It is outrageous to recommend Mr. Wen Wanrong from Ji Chi

Announcements and works related recommendations, Mr. Wen Wanrong from Ji Chi Chi is outrageous

Search for the author’s name “Chi Chi” in the search bar, or search for the title of the book “Mr. Wan Yong is not good” to find it.

Let’s take a look at the following introduction~

[This article is one-on-one, strong middle players are more powerful! 】

Cheng Beigu: The sweet pastry in the diamond giants, he is definitely not waiting, he can’t take her alone.

Shu Lewei: A scheming female prosecutor, she is step by step, lest she step on a trap.

When a “sinister pervert” meets a “sly fox”, it is not as simple as “jumping with a chicken”.

She looks harmless, but she has a dark belly and is scheming.

Rich husband, she didn’t want it, it’s just that the time has not arrived.

As the captain of the search team, she has repeatedly run into a wall because the super hacker who sees the dragon and sees the end is secretly tricking him.

When layers of fog are peeled away, the identity of the hacker is ready to emerge…

Acting vigorously and vigorously as he did, Young Master Cheng asked people to die for the third watch and never kept people until the fifth watch.

Everyone fears him, but she threatens: “You better not fall into my hands!”

He didn’t care much: “Oh? What will happen to you?”

She was furious: “Just wait for the prison meal!”

He deceived himself: “Do you know what will happen to me?”

While he was enjoying this chase game, she disappeared in vain.

“I have been looking for you for two years, but you have been under my nose?”

“So, you are blind!”

To make a man obediently surrender, especially if this man is not ordinary, she naturally has to have a strategy.

Whoever provokes her, she stepped on whoever, Weibo shouted, “It’s so capricious, there is a kind of you find my husband to settle the account!”

He reposted and commented calmly, “My wife, I am here, whatever you want.”

There are rumors in the circle, I would rather offend Cheng Beigu than to provoke Mao Shulewei.

[All content is fictitious, please don’t be true]

The girls who watch the heartbeat can move to collect them, and they will be slaughtered after they are fattened~