How to drink milk on time and help your body healthy with balanced?

Many people may know just that drinking milk is beneficial to the body. But may not yet know that actually drinking milk if you choose to eat the type of milk that is related to the body system at various times Will help the body to benefit from drinking milk more efficiently Today will take everyone to see the table of milk. That what time should drink what kind of milk.

05.00-07.00 A. Stimulate the large intestine.
This morning should drink sour milk with microbes. Because it is during the work of the large intestine Which microbes will make the work of the large intestine more effective Resulting in the digestive system to function at full efficiency If routinely taken every morning In addition to making you feel comfortable, the stomach is comfortable, and the skin is also bright.

7.00-09.00 hrs. Stimulates the stomach.
Breakfast time Important meals before going to start living each day In addition to eating breakfast fully Drinking pasteurized milk Or malt mixed milk during this period will help to stimulate the work of the stomach to improve Resulting in feeling refreshed throughout the day.

09.00 hrs .–12.00 hrs. Stimulate brain activity.
Is a time when everyone has to use their brain, maybe studying or working, drinking milk mixed with yogurt Or will eat low-fat yogurt Will be able to help stimulate the work of the brain to have more effectiveness Feeling clear. Thought provoking Have a good memory Quick decision-making

12.00-15.00 hrs. Stimulates the small intestine function
Lunch should drink 0% fat sour milk formula because it helps to digest And absorb nutrients best in the body And to allow the small intestine to have the best digestion time for absorption Should eat no later than 1 o’clock

15.00-17.00 hrs. Increase bladder function.
During this period, if studying Or sitting and working Should find a break to drink a little sour fruit flavored milk. Will help the system of the bladder to excrete waste. Work more efficiently.

17.00-21.00 hrs. Stimulates the cardiac system.
During this time, if drinking milk that is high in vitamin C and E (instead of dinner), in addition to being sure to benefit, if exercising Will help the body to balance, stimulate the circulation of blood and heart as well.

21.00-23.00 hrs. Sleep comfortably. Wake up with freshness.
This period is suitable for resting. The body heat system starts to work. If eating anything, the body will be able to receive nutrients well. Therefore, drinking warm milk before going to bed will give the body the best possible calcium intake, sleep well and wake up in the morning with freshness. Ready to receive a new day with fresh emotions throughout the day.

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