Qiaoqiao asks for support after the vicious new pit

Qiaoqiao asks for support after the vicious new pit

There is no blackest belly, only more black belly! Not the most vicious, only more vicious!

After the evil emperor pk is mad, strong confrontation, strong cooperation, absolutely wonderful~·

——Fan Second Edition——

She is the queen of arms like a man. In an arms deal, she was killed by the enemy in a big explosion.

She was the weak princess of Xiliang who was not favored. During the festive lantern festival, the ship caught fire and suffocated to death.

What kind of subversion will it be when the soul of the Queen of Arms is enshrined in the weak princess?

Second Olympics, is the ominous person born in February? A group of ancient people with big dung in their heads!

Peat, even if she was expelled from the imperial city, she is not bad for farming, but her parents actually want her to go back and get married?

Nani, is this man her husband? She kept screaming in her heart: He is a rapist!

Baga, a group of women in the harem who don’t know the so-called, be careful that my old lady strips you naked and blows you up!

So, later on, this female man who originally wanted to be a good girl had to be forced to become a crazy queen.

——Art Edition——

She was originally a princess of the Xiliang Kingdom, but she could only live in her uncle’s house when she was born. After the death of her uncle, she was expelled from the imperial city and became a peasant girl who relied on farming to make a living.

With an imperial decree, she became a pawn for the marriage, his princess, and later the femme-queen queen in the harem alone.

The woman in the harem was deceitful and cruel, but she had planned to be calm and finally chose to fall.

Fighting drugs with drugs, talking about methods, and talking about conspiracies, who can compare to her who came here as the Queen of Arms? To treat the enemy, even if she is dead, she must be destroyed and unsettling!

He turned a blind eye to the small actions and big framing behind the women around him, watching this bloody and gorgeous scene secretly, his emperor’s consequence was not good, it was killing people and pinching ants, which made him more and more interested. Go check it out…

[Missing articles]

A certain woman: I have an infectious disease! You are close to me, beware of pus on the soles of your feet and sores on your head!

A certain man is close to a certain woman: Then just spread it to me.

A certain woman is eager to break free.

A man kisses a woman: This makes it easier to be infected.

[Walking articles]

A certain woman: thief, die!

A man: It’s a husband and wife, and he still pushes things like this. How can you give birth to a child by then?

A certain woman: Get out, or bite you jj.

A man: So you are so open and like to use your mouth…

[Courage articles]

Certain woman: Those women are so noisy.

A certain man covers a certain woman’s ears: how about this?

Certain woman: Still too noisy.

A man: The harem is under your control, I can’t be the lord.

[Spicy articles]

Come, get her from the well and bring her up to the palace,

Since she wants to die, this palace will fulfill her!

The knife burned red and gouged out her eyes!

Cut off your tongue and pour lead water into your mouth!

died? Wrapped in thorns and dragged out and buried it!

[Affectionate articles]

Certain man: I’m afraid I can’t keep it in this world, you can go with him.

A certain woman: If I give birth to his son, are you sure you won’t survive angrily?

A man: I’m not dead yet, are you cursing me?

A certain woman: Since you are not dead, I am not in a hurry to follow him.

◆◇Never give up life or death, hold hands, even if it is an enemy of the world.

◇◆You will always be number one in my world.

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