Chapter 6 Zhang Gu Yiran, I also kissed for the first time

Xia Youyi hesitated and tapped it with his fingertips, and a line of text immediately came into view.

“A girl is not safe outside at night, so remember to go home as soon as possible in the future. Don’t get frustrated with Uncle Xia anymore.”

Xia Youyi stared at these words blankly for a while, even if they were silent, she could still imagine the gentleness of the person who sent these words.

She suddenly became sad.

She has always liked that person so much, but she didn’t expect that in the end, he would be with the woman she hated the most in her life.

But since he has already chosen her, why should he care about himself as always?

My Knight, my knight.

Now he could no longer be her knight.

Xia Youyi pressed the corners of her lips tightly, feeling uncomfortable, and at the same time changed the phone contact’s business card from My Knight back to’Ling Shaoyu’.

However, speaking of that, Zhou Xuemei and Su Man are really good talents. A knight who snatched her father before her mother died, and now her daughter has taken her away in a way. .

The mother and daughter are really good for each other.

Especially Xia Donghai, who treated Su Man’s stepdaughter even more intimately than her biological daughter.

Thinking of this, Xia Youyi only felt that full of resentment would emerge.

She closed her eyes and forcibly endured the tingling and torrents in her eyes.


The mobile phone message rang again, and Xia Zhifu opened his eyes again, and saw that the sender this time was Gu Yiran’s black-hearted guy.

The message he sent is also very simple, with punctuation marks only four words-“Are you home?”

Xia Youyi just glanced at it and didn’t respond, but when she talked about anything related to Gu Yiran, she would inevitably remember what happened the day before and the black memories that she didn’t want to remember in this life.

Yesterday, it should have been a very important day for her, because she finally decided to summon the courage to confess to the knight she had liked for many years.

However, what she never dreamed of was that after she had prepared all the confession matters, the knight gave her a fatal blow and easily shattered all her fantasies and dreams.

Not only did he miss the appointment, but he also proposed to another woman on her knees at the same place and at the same time she was waiting.

Seeing such a scene, she just made her feel that the whole sky was going to collapse, and she almost broke down in her heart.

Even if he likes other women, why does he want to like the mortal enemy she hated all his life-Su Man?

She couldn’t believe it at all. She felt disappointed and resentful, especially when Su Man showed off to her intentionally or unintentionally, and asked her to bless them both, those emotions reached the peak.

She was probably mad in her heart, and under such a stimulus, she had crazy thoughts. At that time, she only thought, since Su Man dared to show her off, then she would find a man who was better than them in everything, and take a look at him.

So, in this heartbroken, she ran to find Gu Yiran weeping, and then did the thing that made her regret.

Thinking of those actions, Xia Youyi was ashamed to die. It can be said that the impulse is the devil, and if you miss it, you will hate it forever. It is like this, and I feel that my entire face is almost lost.

But in fact, not long after receiving the certificate, she began to regret something in her heart. It was only after taking into account Gu Yiran’s face that she expressed regret to him a few hours later.

At that time, Gu Yiran was negotiating business matters with someone, fearing that if he didn’t agree, Xia Youyi would play tricks on him again, so he just dealt with it casually.

Xia Weiyi had always been fat and fat. Seeing that he promised to dissolve his marriage within a certain period of time, he naturally took it seriously. So, in a blink of an eye, he left behind the fact that he was already married, and ran alone with the shadow of a broken relationship to find his best friend and cried.

And then, there was the incident that happened tonight by Gu Yiran on the spot in the bar.

Gu Yiran, this black-hearted…

Thinking of those things, Xia Youyi couldn’t help but feel annoyed again, and her teeth bit her lips, accidentally touching the scar on the corner of her mouth. A slight pain came, she frowned, and she couldn’t help but recall the moment when Gu Yiran suddenly kissed herself.

It was as if it were still happening before his eyes, Gu Yiran’s warm and peaceful breath still stayed in his nose, as if he could feel his scorching and piping hot…

Xia’s only cheek became uncontrollably hot again, Hong Xia’s ears were stained. She secretly poohed and spit on herself: What is she thinking about, it’s just a kiss on her mouth, what’s worth remembering.

However, just thinking about it this way, she suddenly reacted, suddenly stood up from her body, picked up the phone and sent a message angrily.

“Gu Yiran, you bastard, pay my first kiss soon!”

After only a few dozen seconds, the phone rang twice, and she saw Gu Yiran reply like this in the message.

“You should be grateful for yourself, at least your first kiss was not dedicated to a stupid pig. In addition, let me remind you that your first kiss was gone many years ago.” At the end, there is also a stupid pig’s. Emoticons.