Why are cats crying too much?

Many people probably have had direct experience. When the cat cried without ceasing Or crying loudly until suspicious When playing with it, he made a squeaky voice in his throat, but suddenly made a threatening sound. Let’s see. What does the cry of the cat mean?

1. sick
Sometimes screaming In order to communicate the discomfort Although most cats do not show pain by singing. (Which is different from dogs)

Certain diseases, such as kidney disease, diabetes, or overactive thyroid hormones Makes the cat hungry often Eat better Including urinating more often The request may be a communication requesting food, water, or letting us know that the sandbox is not clean. Or if the cat cried while entering the sandbox Together with difficulty urinating Urinary incontinence Or the coagulation of sand after excretion Smaller than usual (Meaning the cat has less urine). These symptoms are considered clear urinary tract problems. Which have to hurry to see the veterinarian urgently. Therefore, the owner must regularly observe the behavior of the cat in order to be able to compare the normal conditions. And different conditions.

2. Call attention
Cats are animals that require attention. Therefore, the cat often cry out to call the owner to pay attention. Most of the time, it begins with the perverse voice. Together with snuggle Which often impress the slaves very much And respond to those cries by paying attention, playing with or talking to the cat.Therefore, if the cat changed from a prayer It’s an aggressive sound. Or if the cat’s cries begin to affect everyday life The owner needs to refuse Or adjust the habits of cats By not responding to requests for attention Until when the cat stopped crying and turned to play with

But do not forget that cats also need time from the owner as well. So do not forget to arrange time for playing and take care of the cat too. If you think that there is no time Raising a cat may not be the right thing for your lifestyle.

3. Need food
Cats often cry when hungry. Or cry when finding interesting food items (such as cat food, treats, lick shrimp, or fried mackerel). Some cats will make a cry when someone walks into the kitchen or the area where the cat regularly eats. And there are many cats that will become more noisy when it’s close to food time. You can practice cat habits. By waiting to stop crying first and then feeding But if that doesn’t work May use automatic cat feeders Which will provide food at the specified time.

Or if you need to go out for a long time Don’t forget to leave clean water and food to the cat too. (Which should be granular food only Because can be left for a long time without damage Don’t worry that the cat will have diarrhea when eaten.)

4. Welcome
Do not bother if you get home tired. Then there was a cat waiting to snuggle nearby That’s because it misses you all the time when you’re not home. And when they saw each other again The cat also wants the owner to come and play with him to relieve loneliness.

5. Feeling lonely
From number 4, causing many cats to cry while they are alone Or when feeling lonely Because sometimes he thinks the owner is near here and just forgot about it Then cried out to hear. Therefore, you should buy toys that rain nails to play to solve loneliness. There may be cat condos Or a soft mattress For the cat to wait for you to come home And when you play with a cat and hear the moaning voice in your throat, don’t misunderstand that the cat is threatening you. But that sound was a sign that it was very happy.

6. Stress
Many cats, when faced with a stressful situation, tend to cry more and more, such as having a new member in the house. Whether it’s people, pets, or even furniture May cause stress for the cat. In addition, moving to a new environment, such as moving the house or when having to take care of As well as the loss of owners Or best friend of the cat Also can cause stress as well.

If you think your cat is cries out because of stress To solve the cause of that stress. But if unable to find the cause Or to solve the underlying cause of stress You may have to pay attention. And especially look after the cats, such as giving them more time to play together, holding their arms and caressing them more often.

7. Older
Older cats, like the elderly, may start to get lost. Or confusion occurs (Confused by night and day, struck by hunger despite eating already) due to the deterioration of brain function Therefore making a cry without cause Which usually occurs during the night. If symptoms begin, take them to a vet for treatment.

8. Need to breed
Female cats that are not neutered. When entering the estrus cycle Will make a loud cry and sing continuously more than usual As for male cats that are not neutered. Will respond to the smell of female cats in the estrus And singing more as well

Therefore, neutering cats, both female and male. Aside from helping to prevent unwanted pregnancy Prevention of endometritis And cat aids (Which contacted through being bitten When mating, males bite on the back of the female neck. And males tend to bite one another to compete for flirting with girls). It also helps to reduce the behavior of shouting during estrus.

Things not to do

Don’t overlook the cry of the cat. And make sure that your cat has any problems or not Sometimes cats cry out because they can’t get into the litter box. Stuck in a room or high place Or may cry to warn that the water and food in the tray is depleted. Do not punish the cat because of the punishment Whether it be a kick, a yelling at or a water injection Hardly helps the cat stop crying in the long run. But instead destroy the cat’s trust in the owner.