Business and Industrial Management Innovation!

Nowadays, the business has changed dramatically. The emergence of new products and services makes the competitive advantages of the original business may be meaningless overnight. Innovation and technology play a greater role in the survival of businesses. Consumers, including employees, are more individualized, so business management forms need to be adjusted to reflect the changing context.

In situations where the business environment is uncertain Past success cannot guarantee future success. Businesses must not stick with the methods or methods that used to make their business successful in the past. Executives that will lead a business to survive and grow sustainably require development in 3 areas which are:

1. Expanding the scope of knowledge

In the past, business management education was framed in textbooks. Most of the concepts and theories were created from the west coast. The narrow knowledge may not be enough to compete. People with more knowledge tend to have higher chances of success. Knowledge expansion is necessary to expand the whole depth, namely Knowledge that is directly related to work and broad is knowledge that has an indirect relationship with work. The guidelines for expanding the scope of knowledge include Other knowledge studies are the expansion of administrative knowledge from the west to the east. And the study of untraditional knowledge Is reading and listening to those that have been successful or accepted.

2. Thinking superior

Knowledge is the foundation of thought. Thinking without knowledge carries a high level of risk. While knowledge that is not an appropriate way of thinking cannot use that knowledge to benefit From past to present, there are presenters of different thinking techniques to help executives transform knowledge into potential. With more knowledge combined with superior thinking, there are more opportunities for success. The lack of anything, the chances of success will be reduced.

3. The art of achieving

More knowledge and superior ideas If you can not put them into action, then it can be considered useless knowledge and ideas. Therefore, the art of doing is the final key to unlocking the door to success. Today’s business administration therefore focuses on bringing strategies into action. Which must be a combination of leadership and appropriate procedures. Looking back at the changes in the era of business education In the early age, it was focused on expanding knowledge. In the next era, techniques and ideas will be put into practice. However, to make the business successful and sustainable, it is necessary that the executives have all 3 components.

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