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Chapter 6: The show is on!

“It’s the mourning dog, it makes the Lu family bother.” Lu Feng smiled faintly, his tone was neither sad nor happy.

It seemed that he had already seen everything in the world, and even the eyes were so deep that Lu Zihan was a little scared.

“Brother Lu Feng, what happened three years ago was really unfair to you, but you, as the only heir of the Lu family, at this time only you can inherit the Lu family property. This is what others dream of.” Lu Zihan felt a little distressed. Look at Lu Feng.

When Lu Feng was kicked out of the Lu family, she had looked for it for a long time, but there was no news.

“Yeah, in their eyes, it was only three years of unfairness.”

“But how could I forget, Lu Feng? At the beginning, I was ashamed as a dog. If it weren’t for the kindness of the old man Chengji, I’m afraid I would have starved to death and died of thirst outside.”

“Then. There will be no today, and there will be no Lu Feng sitting here talking to you.”

Hearing Lu Feng’s words, Lu Zihan was speechless.

It was a miracle that Lu Feng went out of the house three years ago.

Because for the spoiled Lu family children, it is a difficult task to get a meal if you can’t carry them on your shoulders, and put them outside without money.

“Zi Han, there are not many people close to me in the whole Lu family, you count one! So I don’t want to be the antithesis

to you .” “I hope you don’t have to clean up the Lu family. The Lu family owes me, I will take it personally. Come back instead of relying on their charity, ha ha.” Lu Feng smiled coldly.

Lu Zihan was silent for a while, then calmed down his emotions: “Brother Lu Feng, the family will set up a company in Jiangnan, and you will be solely responsible for it.”

Lu Feng smiled, his eyes a little playful.

“This is the test of my family, even at this time, I don’t believe in my Lu Feng ability, do you?”

“Okay, then they will open their eyes and take a good look. I, Lu Feng, the bereaved dog, have that ability.”

“By the way, I did all this not for the Lu family, but for her.”

“For her today. Those remarks made by her have been for her for three years, and she will never give up.” After

Lu Feng finished speaking, he turned and left without lagging behind, and the things that should be done were done.

A good show will be staged slowly.


next day, Jiangnan City set off a great uproar.

The whole Jiangnan was shaken by it, as if an earthquake occurred in the Jiangnan business community.

The cause of the earthquake is the magic capital Lu Family, which is about to set up a new real estate company in Jiangnan City.

As a leading business in the business world, the Magic City Lu Family is a home of the wealthy, and every gesture can determine whether a city is prosperous or declining.

They have a company here, and other companies are under pressure, but it is also an opportunity for them.

If you can get on the line with Lu’s company and cooperate a little bit, it will be just around the corner.

Two days later, the Lu family established a branch in Jiangnan, named Fengyu Real Estate.

No one knows how the Lu family, as such an old family, behaved more traditionally, how could they have adopted such a name.

Just when some people wanted to detect some news through this name, it was another blockbuster bomb that exploded across the south of the Yangtze River.

Fengyu Real Estate has invested a lot of money to include all the development zones in Jiangnanbei District to build a brand new urban area.

Everyone was more shocked. They thought that the Lu Family’s movements would be big, but they still didn’t expect it to be so big.

To build a city alone, what is it to do to become the master of a city?

At that time, isn’t the person in charge of Fengyu Real Estate the overlord of the new city, an emperor-like existence?

However, these are not to be said for the time being, after all, they are too far away.

Just talk about the construction of an urban area, how much building materials and manpower and material resources are needed?

Among them, what huge benefits are there?

In a short time, the whole Jiangnan City was surging, and the threshold of Fengyu Real Estate Company was broken.

The businessmen, like flies that smelled the sweet smell, gathered together to Fengyu Real Estate Company, wanting to share some soup among them.

Among them, Ji’s family is included.

Ji’s family is also a real estate company, and his staff have been raising a group of construction workers for many years.

If this can be contracted from Fengyu Real Estate, it will definitely make a lot of money.

What’s in an urban area? Schools, hospitals, residential areas, stadiums, all kinds of buildings!

After all, this Maple Rain Real Estate is going to build a city, or to build a new city in an enclosure, and it’s impossible to estimate how much benefit it has.

Ji family meeting room.

Including Ji Leshan, Ji Hongyu, Ji Xueyu and many other family children are there, and of course Lu Feng is not included.

Those who are present today are all the heads of various departments of Ji’s enterprise, and a sideline and abandoned son-in-law like Lu Feng naturally does not have the qualifications to participate.

Moreover, as the current chairman of Jijia Enterprise, Ji Leshan is sitting on the sidelines today.

Above the first, sits an old man with gray hair.

Everyone in the Ji family below couldn’t help sighing that this Lu family’s actions were so great that even the Ji family old lady was shocked.

The old lady Ji only asks about business matters on weekdays, but if there is a major decision, she still has to make the final decision. Everyone’s awe of her is also from the heart.

“You said, what is the relationship between the Lu family, the magic capital, and the Lu family who sent the wedding gift the day before yesterday?” The old lady Ji seemed to be old-fashioned, but in fact she was always shrewd in her eyes.

“Grandma, I think they are the Lu family, and the one who gave the betrothal gift must be the magic capital Lu family!” Ji Hongyu immediately answered the conversation, with flattery on his face.

Old lady Ji nodded in satisfaction, this is the answer she wanted to hear.

Compared to a so-called mysterious family, Mrs. Ji wanted to see the immediate benefits directly.

The Lu Family, the magic capital, is in front of her with the benefits that can satisfy her.

“Then since there is already such a relationship, why don’t we get the month by approaching the water tower and negotiate with Fengyu Real Estate first?” Mrs. Ji was a little confused.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone below, including Ji Leshan, looked embarrassed.

How could they not go to Fengyu Real Estate, after all, if they can establish a relationship with Fengyu Real Estate, it would definitely be a great achievement!

Not to mention that the company has appointed children to negotiate, but they don’t know how many of these people go to Fengyu Real Estate in private.

Especially the girls from the Ji family thought they were the daughters-in-law whom the Lu family liked, so they dressed up and went to Fengyu Real Estate.

Originally thought that he would get VIP treatment, winning the cooperation with Fengyu Real Estate was even easier.

However, they didn’t even enter the gate of Fengyu Real Estate.

All of them ate closed doors and touched their noses.

However, Ji Xueyu never passed, because this is a fat man who has done a great job, and this kind of errand has always had nothing to do with Ji Xueyu.

But now, this fat difference has turned into a hot potato.

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