly.

Xia Youyi ignored her and glanced at the four people sitting indifferently, and when his eyes finally fell on the pair of young men and women sitting next to each other directly opposite Xia Donghai, the expression on his face was very obvious. Stagnated.

To say that the appearance of these two men and women are very outstanding, they are even more conspicuous now that they are close together, especially the unconscious affection between them, which really reflects the natural match of the appearance of talents and women. .

However, this scene of love and concubine’s concubine’s joy was only an eyesore for Xia Zhilong.

She quickly withdrew her gaze, and calmly suppressed the pain in her eyes and the grief in her heart, wishing to flee the scene immediately.

But when she was about to turn upstairs, Xia Donghai’s unceremonious reprimand came from behind.

“Didn’t you hear your elders talking to you? What is your attitude like being indifferent? Also, what have you been doing these two days, why didn’t you come back last night and didn’t answer the phone? Look at you What does this look like now, is it going out with those messy people again…”

Xia Tongyi had been through the troubles of the night, and her mood was already terrible. Now that Xia Donghai is so screaming and scolded, it is even more depressing.

She tried her best to endure, but in the end she didn’t hold her back, stopped, and replied blankly: “She’s not my mother, why should I be polite to her? You don’t usually scream happily with each other. Isn’t it just what you want to come back for such a disobedient wicked obstacle like me?!”

Unexpectedly, she would refute like this, Xia Donghai was furious immediately upon hearing this, “You, what did you say…”

Xia Youyi sneered, and continued his efforts: “The fire hurts your body. You are at this age. You should try to restrain yourself and be less agitated. If you get angered so easily, then you won’t have the energy to curse people again. , That’s not worth it, isn’t it?”

Listen, this is like something a person who is a child can say?

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t understand filial piety, he even cursed him as a father!

Xia Donghai’s chest was ups and downs, and the blue veins on the forehead of anger jumped wildly.

He tremblingly pointed her finger at her and cursed, “You… this bastard thing, it’s just… Nirvana, Niuni…”

“Heh, you finally changed your name again, but this bastard and Niu are not as good as the word “Niezha”. Why don’t you think of something better.” Xia Youyi smiled instead of anger, as if it were true. To make Xia Donghai angry.

Seeing that the father and daughter were arguing again, Su Man on the side could not help but calmly murmured: “Uncle Xia, don’t be angry, the only one who comes back so late must be tired too, so let her go back to the room and rest first, what can you say? I can wait until tomorrow.”

“Yeah, Lao Xia. Just say a few words, the only one just came back.” Zhou Xuemei also persuaded, glanced at Ling Shaoyu, who was silent beside Su Man, and said: “Besides, Shaoyu is still here. Let the children watch the jokes…”

Listening to the two whispered words like this, the unknowing outsider might really think that this is really gentle and kind to the mother and daughter.

But the only one in Xia was sneered and snorted coldly, “Pretending to be!”

After finishing speaking, Ling Shaoyu suddenly cast his eyes over there, looking at her with a complicated expression.

Meeting his gaze, Xia Only’s heart jumped in a panic. She quickly turned her head away, didn’t dare to look at him again, then lifted up her feet without thinking, and stepped on the stairs quickly to the second floor.

Because of this, the atmosphere in the hall was always a little awkward, and in the end Ling Shaoyu broke the silence.

He got up and said, “Uncles and aunts, I think it’s not too early now, so I will go back first, and I will come and visit you when I have time the next day.”

Xia Donghai and Zhou Xuemei recovered after hearing the words, and responded with a dry smile: “Well, okay, okay, okay,” while they wanted to get up to see him off.

When Ling Shaoyu saw it, he quickly stopped them so that they don’t have to send him off. Su Man took his hand and said, “Let me send you out.”

Ling Shaoyu smiled and nodded to her softly, and then the two walked out the door together. Xia Donghai and Zhou Xuemei were behind them and said with concern that they should be careful and safe when driving.

Regarding these details, Xia Youyi, who returned to her room, naturally didn’t know, and only faintly heard some fragmentary sounds in her ears.

Since she walked to the room, she lay down directly, staring blankly at the ceiling with her eyes wide open, feeling empty and inexplicably uncomfortable in her heart.

After lying down for a long time, her body moved a little, and suddenly she noticed something strange in her back. When she turned over, she found that the suit that was cushioned by her at the bottom of her back turned out to be Gu Yiran’s suit.

It turns out that this dress has been draped on her shoulders and I forgot to take it off. Xia Donghai suddenly became so angry just now, probably because she saw that she was still wearing other men’s clothes, right?

Xia Youyi couldn’t help but sneer, stretched out his hand to pull the suit out from behind, and saw that the originally neat clothes had become a little awkward. But just because its owner is Gu Yiran, even if such an expensive thing is ruined, she doesn’t care.

Just throwing the clothes on the chair next to the bed, the phone rang twice.

Xia Tong picked it up and looked at it. It was a new message, the sender-My Knight.