I’m embarrassed for the first time

I saw it for the first time, I was embarrassed

Holding the hanged examination paper in his hand, Qin Luge wailed for the Nth time, is Mao failing the exam? Fortunately, Qin Luge was able to accept it calmly after many failures. If the professor told her that she passed, she would be more horrified.

What Qin Luge didn’t expect was that this time everyone was no longer simply throwing a blind eye at her.

“I said Qin Luge, please use your brain, just because you are alone, dragging our class back! Do you know that you are the only one who failed in the class?” Classmate A pointed out indignantly Swearing with Qin Luge’s nose.

I can’t blame this student for being too excited. In order to encourage everyone to devote themselves to their studies this time, the medical school specially rewards the class with the first test score to have a one-week trip to the Maldives.

The school’s public expense, how many people squeezed their heads to get this opportunity, but because Qin Luge failed, their class could only be second!

“What do you tell her to use what she doesn’t have?” Classmate B sneered. Anyway, they can’t go to the Maldives anyway, so they have to vent their anger on Qin Luge.

Qin Luge was stunned, what is meant by nothing? Does the other party say she has no brains? If her parents weren’t forcing her to go to a medical university, how could she choose a profession that she didn’t understand at all? Is it easy for her to enter the exam, and can people with no brains come in?

“If you can take a few more points to increase the average score of the whole class, won’t you be the first? My score this time is 10 points higher than the last time. As far as I know, you It’s a lot less than the last time. After all, you have regressed yourself, and now you still have the face to blame me?”

Qin Luge knew that she was dragging everyone back this time, but this was not what she wanted, she had worked very hard to get a good result in the exam, okay!

Who said she is just a medical waste, she can be rejected by others, but she can’t be insulted, she has no reason not to fight back!

Ignoring classmate B’s green face for a while, Qin Luge stuffed the test paper into his pocket and walked out of the classroom with his head high.

As soon as he left the classroom, Qin Luge’s arrogant and imposing aura suddenly disappeared. Like an eggplant that Shuang beats, he swam quietly on the campus.

Wherever he goes, there are hateful young lovers, Qin Luge despised in his heart, while looking for a quiet place to vent his resentment.

Before I knew it, I walked into the depths of the campus woods, and the big sycamore tree clamored at Qin Luge with its teeth and claws (in Qin Luge’s mind), no matter what it was, it rushed in two steps. , Punches and kicks at Wutong.

Qi Zirui slept well against the phoenix tree. Suddenly, he felt a lot of shaking. A few tree leaves fell on his face and he had to open his eyes.

I wanted to see what was going on when I started to see what was going on, but I was so unaware that someone was talking. Qi Zirui frowned. Since he was “occupied” by him, no one dared to come again. Who is so bold and not afraid of death?

“The big smelly tree, even you bully me! See if I won’t peel your skin!” Qin Luge stretched his hand into his neck, preparing to take out the leaves of the tree that fell under the collar.

The leaves are not as smooth as expected, but they are soft and hairy? I don’t know, but I was shocked when I saw it, “Ahhh! Caterpillar!”

With a strong flick, Qin Luge immediately jumped away, three meters away from the phoenix tree, for fear that another bug would get into her clothes.

Qi Zirui’s face froze for an instant, damn it, this woman, it doesn’t matter if he disturbed his quietness, he also tolerated the littering, but what was crawling on his face now?

Qin Luge did not expect that a personal figure would suddenly appear in front of him, and he took two steps backwards in fright. After a while standing still, he realized that the other party was the man of the school-Qi Zirui!

“Take it away!” Qi Zirui endured the urge to choke Qin Luge to death. This bug was really disgusting. Compared with the dead objects he faced in experiments, this mollusk made him even more disgusted.

Qin Luge was taken aback for a moment, and she didn’t understand what Qi Zirui’s “it” meant. When she saw the dark caterpillar hanging on Qi Zirui’s face, she suddenly felt familiar. This was what she had just learned. That one?

Qin Luge was still a little self-aware, and she was not so stupid enough to choke the other party, how could she forget that this place is exclusively for the talented Qi? I didn’t pay attention just now, and now I found out that it was too late!

Picking up the sycamore leaves on the ground, quickly swept away the caterpillars on Qi Zirui’s face, but the other party’s eyes were even more angry.

Does this man’s skin need to be so tender? It’s just scratched by the leaf stems, and there is such a big red mark on your face?

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m sorry to bother you, you continue.” To blame, the sycamore tree is too thick, Qin Luge never saw Qi Zirui on the other side at all, or she would have slipped a long time ago. Will disturb Qi Zirui’s “clean repair”.

Qin Luge turned around and wanted to leave. She didn’t want to continue to be baptized by Qi Zirui’s cold eyes. Would she be badly frozen?

With a “bang”, Qin Luge slammed into the big tree in front of him, damn it, he didn’t know that there was a tree behind him.

Qi Zirui’s idiot-looking eyes deeply irritated Qin Luge. He had clearly seen the tree, but he didn’t warn him, it was on purpose!

But after all, it was his own fault, and Qin Luge himself ran into it. Who stipulated that Qi Zirui had to remind himself?

Kicking the tree that hurt his head fiercely, Qin Luge walked around the tree like a plague god, blowing a whistle, faintly feeling that the line of sight behind him penetrated his back like an ice blade.

“You stop for me!” Qi Zirui’s angry voice sounded again.

Qin Luge turned around reflexively, “How?”

“Your feet!” Qi Zirui swears, if his cultivation is so bad, he must have pinched Qin Luge’s neck.

Qin Luge looked at his feet without knowing it, this…how could the damn clothes be littered? Caused her to step on it!

“This is your coat? I can’t blame it. You threw it on the ground, didn’t you just step on it for others?” Qin Luge didn’t feel guilty at all. Given Qi Zirui’s performance just now, she still wants to step on a few more feet!

With clenched fists, Qi Zirui stepped forward and grabbed Qin Luge by the collar. “Do you think this dress has grown feet and climbed down from the branches?”

“Uh…” Freed from Qi Zirui’s restraint, Qin Luge was speechless. So when she just kicked the tree, there was so much movement that caused this coat to grow feet?

Moving his feet away, Qin Luge kindly helped Qi Zirui pick up the coat on the ground to put it into Qi Zirui’s hands, but was slapped away by him, “It’s dirty, take it and throw it away!”

“I said you, don’t go too far!” Didn’t Qin Luge step on her foot accidentally? This guy actually treated her as rubbish and asked her to throw it away?

Qi Zirui raised her eyebrows, how dare this woman say that he was too much? He never treated her from beginning to end, this woman is so ignorant of good or bad!

“Don’t let me say it a third time, hurry up and throw it away!” Looking at the two black footprints on the white coat, Qi Zirui felt annoyed. In the experiment last night on weekdays, he must carefully disinfect all those clothes. Dealing with it, he really doesn’t want to get involved with this dress now.

Qin Luge is angry, don’t lose it, don’t lose it!

“It’s a big deal, I’ll clean it for you and return it to you!” Qin Luge was suffocated. Today is really bad for eight lifetimes. First, he was ridiculed by his classmates, but now no one dislikes dirty?

Qi Zirui sneered, thinking that this girl would like to wash it, so he would take it and wash it. Anyway, he didn’t plan to take care of her anymore. What’s important is that now he doesn’t want to see this dirty coat again, “whatever you want.”

The next day, Qi Zirui carefully calculated the chemical formula under the phoenix tree, and Qin Luge quietly approached.

Qin Luge, who wanted to hang his coat on a branch secretly and then left, was decisively not calm when he saw the full answers in Qi Zirui’s book.

“Oh, God, my savior, please, lend me the book, right?” Qin Luge was already a public enemy of the class because of what he failed yesterday, and no one wanted to give her the answer. “When the teacher checked, she would be finished if she didn’t write it out!

Qi Zirui is no stranger to this voice, he just didn’t expect this woman to dare to come!

Seeing that Qi Zirui’s face became more and more ugly, Qin Luge wanted to align his purpose of coming here, “Well, your coat.”

A faint fragrance of jasmine floated into Qi Zirui’s nose, and he unexpectedly took over the coat, “Why, you don’t have a book?”

“No, that… I, I want to know if my answer is wrong, so I want to see if your standard answer is the same as mine.” Qin Luge stunned, and others at least paid it. Can write a wrong answer, she can’t even think of the wrong answer.

Qi Zirui laughed suddenly. This technique of lying is too bad, right?

“Are you sure you wrote the answer?” Qi Zirui suddenly felt as if he didn’t reject this girl after putting on the jacket with jasmine fragrance.

Seeing the clear look in Qi Zirui’s eyes, Qin Luge was too lazy to quibble, shrugging his head, “No.”

“You can learn from other people’s answers and become something in your mind?” Qi Zirui really doesn’t understand how Qin Luge was admitted to the University of Medicine. If such a person is released from society, it is easy to heal the living into the dead. Right?

“Go and get your textbook, I will tell you.” Just to save those innocent lives in the future, Qi Zirui found himself a reasonable reason.

Qin Luge was dumb, when did Qi Zirui talk so well? Still so enthusiastic?

Seeing Qin Luge’s mouth opened wide, and there was no response for a long time, Qi Zirui frowned impatiently, “Hurry up and get your textbook before I change my attention.”

This is how the story of genius and waste began.