Chapter 9 Xia Youyi, what are you doing around

On the second day, the only one in Xia did not have a cold, but Gu Yiran really had a cold.

This night I slept very peacefully, and Xia was refreshed only when I woke up early. She has never had the habit of staying in bed, so she just got up when she woke up.

After washing and going downstairs, Xia Youyi saw that Xia Donghai was already sitting at the table for breakfast, Zhou Xuemei was helping in the kitchen, and Su Man went to the morning jog and had not returned.

Seeing the breakfast that belonged to him had been set on the table, Xia Youyi went straight to pull the chair and sat down in his place, then hung his head nonchalantly and started eating.

During the whole process, she never looked at Xia Donghai’s body from beginning to end.

In the past few years, the father and daughter have long been quarreling and quarreling has become a habit, and this mode of getting along is even more accustomed.

As a result, everything in the restaurant was quiet except for the sound of eating.

Although Xia Youyi didn’t go to see Xia Donghai, Xia Donghai couldn’t think that she really didn’t exist. He was sitting directly above Xia Youyi, the two of them were very close to each other.

Since the argument last night, Xia Donghai has been thinking about a question this evening. Now, when he saw Xia Youyi, he coughed dryly, cleared his throat and finally couldn’t help but said, “You should be prepared for two days, and wait. From next Monday, you will go to the company with me…”

Xia Youyi raised his head slightly when he heard the words, and made sure that Xia Donghai was talking to him. Only then was he looking at him, and there was no reply in his mouth, but there was a slight doubt in his indifferent eyes, which seemed to be strange what he meant by suddenly saying this.

Knowing that she was listening, Xia Donghai said sternly: “You have grown up so much now. You take over.”

What he said was the only thing he meant to explain his purpose to Xia, which was also something he had been thinking about last night.

Then, his face shrank slightly, and he urged in a deep voice: “There is also that the entertainment industry is too messy, it is not where you should be a girl, and don’t go to any other messy scenes in the future. Wait for you to enter the company. You just work in peace, and those friends who you met before from unknown sources, who should be cut off will also be cut off…”

Seeing Xia Donghai talk more and more, Xia’s only brow wrinkled deeper and deeper. The first few words were barely able to be heard, but the latter ones really couldn’t be heard anymore.

However, she still understands Xia Donghai’s intentions a little bit, but she is afraid that she will behave outside and break her studies, so she is thinking about finding something for her to do so that she can’return to the right path’?


The corner of Xia’s only mouth suddenly evoked an arc of sarcasm, and she couldn’t help but sneered and interrupted: “You want me to join the company at this time. Will you bring down your Xia Group?”

As she said, her face was also cold, her tone of voice was not good, and she said, “In addition, it is my own freedom to make friends with me. I don’t need to worry about you, the boss of the group.”

Xia Donghai’s face was stagnant when she heard it, and her breath suddenly rose. He was going to be angry again, but thinking about the purpose of this time, he took a deep breath and tried his best to hold back the anger.

He calmly said to Xia Youyi as calmly as possible: “You are my Xia Donghai’s daughter, and I have the right to take care of everything that should be done. You don’t have to worry about those things in the company. I have already made arrangements for you. After taking over, I will naturally let a competent person help you. As long as you are willing to study hard, everything else will not be a problem.”

After a pause, he said again, “Anyway, everything in the company is always entrusted to you. If you are really not that piece of material, then it will collapse.”

He also knows that what to say about breaking the company is always just an angry word. How can a group as big as the Xia family break down? !

Listening to the words behind him, Xia Youyi couldn’t help but widen the arc of sarcasm at the corner of his mouth.

She raised her eyebrows, took a sip of milk from the cup, and then said meaningfully: “It’s really easy to say. You decided to hand over the company to me so easily, so you won’t be afraid that your summer will be cold. The heart of your wife and Miss Su?”

Xia Donghai lightly scolded: “What is Mrs. Xia, Miss Su, you should call Aunt Zhou and Sister, don’t be so rude.”

Xia Youyi’s face suddenly became cold when he heard this, and he snorted unceremoniously: “My grandmother only gave birth to my mother, and my mother only gave birth to me. I don’t have so many aunts and sisters!”

She turned her head and didn’t want to go to Lixia Donghai anymore. As a result, she saw Zhou Xuemei just right in front of the restaurant.

Zhou Xuemei originally wanted to pretend that she hadn’t heard anything, but Xia’s only sight suddenly swept over, and she looked at herself with a faint smile, her face stiffened.

She quickly recovered as usual, smiling kindly as she walked: “The only thing this is talking about laughing…”

“I don’t have the mood to make a joke with you!” Xia Tongyi took the words unkindly, and saw Zhou Xuemei had already walked over, so he sneered and said directly to her: “Ms. Zhou should have heard what Mr. Xia Donghai said just now. , He said he would hand over the entire Xia Group to me in the future, what do you think? How?”

Zhou Xuemei’s expression condensed, and she smiled awkwardly: “This kind of thing…how is the only one to ask me?”

Xia Tong smiled coldly, and said mockingly: “You are already Mrs. Xia anyway. How can you say that you are also a member of this family. If I don’t ask you who should you ask?”

The smile on Zhou Sumei’s face was tanned by her, and it became more and more unnatural. Just as she was thinking about how to answer, she heard Xia Donghai yell out: “The only one, don’t be fooling around.”

Xia Youyi just curled his lips and didn’t say much. Because she had known that Xia Donghai would help Zhou Xuemei out loud, this situation seemed to her to be commonplace.

However, Zhou Xuemei thought about it, and then smiled and said to her: “Your dad is in charge of the company’s affairs. He decides what he wants. These things have nothing to do with me. Besides, the group is originally you. Father and daughter, he wants to give it all to you, and I don’t have any qualifications to be beaked.”

It really understands the righteousness!

For Zhou Xuemei’s answer, Xia Youyi could only sneer back.

Xia Donghai still couldn’t bear Zhou Xuemei being blamed by her daughter, so she helped her and said: “Your Aunt Zhou is right. You are the only daughter and the only heir I gave birth to your mother. It is impossible for the Xia Group to deliver it. Others don’t have the right to take care of these things. When your mother was still alive, we just agreed. It was originally when you were twenty-five years old that you would start to take over the company, but now it’s three years in advance. Well, it can give you more experience.”

Xia Youyi also knows that the Xia Group can have its current grand status, and many of them are related to her mother, Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu was originally the daughter of the Lin family, but Xia’s only grandfather and grandmother gave birth to Lin Qingyu. She has always been a favorite of her daughter. Later, the two elders of the Lin family passed away and the Lin family’s business was handed over to Lin Qingyu. . After Lin Qingyu married Xia Donghai, she devoted herself to the husband and child, and the Lin family enterprise turned to Xia Donghai to take care of it.

Later, Xia Donghai merged it with several small companies under him, so there was a complete Xia Group.

Therefore, it can be said that the greatest contributor to the creation of the Xia Group is the former Lin Family Enterprise. Because of this, Xia Donghai wanted to hand over the Xia Group full power to Xia Youyi without any worries.

However, Xia Youyi didn’t care much about these. Now, she is more interested in knowing Zhou Xuemei’s thoughts, and wondering whether Zhou Xuemei will continue to pretend to be as usual after the Xia Group has no part of her at all.

Xia Youyi looked at Zhou Xuemei’s face, snorted coldly, and asked straightforwardly, “Is this…you won’t feel unwilling?”