What is Henry mean?

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There is a word that Henry stands the High Earner Not Rich Yet meaning. Is a person who makes a lot of money Or working with a large salary But still not rich yet. latest! The New York Post explained about the statement that It is a character of a group of young people with 6 main incomes. In this article, he talks about the people who make an annual income of US $ 100,000.

Which this group of people Having rich behavior spending money on luxury hotels. Vacation abroad And own or rent at least 2 houses and also apply for a fitness fee of US $ 180 per month. In which they will Have funds to do entertainment activities yourself Or spend money on making yourself happy But when shopping, they don’t spend too much Will buy clothes from stores that are very inexpensive, such as Forever 21 or TJ Maxx, etc.

High income but no savings …
For high-income lines such as technology Engineering Division can earn up to 180,000 US dollars per year. But will also have an education debt of $ 80,000 USD Although there is a lot of debt The cost is high, but Henry’s people continue to live in luxury.

However, the Henry group, although having a high income But they have little money to save Or may not have any savings at all. By Invetstopedia Called the Henrys as rich people But when stopped working, when not rich Because income flows into the bag and then flows out Because living a luxurious life and not having enough money to save. A sample survey of approximately 1,207 people, of which 125 have an income of more than $ 100,000 per year. In addition, the Pew Research Center used to define a group of people who are 2-3 times higher than households (about 60,336. US dollars) that are “middle class” or the average monthly income.