Chapter 7 Xia Youyi, you little demon

Xia Youyi looked at this message and looked at it, and after a while, he finally understood what it meant.

At the moment, he immediately couldn’t help but explode.

“Damn Gu Yiran, he’s damaging me again!”

Xia Youyi puffed her cheeks with anger. Because Gu Yiran was not around, she couldn’t vent her resentment to him, so she snorted heavily at his suit jacket. This action made her look unspeakably childish.

However, after another thought, she soon felt something was wrong again.

My first kiss has been well preserved over the years. What does it mean to be gone?

Gu Yiran was either talking nonsense, or he wanted to go wrong.

She quickly pressed her finger on the phone’s keyboard and replied: “Impossible! Gu Yiran, don’t lie to me, this is simply nonsense that you don’t want to admit!”

Xia Youyi had just finished sending this message angrily, but Gu Yiran over there sent another piece of content in a blink of an eye.

He said to her: “I knew you idiot must not remember. At that time, you were five years old and I was eight years old. Aunt Lin took you to my house for the first time. When you left, you were very reluctant. I dragged me hard and refused to go back. Later…you had to kiss me before you agreed to go with Aunt Lin. So, I was forced to kiss like that…Now you should know it, your first kiss There was no longer at that time…”


Xia Youyi almost couldn’t help spraying as soon as he finished reading these words. Fortunately, there was no water in his mouth, otherwise he would have to spray the full screen of the phone.

These are true?

Such embarrassment happened when she was a child?

She couldn’t believe it, and after thinking about it, she only vaguely played with a little brother when she was very young, but she had no impression of what Gu Yiran was talking about now.

However, it was true that she and Gu Yiran knew this when they were young.

At that time, her mother Lin Qingyu and Gu Yiran’s mother Qin Yun were very close friends. After Qin Yun married Gu Yiran’s father, Gu Tianmo, she went abroad with him. It was not until Gu Yiran was eight years old that his family moved back to City A.

At that time, the relationship between the two families was also very close. Adults often took their children to visit each other. Therefore, Xia Youyi and Gu Yiran have known each other since childhood.

Now, because of Gu Yiran’s words, Xia Tong can’t help but recall the past of her childhood.

However, according to Gu Yiran’s words, how young they were at that time, how could that kind of kiss be considered a real kiss? What’s more, she didn’t remember these things for a long time, and she didn’t know if it was true. Maybe Gu Yiran made it up.

Xia Youyi thought, and Gu Yiran sent a second message: “Yes, tell me again, my mother took pictures of our relatives. If you don’t believe me, come home another day, I Show you the photo album.”

Xia Youyi was suddenly dumbfounded.

Come on, now the other party will have to come up with real evidence, she just wants to think it hasn’t happened. But even if it was true, she would not easily admit it.

“I think you should be the one who wants to cheat on Xia now, little sex demon!” Gu Yiran immediately sent a third message, saying that the only person in the world who knows Xia best is definitely not him. It must be.

Little sex freak?

“Cough cough…” Xia Youyi stared straight at the phone screen. When she saw these three words, she was choked with saliva and couldn’t help coughing, his face flushed.

After finally coughing up, she finally murmured dissatisfiedly: “Gu Yiran, this bastard, nicknamed me indiscriminately.”

What a little bitch, it’s really ugly.

Suddenly, she didn’t know what was thinking of her mind, and her face suddenly became flushed.

It’s strange to say that she should be annoyed with Gu Yiran, but now she is no longer angry, especially when she thinks that Gu Yiran’s first kiss was taken away by herself, she even gave birth to some inexplicable joy. Feeling coming.

This feeling is really evil. Could it be that she was caught by Gu Yiran’s evil?

Xia Youyi shivered afterwards, and it seemed that she should also go and brainwash her well, so she could no longer be taken by Gu Yiran in the gutter.

Just for the sake of both being the first kiss, she won’t care about him for the time being about tonight’s affairs.

She shook her head, threw the phone to the side, then got up from her sex, and decided to take a hot bath first.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, it was almost midnight.

“Slanting rain fell on the glass windows, the yellow leaves were withered on the windowsill, the young man carrying an umbrella…”

The melodious cell phone ringing suddenly rang in the room. Xia Weilong was wiping her hair with a dry towel, walked slowly back to the bed, picked up the phone and looked at it, frowning slightly.

“Hey, Gu Yiran…”