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Chapter 8: Five-star appointment! !

At this moment, Lu Feng reverberated with domineering all over his body, and his aura was extremely powerful.

“Me!!” Ji Hongyu was shocked on the spot, how could he say he didn’t dare?

He originally just wanted to give Ji Xueyu a trick, but he didn’t expect that after Lu Feng appeared, he would put Ji Hongyu in in a few words.

But if you say that you don’t dare, wouldn’t it have destroyed your ambition and gained others’ prestige?

“Why don’t I dare? I bet with you!” Ji Hongyu gritted his teeth.

He had been in contact with the people of Fengyu Real Estate, and at most he had met a security chief who couldn’t even enter the gate.

He really didn’t believe it, just relying on Ji Xueyu, a female streamer, could talk about cooperation with Fengyu Real Estate.

“My wife, let’s go home.” Lu Feng didn’t talk nonsense. After achieving his goal, he turned around and came to Ji Xueyu. He naturally pulled Ji Xueyu’s palm and walked outside the door.

Ji Xueyu was stunned, feeling that her little hand was wrapped in a warm big hand, and she couldn’t tell what it was like.

This seems to be the legend, is it a sense of security?

If it were on normal days, Ji Xueyu would not let Lu Feng hold her hand, even if Lu Feng was a little closer to her, she would feel very uncomfortable.

But today, she didn’t know what was wrong, she even forgot to break free of Lu Feng’s palm.

As a result, Ji Xueyu left the meeting room with Lu Feng holding a small hand with her face extremely ruddy under the gaze of the crowd.

Ji Xueyu didn’t react until she walked out of the company’s door and threw away Lu Feng’s palm.

“Lu Feng! My mother is right, you are a badass!”

“How can I believe your nonsense and have caused this mess? Now that’s it, Ji Hongyu wanted to try to get me out of the way. After leaving the company, I finally found an opportunity this time!”

Ji Xueyu looked at Lu Feng angrily, even if she made a bet with Ji Hongyu, she still had no idea at all.

She even doesn’t even know where the company address of Fengyu Real Estate is.

“You once said that you should stop being looked down upon by them and make them feel blind. Isn’t this a chance to prove yourself.” Lu Feng replied faintly.

“Hehe, then, now the big talk is released. If I can’t do it then, I will be laughed at by them even more!” Ji Xueyu glared at Lu Feng.

“I also said that what you want, I, Lu Feng, will send it to you with both hands.”

After that, Lu Feng lit a cigarette and took a quiet sip: “I have a friend in Fengyu Real Estate. Go to work.”

Ji Xueyu was stunned, looking at Lu Feng’s smoky profile, she was stunned for a while.

It’s been three years, she has never looked at Lu Feng, this is the first time.

“Your friend? Do you still have such a great friend?” Ji Xueyu didn’t believe it.

“You’ll know when you go tomorrow. Get in the car.” Lu Feng patted the back seat of the electric car.

Ji Xueyu didn’t ask any more questions, now things are a foregone conclusion, it’s too late to say anything else, you have to try if you don’t always have to.

The electric car is a bit broken. After all, Lu Feng has driven it for three years and Ji Xueyu has been driving it for three years.

Every day, Lu Feng would be here on time waiting for Ji Xueyu to leave work, and then take Ji Xueyu home with him.

Before, there was no word between the two, Ji Xueyu just sat in the back seat and said nothing, but today, looking at Lu Feng’s generous back, she suddenly wanted to say something.

“When I save some more money, let’s buy a car. When you pick me up, there is no need to rain or wind.” Ji Xueyu said calmly.

Lu Feng’s body was shaken, and he replied in silence for a while: “Okay.”

In addition, Lu Feng didn’t have a word of [yoyo reading] to say more.

But in his heart, he took this matter down, and Ji Xueyu wanted a car.

This matter is not difficult for him today.

He wants to prove his abilities to the Lu Family, so he is not prepared to reveal his identity now and do things with his identity.

But this kind of thing with a car is really nothing.

“It seems that I have to make time to visit the 4S shop.” Lu Feng thought silently in his heart.

Fengyu Real Estate Company.

I rented a 30-storey building as a whole, and its size is really amazing.

When Lu Feng came here on an electric bike, there were already many luxury cars parked in front of the door, with millions and millions of grades at every turn.

And there are still many people standing here, including some of the richest people in the south of the Yangtze River.

On weekdays, any of these people is not a big figure in Jiangnan City, stomping their feet casually, Jiangnan City will be shaken three times.

But at this moment, these people are all standing here honestly, like subordinates waiting for the boss to summon them, with a flattering smile on their faces.

“Our manager will not see guests anymore today, please come back.” A security guard stood on the steps and shouted to the people below.

Everyone sighed, but they didn’t dare to say anything, and immediately prepared to drive away.

At this moment, Lu Feng arrived by bike, slowly parked the electric car aside, and walked towards the door.

In front of the door of this luxury car, Lu Feng’s dilapidated electric car is really a bit dazzling, it is difficult for people to not pay attention!

“Hey, isn’t this, isn’t this the son-in-law of the Ji family?” Someone in the crowd had seen Lu Feng.

“Although I haven’t seen him, I have heard of a wasteful son-in-law from Ji’s family. What is he doing here and want to share a piece of the pie?”

“It’s really wasteful. I came here on an electric bike, even I don’t understand the basic common sense of talking about business. If Fengyu Real Estate received him,

it would be a ghost.” Everyone who originally wanted to leave was standing in place with a sneer , preparing to watch Lu Feng take a closed door.

That Anbao has already said that Fengyu Real Estate no longer sees guests today, and he still stalks his neck. Who does he think he is?

“This is my Lu Feng’s first property.” Lu Feng looked up at the thirty-story building, and sighed inwardly.

“Sir, our manager no longer sees guests today. If you have anything to do, come and make an appointment tomorrow.” Security did not look down on Lu Feng, but said politely.

“I am not looking for your manager, I am looking for Liu Wanguan.” Lu Feng said lightly.

Fengyu Real Estate was founded. This is the first time he has come. It is reasonable for the security guard not to know him.

“Hey! You, no, you’re looking for the president? Do you have an appointment?” Anbao’s body was shocked when he heard this, and Lu Feng’s eyes were immediately different.

“No.” Lu Feng shook his head, thinking in his heart, does the boss still need to make an appointment to see the employee?

Those rich people in the south of the Yangtze River sneered. In their capacity, they would queue up to make an appointment if they wanted to see the manager of Fengyu Real Estate.

This is not good for Lu Feng. He has to call the president by name when he comes up. Does he think this is a child’s playhouse?

“Sir, if there is no appointment, the president will not be seen.” Anbao breathed a sigh of relief, then refused.

“You tell Liu Wanguan that Lu Feng is coming, and he will let me go up.” Lu Feng wanted to call Liu Wanguan, but he would definitely come down to meet him in person.

Lu Feng didn’t want the people behind him to see that Liu Wanguan looked respectful towards him.

“This…, wait a moment.” The security guard hesitated for a moment, and picked up the walkie-talkie to call the front desk.

“The president didn’t make an appointment today, no guests, no one.” A cold female voice soon came from the intercom.

“Check the president’s star reservation list. The name is Lu Feng.” Anbao glanced at Lu Feng.

“Got it.” There was an impatient voice, followed by a crackling keyboard.

The people behind sneered even more. They wanted to see what kind of way the rumored Ji’s abandoned son-in-law had to choose today.

“Boom.” At this moment, there was a sound of something falling to the ground from the intercom.

“Five, five-star reservations!! Lu Feng! No, no, where is the distinguished Mr. Lu?”

This time, the female voice on the intercom was very anxious, with great tension and fear.

Security was shocked instantly, five-star appointment, the highest-level appointment staff?

It can’t even be said to be an appointment staff, because people of this level, whenever they want to see Liu Wanguan, it is a matter of one sentence.

“Yes, by my side…” Anbao replied sluggishly.

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