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Chapter 7: Do you dare to bet?

“What? I promise the Daji family, don’t even have anyone who dared to talk about cooperation with the Lu family?” Seeing everyone not talking, the old lady Ji was a little frustrated.

The old lady was unhappy, everyone felt tight, but still no one answered.

If it is placed on weekdays, something that can serve and be appreciated by old ladies, then they have to do it even if they squeeze their heads.

But now, they have bumped into a wall in Fengyu Real Estate, so who is okay to do it?

There was silence in the field, everyone did not dare to speak, even Ji Hongyu, who had always been active, closed his mouth.

“Grandma, otherwise, I’ll try it.” At this moment, Ji Xueyu suddenly said.

When she said this, her heart was beating violently.

Ji Xueyu didn’t want to succeed, but before coming to the meeting today, Lu Feng told her that if it involves talking about cooperation with Fengyu Real Estate, let her respond.

At that time, Ji Xueyu didn’t dismiss Lu Feng’s words at all, and just opened the door with a cold snort and left.

But at this time, for some reason, Ji Xueyu suddenly remembered Lu Feng’s words, and unexpectedly took the initiative to speak.

Perhaps it was because when he was crying that day, Lu Feng wiped away the tears with his sleeve.

Perhaps it was because Lu Feng said that that day, as long as he wanted, he could pluck the stars in the sky for himself.

Therefore, when everyone was afraid to take the mess, Ji Xueyu spoke up.

“It’s you?” Old lady Ji glanced at Ji Xueyu, her eyes flashed with impatience.

When Mr. Ji was alive, he favored Ji Xueyu alone and cultivated Ji Xueyu vigorously, as if he was cultivating Ji Xueyu as his successor.

But the old lady Ji prefers sons to daughters, so she loves her grandson Ji Hongyu, so she is naturally bored with Ji Xueyu.

She had never put Ji Xueyu’s line in her eyes, and she didn’t believe that Ji Xueyu had this ability at all.

“Ji snow and rain, you think you are? That is not what small maple rain real estate company.”

“Oh, presumptuous, thought to express themselves in front of Grandma? There are not as good as the effort to find a good husband.”

“Is not that The Lu family gave our Ji family a bride price, some people are jealous?”

Ji Xueyu’s voice fell, and everyone was disdainful of discussions. What they can’t do, does Ji Xueyu want to do?

Hearing everyone’s ridicule, Ji Xueyu felt ashamed, but unable to argue, he was ready to give up immediately.

I shouldn’t believe Lu Feng’s nonsense. He has been useless for three years. How could he change because of a word of his own?

Even if it changed, he couldn’t decide to cooperate with Fengyu Real Estate.

“Hey, you can’t say that. After all, Ji Xueyu is also the person in charge of our company’s construction site.” Ji Hongyu’s eyes rolled, and he suddenly said.

Everyone sneered, like the kind of thing that wears a helmet and goes to the construction site under the big sun, and only Ji Xueyu does it.

“Ji Xueyu, don’t you always think that the company treats you unfairly? Then we really want to give you this opportunity this time, depending on whether you can prove yourself.”

Ji Hongyu thought perfectly, and now this hot potato is unwilling to anyone. Then, it happened to be thrown into Ji Xueyu’s hands.

When the time comes, I can’t talk about cooperation, Ji Xueyu is ashamed to say, the old lady has enough for her to drink a pot.

The old lady Ji valued Ji Hongyu, so after he spoke, the old lady didn’t say much, but looked at Ji Xueyu blankly.

“Okay! I’ll try my best.” Ji Xueyu was struggling to ride a tiger at this time, so she had to bit her silver teeth and agreed.

“Wait a minute, what if you can’t do it?” Ji Hongyu is not going to let Ji Xueyu go so simply.

Ji Xueyu was stunned. Even Ji Hongyu’s father, Ji Leshan, was not absolutely sure about this matter, nor did he himself.

“If you can’t do it, it proves that you are indeed the same as your rubbish husband. It is also a rubbish.”

“The company does not support idlers. From then on, you will not need to intervene in the affairs of the Ji family enterprise. Of course, the salary will still be I sent it to you, hehe.”

Ji Hongyu sneered, he had to admit that his ability was indeed not as good as Ji Xueyu, no matter what.

Therefore, although he is now benefiting from the importance of Mrs. Ji, and his father, the chairman of the board, has become the general manager of Ji’s enterprise.

However, Ji Xueyu is still a potential threat, and this opportunity can be used to eradicate Ji Xueyu’s line.

“You!” Ji Xueyu was stunned. She didn’t expect Ji Hongyu to do this. This was to force them on the road to absolute certainty!

Ji Xueyu looked around the audience, and the old lady closed her eyes to rest up her mind, while the others were gloating, let alone speak for her, it would be nice not to laugh out loud at this time.

“Okay! I promise you!” Ji Xueyu’s temper was fierce. Seeing everyone’s attitude, her heart gradually became cold.

“Faithful! Remember, if you can’t do it, resign from all positions in the company and stay at home honestly!” Ji Hongyu was extremely happy in his heart.

“What if she did it?” At this moment, an untimely voice remembered.

“Impossible.” Ji Hongyu replied with his lips curled, then his face was startled, and he immediately looked at the door.

I saw Lu Feng dressed in a simple dress and standing at the door with a plain expression. The sentence just now was exactly what he said.

“Lu Feng?? The internal meeting of the Ji family, who let this waste in?” Ji Hongyu shouted.

Other people also looked at Lu Feng impatiently. He can participate in this kind of occasion? How thick is this face?

Ji Xueyu hurriedly changed color to Lu Feng and signaled him to leave quickly.

However, Lu Feng seemed to be a different person at this time, and the reluctance that he had on his body on weekdays disappeared instantly, as if it were an out-of-sheath sword with a sharp edge, and his whole body was full of sharp points.

Lu Feng stepped forward, “I’m not interested in attending your meeting, I just, come and take my wife home.”

Everyone was speechless, even if they looked down on Lu Feng no matter how much, but Ji Xueyu was Lu Feng’s wife. The fact that no one can change.

Ji Xueyu stared at Lu Feng with her beautiful eyes, she couldn’t believe that these words came out of Lu Feng’s mouth.

This simple but extremely domineering tone, is he really able to say it?

“Yes! Then if you get someone, get out.” Ji Hongyu waved impatiently.

Anyway, the goal has been achieved, and he doesn’t bother to care about Lu Feng too much now.

“You haven’t said yet, what if Xueyu did it?” Lu Feng stood still.

“What do you want?” Ji Hongyu frowned and looked at Lu Feng.

Old lady Ji kept her eyes closed and she didn’t even mean to look at Lu Feng.

“If you come and don’t go indecently, since Xueyu has to resign from the company position if she can’t do it, then if she does, will you also resign from the company position and let Xueyu go?”

Lu Feng’s expression was flat, as if this Everything is in his plan.

Ji Hongyu looked blank, and immediately wanted to speak. The others also turned their heads to look at Lu Feng.

This, this Lu Feng is courageous! He actually coveted Ji Hongyu as the general manager?

But if Ji Xueyu really talks about cooperation with Fengyu Real Estate, what can a general manager do?

The head of the marketing department of Fengyu Real Estate has more energy than the general manager of Jijia Enterprise.

“Do you dare to bet?” Before Ji Hongyu could speak, Lu Feng took a step forward, staring at Ji Hongyu.

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