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Chapter 19 Kind People Getting Bullied

Li Qin lowered her head and shot Youyou a cold glance. No matter which angle she looked at his youthful face, she could only feel annoyance. The flames in her heart raged even more. She squinted her eyes, raised her hand, and swung it down his face. “You little bastard, stop pretending to be a good boy! What are you, anyway?! Get out of my way! It’s all because of you!”

Youyou’s face twisted to the side from the force of her slap. He slowly lowered his head and touched his cheek with his small hand. The strands of his bangs hid his eyes from view, thus except for his tightly pursed lips, his facial expression could not be seen.

Yun Shishi heard the commotion and rushed out of the kitchen. When she saw that Youyou had been hit, her anger was instantly provoked. With an aching heart, she dashed over to Youyou’s side and held him in her embrace. Looking up, her eyes were cold.

Witnessing this, her father was unable to suppress his rage. He stood up and rushed toward Li Qin. He lifted his palm at her but was stopped mid-action by a tug at the hem of his clothes. Stunned, he lowered his head.

It was only then that Youyou lifted his small face. With a half-swollen face, he formed an elegant smile. “Grandpa, stop fighting! Youyou learned something in school today; if a family lives in harmony, all affairs will prosper!”

Yun Yecheng’s hand halted mid-air. He hesitated for a moment before lowering it weakly. In his eyes, complicated emotions played. Li Qin was obviously scared by his anger, but, in the end, she saw him turn around to pour water for Youyou.

This child was so sensible that he gradually found having Li Qin for a wife as a misfortune to the family! He had thought of divorcing her but knew that the latter would make a scene. Moreover, it would be shameful if words got out around the neighborhood!

Yun Shishi cautiously observed the handprint on Youyou’s face. With fear lingering in her heart, she raised her head and stared intently at Li Qin. She then got up and pulled Youyou along to the kitchen.

This dinner affair was dismal just like the ones before.

After Yun Na came back, the mood became even more depressing. Yun Na had never liked Yun Shishi from the very start. This was understandable, though. Yun Yecheng and Li Qin had pampered her like a little princess and showered her with lots of love ever since she was young.

However, one day, another ‘daughter’ barged into their harmonious family of three, and she snatched away more than half of her father’s love. From then on, her father was no longer just hers. If there was anything good, he would not think of only her. If this were to happen to anyone, they would more or less be concerned as well.

Yun Shishi was perfect; she got good grades, was studious, and was patient with her. Because she was too good, her father loved Yun Shishi more. This was why Yun Na was unwilling to accept her and why she hated her so.

Back when Yun Na was undergoing her rebellious phase, she only felt jealousy toward and disdain for the ‘outsider’, Yun Shishi. Youyou needed not be mentioned, as she simply had no room for him! In her heart, he was just a bastard – born to a father but acknowledged by none!

Around the dining table, it was somewhat quiet.

From time to time, Youyou would pick up some food for Yun Yecheng, while Yun Shishi would share about interesting tidbits at work. The mood was then more relaxed.

Despite Li Qin and Yun Na not liking Youyou, they dared not be impudent or openly show it with Yun Yecheng around.

After dinner, Yun Yecheng received a phone call and had to head out. He reminded Yun Shishi of things and went off in a hurry.

Yun Shishi did not wish to stay long in this house, so she promptly cleared away the dishes and decided to wash them before leaving.

Youyou assisted his mother in washing the dishes by holding up bowls to her with his small hands. He was somewhat afraid of Li Qin and Yun Na, so after Yun Yecheng left, he stuck with Yun Shishi in the kitchen.

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