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[Let’s take a look at the introduction of Huantuo below, and the text of Huantuo is not to be missed! 】

He, Ji Zilu, became famous when he was young, and was promoted to the senior police inspector of W city exceptionally.

She, Lu Jianxiao, a beautiful detective, and a fake psychologist have repeatedly solved strange cases.

When he encounters her, he fights against each other, both enemies and friends.

When she encounters him, the passing years are disadvantageous, falling in love and killing each other, and many confrontations are difficult to distinguish.

Some media said that Ji Zilu used the convenience of his power to often match up with female celebrities.

Some netizens said that Lu Jianxiao always stepped into the mansion grandly through professional channels.

However, the rumors are risky, and there is a bit of truth or falsehood.

☆——No matter how high the IQ is, it will fall in one stroke——☆

He was a high-ranking inspector of the police station. When chasing criminals, she was suddenly kicked by her, who was helping people chase thieves. She fell into a beautiful autumn breeze and swept fallen leaves.

“Do you dare to attack the police?!”

“Bah, don’t show off your IQ here. Sister, I’m not fooled, so I can quickly hand over the wallet from someone else!”

“Now that you suspect that you and the suspect are accomplices, follow me back to the police station to assist in the investigation!”

“Hey, hey, you’re still a thief with a high IQ. You really look alike. No matter how good your IQ is, wouldn’t you fall for it?”

◇——Your look is very refreshing——◇

In order to catch the criminals earlier, she, who has a great research on criminal psychology, was forced by him to solve the crime. She was busy all night, how could she survive?

“I said, you haven’t slept all night, why are you still so energetic?”

He stared at her for three full seconds, “Because… you look refreshing.”

As a result, her self-esteem as a beauty was frustrated, and she fought with him…

◇——The cheap and promising, the showy is enough to be foreign——◇

Cases appeared one after another like machine guns, she really wanted to curse: ×Your uncle!

The police’s affairs are all shared by her detective, so what are the police doing?

Not to mention no pay, but to work overtime-so she proposed to him: ask for money, ask for money, ask for money!

“Serving the people, what a glorious thing, I am embarrassed to ask for money, it is really cheap and promising!”

“Thank you, you have the money to wear famous brands, eat big meals, and live in luxury houses, but you don’t have money to pay me. It’s really foreign!”

◇——No matter how hard you are, can you hold back your urine——◇

At the critical juncture of solving the case, everyone was holding their breath, only she was anxiously stomping back and forth.

“Be quiet, are you making such a big move to inform the suspect?”

“I want to go easily!”

“No, the suspect is about to appear, no matter how urgent it is, you have to hold back!”

“I ×, can you hold back the pee if you are strong?!”

◇——If you love me, compliment me——◇

After they were together for a long time, she later realized that he had never praised her!

“Hey, do you think I’m pretty?”

“To be honest?”

“Praise me for death!”

“At first glance, I think you are quite ugly. Take a closer look…”

“How?” She was full of expectation, and finally he would praise her!

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, “A closer look…It’s really ugly.”

[In short, this is a story about a female detective Mingsao and a male police inspector fighting wits and courage]

Minesweeper: This article does not take the usual path, refuses to moral kidnapping, 1V1, the male and female masters are physically and mentally clean.

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictitious and involves professional knowledge. Please forgive me if there are any flaws. I am non-professional.

Attributes: the male protagonist has a poisonous tongue, and the female protagonist is more poisonous. Beautiful men and women.