Extraordinary 1 Dad is not easy to be a

Extraordinary 1◆Daddy is not easy to be a

The baby is three months old.

Both Qin’s father and Qin’s mother believed that if Nian Qiao brought her parents to her, they would be smarter in the future. As long as Qin Luge and Qi Zirui were not at work, the children would be brought by them.

Qin Luge had returned to work when her child was two months old, and she couldn’t stand the leisurely life.

Mother Qin stayed in Qin Luge’s former apartment, taking care of the children for them. As long as Qin’s father had a vacation, he would definitely go to city a to reunite with their family and enjoy themselves well.

When Qi Zirui and Qin Luge get off work, they will pick up their children from Qin’s mother, and then send them to Qin’s mother the next morning.

Because of Qin’s mother’s help, Qi Zirui didn’t like the presence of outsiders at home, so the family didn’t hire a nanny.

It was another bright Saturday, and a string of baby cries, like an alarm bell, decisively woke up the two people who were asleep.

Qin Luge was so choked by Qi Zirui last night, with a sore waist and back pain, she couldn’t get up, so she could only kick Qi Zirui next to her with her foot. “Husband, Nian Qiao is awake. Go and see if she is hungry. “

Qi Zirui also worked hard on Qin Luge last night and consumed a lot of physical energy. He knew that when his bestiality was in full swing, he was completely intemperate, so he was considerate of his wife’s hardships, and took the hard time. * Get up and walk towards the crib less than two meters away from their big bed.

“Nian Qiao don’t cry, daddy hug.” Qi Zirui stretched out his hand to hug the baby carefully in his arms and coaxed. An hour ago, Nian Qiao had already cried once, and Qin Luge fed her milk. It stands to reason, no I’m hungry so soon, but why does the baby still cry?

Thinking of the common sense given to him by his mother-in-law, Qi Zirui carefully untied his daughter’s diapers, and as expected, the pull stinks.

I wiped a soft tissue on my daughter’s little butt, for fear that he exerted too much force and would hurt his baby. Qi Zirui never felt that when he was so nervous, he just wiped his daughter’s little butt. The enemy is general.

His daughter babbled her bright eyes and looked at Qi Zirui’s appearance, which made him feel so soft as a man.

Wiping the baby’s ass awkwardly, Qi Zirui is having trouble again. What should I do if I change my diapers?

Before, either the mother-in-law was taking care of Nian Qiao, or Qin Luge did it herself, Qi Zirui was busy at work, they were considerate of him, and they didn’t give him such an important task.

But now Qin Luge is in poor condition, feeding Nian Qiao every two hours at night, which has given her enough rest. It is not easy to take a holiday today, and Qi Zirui naturally can’t bear to disturb her.

As a father, it is natural to help his daughter change diapers, Qi Zirui gritted his teeth and started to try.

After wasting a diaper, Qi Zirui deeply felt that it was a shame that he could not toss blindly, but had no choice but to turn on the tablet, search the video, and now learn to change the baby’s diaper.

Naturally, Qi Zirui didn’t intend to tell anyone about this, it was too shameful!

Qi Zirui learned how to change her daughter’s diapers for the first time in her life.

It was an hour after Qin Luge woke up, the baby was hungry, and she had to breastfeed.

Qi Zirui looked at her daughter’s breastfeeding and hoped that the baby could speak and talk, so that he could communicate with the baby.

He glanced at the softness of Qin Luge’s abundance, and then looked at his daughter who was eating happily, he couldn’t help but patted his forehead, damn it, he was crazy!

“Wife, let me take a bath for the baby.” In view of the embarrassment of changing Nianqiao’s diapers an hour ago, Qi Zirui felt that the daughter’s affairs should not only be the hard work of his wife and mother-in-law, he should also try to do it, otherwise in the future. It will make him messy again.

Qin Luge curled his lips and did not refuse. The baby would take a bath every morning and night, “Okay, but are you sure you can?”

“Underestimate your husband?” Qi Zirui naturally can’t let his wife look down on him.

“Then I’ll wait and see.” Qin Luge didn’t underestimate Qi Zirui, but this kind of thing. The first time she did it, she was entangled enough. After practicing it many times, it is now handy.

Put warm water in the bathtub. Qi Zirui still has common sense. He tried the water temperature before putting his daughter in.

But as soon as the baby was put in the bathtub, snorted and slid into the water, Qin Luge swiped and threw away the magazine in his hand, and quickly lifted his daughter out of the water, “Please, husband, you want to drown us Baby? You have to hold her head in your hands when you bathe her.”

Qi Zirui was ashamed, the baby is too small, he did not think so much, it seems that taking care of the baby is really a very difficult task.

“I’m sorry, I improve.” Qi Zirui followed Qin Luge’s appearance, cautiously holding her daughter’s head in her hands, trembling, for fear that the baby’s head might be overwhelmed by water.

Qin Luge didn’t dare to read the magazine at this moment, and could only silently correct some things that should be noted by her husband, smiling at the corners of her mouth, as if she was no better than Qi Zirui when she bathed with the baby for the first time.

–split line–

The baby is two years old.

Nian Qiao inherited the ingenuity of his parents. At a young age, he was able to read children’s books.

Because Nian Qiao likes them, Qin Luge and Qi Zirui bought a lot of books for her and put them in her small bedroom.

Wake up early in the morning, Qin Luge felt his head dizzy, touched his forehead, it was not good, he had a cold.

“Husband, I seem to have a cold. Please take care of Nian Qiao today.” Qin Luge feebly handed over the task of taking care of Nian Qiao to Qi Zirui. Anyway, Nian Qiao is more sticky to her daddy, so she doesn’t have to worry about not reading Qiao by herself. It will be noisy.

Qi Zirui frowned slightly, watching the abnormal blush on Qin Luge’s cheeks, knowing that she had a fever, “Would you like to see the hospital?”

“It’s okay, it’s just a small cold. Just take medicine. You have also studied medicine. You should know that injections are not the best way.” Qin Luge is not the best way. “Qin Luge doesn’t like injections or going to the hospital, and now, she doesn’t want to get out of the bed even more.

“Well, I’ll pour water for you, and you can sleep after taking the medicine.” Qi Zirui is not reluctant. Indeed, taking medicine can cure the disease. If you go for injections, it will reduce the patient’s resistance in the future.

Take care of Qin Luge and sleep before Qi Zirui goes to the next daughter’s bedroom. Since the daughter can talk and walk, the little baby has strongly asked to sleep in a room by herself. Of course, Qi Zirui can’t ask for this request. If her daughter is in the same room with them , It would be very inconvenient for him and Qin Luge to work in **.

Nian Qiao didn’t call out daddy sweetly when Qi Zirui entered the door like he did before, and then asked for a good morning kiss, but curled up in the quilt, and hadn’t gotten up yet.

This is very wrong. My daughter is very young and energetic. She wakes up earlier than the two of them every day. Why hasn’t she gotten up at this time today?

“Baby, get up, daddy made your favorite breakfast, get up and eat.” Qi Zirui whispered and stretched out to read Joe’s quilt.

The quilt was easily pulled apart. Nian Qiao woke up, but she didn’t look like before. The look in Qi Zirui’s eyes was pitiful, “Daddy, I have a headache.”

Qi Zirui leaned his hand to the baby’s forehead. Oops, he had a fever, “Is there a cold wind when I went out with Mommy yesterday? It’s okay, the baby just got a cold, and the medicine won’t hurt anymore.”

Nian Qiao was young, didn’t know what a cold was, and didn’t know what the medicine Dad said was. Hearing that he took the medicine, it would not hurt, so he ate it obediently.

“My dear, you can’t stretch out the quilt if you have a cold, or it won’t be better.” Qi Zirui put Nian Qiao’s little hand back into the quilt, whispering, his wife and daughter are sick, and he is not heartbroken. .

I blame him for not being able to pick up his wife and daughter earlier yesterday, which caused them to get a little rain.

Nian Qiao is really boring lying in the quilt, “Daddy, read the story book to me.”

“You can watch it yourself, baby.” Qi Zirui has never read books or fairy tale books since he was a child. He had a headache when he looked at such things.

“You can’t stretch out your hands.” Nian Qiao took her daddy’s words as the truth. Daddy said, stretched out her hand, and the cold won’t heal. If she can’t stretch out her hand, she can’t read the book by herself.

Qi Zirui sweated on his forehead, forget it, for the sake of his daughter, he endured it, “Well, Daddy will read it to you.”

Picking up a storybook on the side of Qiao’s bed, Qi Zirui opened it and read, “A long, long time ago, in a certain place, there was an old grandfather and an old grandma…”

“When was a long time ago?” Nian Qiao asked with eyes full of eyes.

“It’s so long I don’t know when.” Qi Zirui answered carefully.

Nian Qiao was full of curiosity and asked very seriously, “Where is a certain place? What are the names of that grandpa and grandma?”

Qi Zirui suppressed his speechlessness, and faced his daughter’s problem, he couldn’t ignore it, “If you publish personal information at will, it will cause a lot of problems, so the address and name will not be recorded on it.”

Nian Qiao is still reluctant, “Why do you want to say an old grandfather and an old grandma?”

“You love to ask questions so much, you can’t read the story anymore.” Qi Zirui was full of black lines, he was really out of words.

“Because you can answer every one of you, Daddy, that’s interesting!” Nian Qiaosi didn’t think she was in any trouble, her face was innocent.

Qi Zirui looked at his daughter aggrievedly, who is like Nian Qiao? Should he say that the baby is too cute, or is it too torturous?

By the time of lunch, Qin Luge and Babe had both had their fevers gone. They were able to get out of bed and had a lot of food. They seemed to have a good appetite. Of course, Qi Zirui attributed this to his first-class cooking skills.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Qin Luge and Nian Qiao were in good spirits, because they slept all morning, and now they don’t feel sleepy at all.

But Qi Zirui seemed to be something wrong. He gorgeously discovered that his wife and daughter had a cold under control, but he was infected!

“Daddy, don’t worry, I will take good care of you. Come on, Mommy said I want the baby to take your temperature and open your mouth.” Nian Qiao has a look like a little nurse, extremely cute.

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