Chapter 1 Husband Derailed

Li Ge never expected that on the first anniversary of her wedding, her husband would cheat!

No, maybe he had cheated long ago, but she only found out.

After all, according to the original plan, she should be sitting on a passenger plane to Munich at this time.

However, she was entangled again and again. Before leaving, she decided to cancel the business trip. Instead, she ordered flowers, cakes and red wine to surprise her husband.

Li Ge looked at the two loving people on the bed through the crack of the door, and felt cold all over.

Now, it’s really a big surprise…

The passion in the bedroom was ablaze, and I don’t know how long it took to stop.

Li Ge heard the woman’s voice again, and the movement of rustling wearing clothes.

“Yunzhi, I’m already divorced. When did you leave your family? Anyway, she can’t satisfy you. The long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain.”

“Divorce is a matter of time, don’t worry.” Fu Yunzhi replied.

He once thought that only love in marriage can be maintained, but for so long, Li Ge has not agreed with him to touch her.

He is also a man with normal needs, and he needs to vent, he is used to the pleasure of stealing stars outside.

It’s just that the word “divorce” was too sudden, he still didn’t know how to talk to Li Ge, and let her go out of the house.

Li Ge squeezed the phone, suppressing the twitching in his stomach.

No wonder Fu Yunzhi went home so few times during this period, he had already trampled on the wild flowers on the side of the road!

She vaguely remembered that woman, who worked in a company with Fu Yunzhi, was Fu Yunzhi’s boss.

Fu Yunzhi also mentioned that if you want to be promoted, you must fawn on this woman.

Is this what he calls the way of fawning? !

Li Ge was itching with hatred, and resisted the urge to open the door.

Reason made her not to throw away the cake and flowers in her hand, but freed her other hand to take out the phone and turn on the camera to take a picture of the beautiful scene in the bedroom.


Walking quickly out of the door of the apartment, Li Ge just threw the things in his arms into the trash can. When he reached out to stop the taxi, the phone rang in his pocket.

Li Ge didn’t answer, and he bent over and sat in the back seat, and the screen of his phone flashed endlessly, and there was a tendency to swear to death.

She was a little impatient, and finally answered—

The big mother-in-law’s voice came from the microphone instantly, “Li Ge! What do you mean? I kindly asked you the top reproductive specialists in the city, and you let the pigeons go, and now I don’t even call me. Take it! If you don’t want to give birth to our Fu family, you can say it as soon as possible! Hurry up and leave us with permission, there are so many women who want to marry into our Fu family!”

The verbal abuse of the mother-in-law came one after another in the ear, and Li Ge’s fist was clenched by the word’Fu Jia’.

Yes, since she married into the Fu family, her in-laws have never regarded her as the Fu family.

In their eyes, her family was poor and she had no background, and she should always be honored to be able to give birth to a son and a half for the Fu family.

Oh, how could she believe Fu Yunzhi’s nonsense in the first place.

I believe that what he said will be nice to her for the rest of her life, and will let her parents put down their grudges and accept her, even if she has been emotionally hurt and refuses to sleep with him, he doesn’t care, he will try to make her open up.

Yes, she was ready to face him with an open heart, but what about him?

Listening to her mother-in-law’s curse, recalling the scene in the apartment just now, Li Ge’s fingers were pale.

She clenched her phone tightly and said word by word, “Don’t worry, this marriage, I will definitely leave. You don’t need to urge you, don’t you want grandchildren? Okay, I will give birth.”

However, it will never be Fu Yunzhi’s seed!

Since he cheated, she didn’t mind giving him a green hat before the divorce.

“You! You bitch, what are you talking about!” Before hanging up the phone, the mother-in-law’s overwhelming yelling came from her ears.

Li Ge directly shut down and said to the taxi driver, “Master, go to the clubhouse of Tianle Palace.”