Chapter 1164 Deadly Instrument

Chapter 1164 The Deadly Apparatus

Lin Fan took a few bodyguards to untie Xiao Wang, but he didn’t have time to escape, so they directly pressed it on an apparatus and restrained his wrists and ankles again.

Xiao Wang felt very cold when lying on the instrument, and an inexplicable fear spread. It was a dark room just now. He didn’t even look at the machine at all. After the environment became brighter, he just looked at the picture of his mother and ignored the machine. Now he looked at the machine and suddenly felt a sense of fear.

This was an instrument he had never seen before, and he didn’t know what it was used for, but Chi Siang said it was used to torture people, and it might kill people.

“What are you doing? Can you calm down? Even if the two time-spaces you mentioned really exist, why do you think you can travel to another time-space with me? I am the person in this time-space, and I have never been to the one you said. Place, did you make a mistake?” Xiao Wang was still trying to communicate with him, trying to save himself.

“It doesn’t matter if we make a mistake, we have missed countless times for so many years, so many people have dedicated their lives for our crossing plan, and you are not the only one!”

“And if I didn’t make a mistake, this time I can go to the Ghost Doctor Valley successfully. I have to go to the Ghost Doctor Valley first to destroy all the ice cold grass, so that your parents will not be able to detoxify in this life. , Living in this human world like a monster.” Chi Siang’s eyes flashed after saying this, and he seemed to have seen everything he thought of in his words.

“Master, should I start now or…” Lin Fan asked next to him.

“Of course it starts now, and it has to be done slowly, so that he slowly feels despair and pain, but no one can save it. You, a genius child, should have never tried this kind of feeling before. I will do it today. Let you try it!”

Chi Siang took a step back, smiled gloomily, and pressed the switch on the wall.

“Ah!” Xiao Wang’s heartbreaking cry sounded, and the switch on the instrument was activated. It was as if it was electrified, and its limbs were full of electricity.

Chi Siang watched calmly on the side, seeing Xiao Wang’s pain so much, he felt very happy, just like seeing something long-awaited.

the other side.

There was a law enforcement officer sitting next to Xiao Su’er. The clinic had been closed. Only the staff and the onlookers who had been shouting outside today that this is the Black Heart Clinic were closed.

“Okay, now that law enforcement has arrived, you can tell me how you all got money from me. When did you come to our clinic to see a doctor? What medicine did I show you? How much do you think I got you money? Say it all.” Xiao Su’er held the register for nearly half a year and looked at these people in front of her, her eyelids violently jumping.

She felt a panic from just now. She didn’t know what was going on. She was not afraid of these people at all. Why did her eyelids keep beating?

The people sitting next to each other looked at each other and saw the tacit understanding in the other’s eyes, and began to deny it.

“We just heard about it, isn’t it possible to hear about it?”

“Is! I posted it in online forums to see them Tucao you this black clinic, just to see today was trouble will follow, said a few words, who knows you so carefully put us stayed.”

“Say two Isn’t that all right? You don’t say that the clear is clear, so what are you afraid of?”

“You people are really interesting. Just now I kept saying that I was a black clinic swindling you money and making black money, and now I say yes. I saw it on the Internet. In fact, no one I know has come here to see a doctor. I think you were bought by someone and came here to hack me! The law enforcement comrades must investigate what is going on today.”

Don’t worry . , Our law enforcement must be fair and just, and we will not let people who discredit others do not care. If the investigation is clear that they are framing and slandering you, I will deal with it fairly. But if your clinic really does something wrong, you also have to be responsible. “The law enforcement opened the recording nearby.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely accept the investigation. Everything in our clinic’s register of cases in the past six months can be provided to you.” Xiao Suer frankly, her eyes staring at the man who led the trouble this morning, “and you Are you coming to our clinic every day for these two days to stop me? Today, I saw me coming and started making trouble immediately. What do you think you are doing? Or are you from any other Chinese medicine clinic?

” I didn’t! Comrades from law enforcement, they are here to see the doctor. They charge my consultation fee and registration fee every day for these two days, but they say that I am not sick. Why would I come to the clinic if I am not sick? I feel that I don’t sleep well and want them to prescribe me some medicine, but they refuse to prescribe the medicine, which means that they are not qualified to practice medicine at all, and they can’t even tell if the patient is sick.”

“What qualifications do you think such a person has The clinic must have pitted a lot of people. You must stay here today and make it clear that this black clinic should not be opened.” The

man kept emphasizing that Xiao Suer must not be allowed to leave today. From the time the law enforcement came to the clinic, He kept saying this sentence, and Xiao Su’er always felt a little strange after savoring this sentence. If he didn’t let himself leave, then he must leave.

“Comrade law enforcement, I still have something to do. All of my employees will cooperate with you during the investigation. I will leave first.” Xiao Su’er smiled politely at the law enforcement sitting next to him, stood up and walked out, but the man grabbed her. Hands, trying to stop her from leaving.

As soon as he touched her hand, he suddenly yelled, “Ah! It’s so ice!”

He looked down at his hand and found that it was like frostbite, purple and black.

“I don’t think you are right. It must be sent by other clinics to discredit our clinic. Don’t leave today. I’ll go out and make a call. Don’t worry if I won’t leave!”

Xiao Su’er walked out of the clinic with her mobile phone and dialed Her eyelids kept beating through the thin phone calls, and her heart was messed up. She still had to make sure that the people she cared about were okay, so that she could rest assured.

“Su’er.” Bo Qingang answered the phone.

“Are you okay?” Xiao Suer asked as soon as he started.

“Did you see the report on the Internet? Don’t worry, it’s okay here. I’ve driven all those troublemakers away.” Bo Qingang’s comforting words made her even more strange.

“What kind of online report? Is there someone making trouble on your side? How is it so coincidental? There are also many people making trouble on my side.” When

Xiao Su’er spoke, she turned around and looked at the group of people in the clinic and suddenly realized something was wrong. How could it be such a coincidence? There are so many people making trouble.