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The Thief (Legend of Fei) by Wang Yipo and Zhao Li Ying

The Chinese drama series, The Thief (Legend of Fei), Wang Yipo plays the role of Xia Yue Jun alongside Zhao Liong as the character Zhou Fei, she is one of the most beautiful Chinese actors. Sweeping many awards in many stages For Yoi, even though this series is retro, like before he was shown in the Maraism Master But Luke dressed in the role of Xia Yeo-nang in the Thief series, fans will see him differently.

In the story of The Lady of Thieves (Legend of Fei), he collects the hair (unlike in the cult of the devil, with the long straight hair). His handsome body, which also looks handsome (But regardless of the look, the cast is already very damaging, isn’t it? Fans) Many people who have seen clips and preview images Said that they couldn’t wait and see Really want to see the cast of Wang Yi Anyway, please wait a little longer for everyone. Now, look at the pictures and read the synopsis.

Synopsis: Chinese series The Thief (Legend of Fei)

Li Wei, the famous southern sword turned into a thief. And settling down a camp of robbers in the valley to the sun Everyone is calling here “Forty Eight Bandits Camp” … .. With forty-eight bandits’ camp, open arms to welcome the defiant warriors From the royal underdog under the influence of rags Since the party leader, Kong Yan, beggars Only you have nowhere to go. Follow the rules strictly. Forty-eight bandits camp were all welcomed. Zhou Fei, played by Zhao Li Ying , Li Zhi’s only niece, was born in the middle of forty-eight camps throughout his life, never stepping out of here. But then one day … A young man named Si Yew, played by Wang Yip , smuggled into the camp with a command from above.

The Chinese series The Thief นาง 翡 (Legend of Fei) is adapted from the Chinese novel 有 匪, translated in Thai as Thief, with 50 episodes. Very hot, skilled to pick up the heroine, hopelessly heroine, Yi Pao and Zhao Li Ing, so many expect that this Chinese series will be a story that will be famous again.

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