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Chapter 9: A cutscene?

When Lu Feng was greeted by two tall and long-legged welcoming beauties, the crowd behind him looked dumbfounded.

“This…, this, this, am I dazzled, that person is really the waste son-in-law Lu Feng of the Ji family?” The person who recognized Lu Feng rubbed his eyes vigorously.

“You must be dazzling, the president of Fengyu Real Estate, how can

someone meet you?” These people insisted that they must be the wrong person, and it is absolutely impossible for Lu Feng to have such a big one. energy.

…In an

extremely luxuriously decorated office.

“Young Master, you only need to make a phone call if you want to come, and the old slave will send a car to pick you up immediately, so how come you have to come here in person.”

“Or what do you need to do, just make a phone call! “Liu Wanguan bowed to Lu Feng in fear.

Liu Wanguan was about fifty years old, and he seemed energetic and majestic, but he was extremely in awe when facing Lu Feng.

He is the executive president of Fengyu Real Estate, but in fact only he knows that the chairman of Fengyu Real Estate is the young master in front of him!

And compared with Lu Feng’s identity in the Lu family, the chairmanship of this mere district is nothing.

More importantly, Liu Wanguan could have this opportunity, but it was the result of Lu Feng’s strong request.

“Old Liu, you are welcome, you watched me grow up, we don’t have to be restrained.” Lu Feng took a sip of tea.

To Lu Feng, Liu Wanguan is equivalent to the existence of a personal butler.

His loyalty to Lu Feng, Lu Feng is all in his eyes, so he has enough trust in Liu Wanguan.

“There are some things that I need to explain to you in person.” As

Lu Feng said, he took out his mobile phone and found Ji Xueyu’s picture.

“She is Ji Xueyu, as I told you before, when we come to talk about cooperation tomorrow, the green light will be good.”

“Yes, young master, old slave will do it well.” Liu Wanguan respectfully responded.

Ji Xueyu’s home.

“Xiao Yu, are you crazy? Do you dare

to follow this hot potato? Do you think we are not embarrassing enough?” “What if you can’t do it? You’re not stupid, how could you do such a stupid thing?? “When

Tang Qiuyun heard this, his whole body was like a cat with its tail stepped on, and its fur was blown up instantly.

She had also heard about Fengyu Real Estate, and she also knew the series of actions the Ji family made.

Including Ji’s family, those big wealthy and entrepreneurs in Jiangnan, I don’t know how many people went to match Fengyu Real Estate.

But in the end, they all touched their noses.

Everyone understands that it is impossible to win cooperation with Fengyu Real Estate.

Even if you want to come, how can the property of the magic capital Lu family allow outsiders to get a share?

The things that these entrepreneurs in Jiangnan can provide to the Lu family, the Lu family have them, and are better than theirs.

At this time, Ji Xueyu actually took over such a mess, and even made a bet with Ji Hongyu. Isn’t this a court death?

“Xiao Yu, you are indeed a little impulsive about this matter.” Ji Yushu also frowned tightly.

Based on his understanding of Ji Xueyu, although Ji Xueyu has a strong personality, she also knows how to advance and retreat, and should not fall into the trap of others blindly.

Ji Xueyu was speechless, yes, she was a little impulsive, but in fact, she is a bit stunned now.

She couldn’t believe that she had made such an impulsive choice because of Lu Feng’s words.

“Absurd! It’s ridiculous! You tell the old lady now, let’s not do this drudgery!” Tang Qiuyun looked at Ji Xueyu with a hatred of iron and steel.

“How can this…” Ji Xueyu knows the temper of old lady Ji well, if she turns back, she will definitely annoy old lady Ji even more.

And he gave up on his own initiative, and even if he lost the bet, he would become the laughing stock of the entire Ji family.

Giving up halfway is not Ji Xueyu’s style.

“I don’t care whether it is possible or not! I don’t care what you think, this thing just won’t work!” Tang Qiuyun said decisively, with no room for negotiation at all.

Ji Xueyu felt a little wronged in her heart. She just wanted to trust Lu Feng once.

But I didn’t expect to be so obstructed. Is it true that, as my mother said, Lu Feng is a dead star?

“Mom, I asked Xiao Yu to agree.” At this moment, Lu Feng opened the door and walked in.

The three of them were stunned. After a while, Tang Qiuyun seemed to be crazy.

“Well, you Lu Feng, I have seen it a long time ago, you just can’t see us Xueyu, okay?”

“Because of you, we are not treated by the Ji family at all, and we have suffered countless injustices in the past three years.”

“Now Xueyu Through your own efforts, you finally became a little famous in the company. You actually confuse Xueyu and let Xueyu fall into Ji Hongyu’s trap!”

“Say, what are you doing?”

Lu Feng shook his head lightly, his expression indifferent

Said : “Xueyu will not lose this bet.” “Why do you have the right to say such a thing? Why do you have so much confidence?” Tang Qiuyun aggressively.

“By the way I am Lu Feng.”

Lu Feng replied faintly, then turned back to the room.

“You, you!!” Tang Qiuyun was anxious, reaching out to Lu Feng’s back, the disgust in his heart reached the extreme.

The waste of Lu Feng in the past is just a waste, at least he will not contradict himself, he will scold if he wants to say, he can only accept it.

But today, Lu Feng dared to confront him. Did he think that Xueyu said that he would not divorce him, so he couldn’t do anything about him?

The more Tang Qiuyun thought about it, the more angry he became, and he made another decision in his heart.

Even if Xueyu’s attitude was firm this time, she would definitely let Ji Xueyu and Lu Feng divorce!

…In the


Lu Feng laid a floor on the ground and lay down naturally.

In the past three years, he has long been accustomed to this method.

After three years of marriage with Ji Xueyu, although he was named as a husband and wife, he had no real husband and wife. Even when he slept, Ji Xueyu slept in bed, and Lu Feng lay on the floor.

Yi Ji Xueyu once looked down on Lu Feng, so how could she let Lu Feng move her.

A faint fragrance of shower gel came, and Ji Xueyu walked into the room wearing a loose nightgown, and Lu Feng immediately closed his eyes, as if he was asleep.

The air fell silent, and Lu Feng felt that Ji Xueyu was looking at him.

“Hey…” After a long time, Lu Feng heard Ji Xueyu’s faint sigh, and then Ji Xueyu went back to bed to sleep.

“Are you asleep?” Suddenly, Ji Xueyu turned her body sideways and looked at Lu Feng on the ground.

“Um…sleep.” Lu Feng replied casually.

“Can you talk when you fall asleep? You pretended to be asleep and lie to me?” Ji Xueyu said coldly.

Lu Feng was a little confused. He could be extremely indifferent to the people of Lu’s family, and he could take the mocking words of Tang Qiuyun and others as deaf ears.

But only in the face of Ji Xueyu, this woman who had been stunned for three years, Lu Feng couldn’t face it indifferently.

“What am I going to do tomorrow, is your friend reliable?” Ji Xueyu suddenly changed the subject.

“It should be no problem. I’ll accompany you tomorrow.” Lu Feng replied in a low voice.

Ji Xueyu nodded, now things are a foregone conclusion, she has no choice but to move forward.

Whether you believe in Lu Feng or not, Fengyu Real Estate is going to visit.

The room fell silent again, and the two could only hear each other’s breathing.

“Why is the Lu Family Industry called Fengyu Real Estate? There is another word that is my name, which is a coincidence.”

“Fengyu, Fengyu, Feng…, Lu Feng?” Ji Xueyu suddenly said quietly.


Lu Feng’s heart tightened. Did Ji Xueyu find something?

“Hehe, I think so much, what does the Lu family and other big families have to do with us.” Hearing Ji Xueyu’s words, Lu Feng was relieved.

“Lu Feng, you said that the Lu family gave such a big betrothal gift, who is it after all? It is really shocking.”

“I don’t know which sister has such a blessing.” Ji Xueyu thought of the nine hundred and ninety-nine. The sky-high price of 190,000 yuan.

It is the dream of all girls to marry a rich family and be a noble young grandmother.

Even if Ji Xueyu is already a married woman, she will look forward to it.

Lu Feng held back and said nothing, Ji Xueyu had never said so much to him.

In the past, the two of them were like strangers. They were usually speechless overnight, and they were busy the next day.

It was really the first time tonight, Ji Xueyu said there, listening to it herself.

This feeling is quite wonderful.

“Maybe, I just fell in love with you.” Lu Feng touched his nose and whispered.

Ji Xueyu snorted coldly when he heard the words, and then deliberately said to Lu Feng, “If I really fell in love with me, then I will divorce you immediately, and then marry the young master of the Lu family!”

Lu Feng did not speak, but thought in her heart. “It’s okay to marry, anyway, it’s the same, the same.”

Moonlight shined through the window, spilled into the room, and shone on Lu Feng’s face.

Ji Xueyu lay on her side and stared at Lu Feng quietly, and suddenly said: “Are you sleeping on the ground, are you cold…”

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