Chapter 8 Xia Youyi, I was thinking about you

Xia Youyi just wanted to ask him what happened to him calling him so late, but who knew that Gu Yiran asked her first on the other end of the phone: “Little stunner, did you scold me behind your back just now?”

I don’t know if he covered his nose with his hand when he was speaking, and his voice was a little vague.

The only person in Xia who was in a trance did not understand how: “Gu Yiran, what do you mean?”

Gu Yiran said with a nasal voice in his mouth: “I just sneezed suddenly. This must be someone scolding me behind my back. I thought about it. Apart from you, it seems that there is no other person who dares to scold me.”

After a pause, he turned to ask in a calm voice: “Frankly explain, are you the only one in Xia?”

Xia Youyi was speechless after listening.

What kind of robber’s logic is this, can a sneeze put the crime on her?

She also suspected that Gu Yiran deliberately came to find the ballast.

Xia Youyi came to realize that it was not because of his lack of anger, nor was it because of his anger. Although she did arrange him in secret before, how long has it been since then, where will it happen to him? Furthermore, the idea of ​​sneezing and being scolded was originally spread falsely, so how can it be taken seriously?

“Gu Yiran, grass grows in your head, you believe in such a thing, who would scold you for no reason…” If you scold you, it’s because you owe you scolding.

With the latter sentence, Xia Youyi secretly added in her heart that for the first time, she felt that a man as savvy as Gu Yiran would sometimes be stupid.

But soon, she gritted her teeth again, gritted her teeth and said to the person on the phone: “Gu Yiran, don’t call me the little sex monster!”

When the words fell, a low laughter came from the other end of the phone in an instant.

On such an impetuous and deep night, his clear and cheerful laughter was as beautiful as the sound of a midnight panther blooming.

Xia Youyi felt itchy in her heart, and her face was faintly hot. But her face was always thinner, and the embarrassment made her a little bit irritated: “Gu Yiran, don’t laugh anymore!”

However, her words not only didn’t stop the other party’s laughter, but also tended to get bigger.

Xia Youyi was very angry, but his cheeks were flushed. I obviously wanted to be angry at him, but as soon as I heard his laughter in my ears, I couldn’t take out that powerful aura.

In her impression, Gu Yiran rarely laughed. Normally, even if he smiled, it was just a faint smile, so that the corners of his lips were slightly bent like never before. And more, that’s how the pair of people ridiculed.

Many times, Xia Youyi was also surprised for him. It seemed that he was only twenty-five years old at this age. It was really not easy to be able to be happy and angry. Compared to his peers, he seemed to see only a deep and unpredictable shadow.

And this time, Gu Yiran only smiled a little, then stopped. If it wasn’t for Xia’s only confirmation, he really thought it was an auditory hallucination.

At this moment, he is sitting on the edge of the King Size bed at home. He is wearing a light-colored silk nightgown. The neat black hair on his head also carries a little water vapor. Obviously, he has just taken a shower and got out of the bathroom. from.

Holding the mobile phone in his hand, the corner of his mouth raised a deep arc, and he imagined her embarrassment in his mind, and the exhaustion that had come down all day seemed to disappear in an instant.

But because he knew too much about Xia’s only temperament, he stopped just joking for a while, otherwise it would really annoy the fool, and it would be troublesome.

Of course, he would never tell that idiot, in fact, because he hadn’t waited until her reply, and he missed her very much in his heart, he couldn’t help but find a precaution to call to find her.

Just thinking about my past style, now that I would do such a naive thing, it’s really…


This time it was a real sneeze.

Gu Yiran couldn’t help frowning, covering her sore nose with her hand, and then said to Xia Youyi: “Now you also heard me sneezing. Did you just scold me in your heart again?”

Xia Youyi’s face is full of black lines, Gu Yiran really fucked with him?

She said angrily: “People also say that someone is thinking about him when you sneeze suddenly. Why don’t you talk about it, someone is thinking about you?”

Of the former, she naturally heard Mi Xiaotu say. This guy usually likes to watch Korean dramas and bloody romance novels, so she can always hear some weird statements from her mouth.

Gu Yiran raised his eyebrows slightly and said softly: “The only thing you are saying is to imply me, are you secretly thinking of me?”

That feeling is coming again…

Xia Tongyi’s most sensitive thing now is that Gu Yiran gently calls herself “the one and only” in his soft voice. This will always make her feel unreal and even have a sense of crisis. Therefore, compared with this kind of affectionate name, she still prefers to choose him to call her “stupid pig”, “stupid” or “Xia Youyi”, at least normal.

“Nonsense, I didn’t have it.” Xia Tongyi subconsciously wanted to deny his words. Then he whispered: “I didn’t think you were quite narcissistic, Gu Yiran.”

Gu Yiran’s eyes wandered with a slight smile, and she said, “Don’t be shy, Xia Youyi, even if you really miss me, I won’t laugh at you.”

Xia Youyi smiled at his shamelessness: “I said no…”

She groaned on the phone that the depression and haze that had condensed after returning home tonight disappeared without a name.

Thus, the two boring young men and women, like the childish children, continued to quarrel with each other stubbornly.

The darkness gradually deepened, and the bustling capital gradually returned to tranquility.

Xia Youyi squinted his eyes and looked at the time. It was already more than twelve o’clock. Drowsiness slowly invaded, her eyelids began to lift uncontrollably, and her thoughts drifted away.

However, her mouth never forgets to mumble to the person on the phone: “Gu Yiran, I forgot to tell you. In fact, there is another saying about sneezing, that is, you…you have a cold…”

Finally, I haven’t heard other words for a long time.

Gu Yiran felt a little bit dumbfounded. He seemed to be able to clearly hear the clean and long breathing from her in the phone receiver close to her ear.

Is she already asleep? I just don’t know if this idiot has covered the quilt. Don’t catch a cold tomorrow.

Gu Yiran rubbed his eyebrows with one hand, and suddenly noticed a trace of fatigue.

The long-indulging affection once again quietly stained his eyebrows, he lightly hushed his mobile phone, after thinking about it, after all, he couldn’t help but whispered to the person who was already asleep on the other end of the phone: “Stupid pig, actually… I am thinking of you!”