How to take notes well?

Note taking is like the center of getting good grades” is an inevitable fact. Although we do not like how much writing. Must first admit that ‘writing’ has a huge effect on learning Especially note taking Once accepted Then proceed to the writing technique

Start first, take advantage
Before class Let’s start by opening the book for that subject first. For the next chapter, it is not necessary to read it intensive. May be a rough reading through the eyes. This will allow us to start focusing on what we’re going to learn more And is a rough catch on the subject of study Yes, before starting school

Principles of note taking
During listening Try using the method of observing the content that the teacher is talking about. If any words appear frequently Write down the word with the circle or underline. Because that word must definitely be important for that matter.

Note structure
Begin by dividing the issues into 4-5 points and note down the secondary issues or sub-topics as Ready to leave space for content if you want to add more info later Doing so will allow us to focus on the study while taking notes. Plus understanding as well.

Strengthen imagination
Many people may like this method. Because it was relaxing in himself Which begins by taking notes into topics While drawing or decorating with images that are associated with that topic And may use colors to make a difference in each issue This method will cause the image data to be remembered. It is also easy to come back to review as well.

Mind map
The mind map method is suitable for complex subjects with many major topics and minor topics. In order to break the issue Used to see how the topics in each story relate to each other. However, the mind map should be a method used after note taking In order to review or re-organize the ideas after taking notes.

Finally, it’s a matter of thinking. Because this will be the main factor controlling all of the above Keeping or starting to look optimistic Do not pressure yourself Even when we do not do well on that subject, do not interpret that we are not good at that subject. Come back and start taking notes. Compile new ideas Everything will be better.

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