Chapter 2 Crashing into Uncle Fu

The’Tianle Palace’ clubhouse is a famous gold-sold cave in the city, the most prestigious place of wind and moon, and there are all kinds of women and men.

Li Ge sat in front of the bar, drank a few glasses of whiskey, and the evil thoughts in his mind grew more and more rapidly.

Who do you not have a baby with? Find a handsome man, the child is even more beautiful!

Thinking like this in my heart, the sight of traversing the dance floor suddenly freezes a tall figure not far away.

Although he can’t see the man’s appearance, his height and appearance stand out from the crowd.

He was almost surrounded, followed by a few men and women in suits and leather shoes, who were quite stylish.

That’s him!

After making up his mind, Li Ge took a deep breath, tucked up his hair, and walked towards the pedestrian in his high heels’twisted’.


As he passed by, Li Ge pretended to be inattentive and fell off his feet, and fell straight into the arms of Fu Siyan, who was headed by him.

A pair of powerful hands passed through Li Ge’s waist and abdomen, holding her firmly.

In the unfamiliar and cold embrace, a strong male hormone aura swept over him, Li Ge only felt a little dry mouth, and even the original reason was gradually withdrawn.

“You smell so good…”

Fu Siyan’s stern eyebrows frowned, but the special assistant and the bodyguards standing behind him were dumbfounded.

In this broad daylight, there are women who are so bold!

“Miss, trouble and self-respect.” The man’s voice was as cold as three feet of ice, making people fall to the ice pool.

Li Ge was stunned. The familiar voice made her raise her head, but she suddenly slammed into Fu Siyan’s eyes. Those eyes were like cold stars, chilling and chilling.

At this moment, Li Ge’s heartbeat is almost static!

She widened her eyes and stared at the cold face that was close at hand. It took a long while before she opened her lips, and said inconceivably, “Fu…Uncle Fu?”

Oh my god, what kind of evil she did, it was Fu Siyan, Fu Yunzhi’s nominal cousin!

Although everyone knows that he is just the adopted son of Mr. Fu, Mr. Fu was already childless. He sent Fu Siyan to a foreign country for further studies, studying management, and he was appointed on the day of his 60th birthday. The succession of the chaebol was handed over to Fu Siyan!

He is the fifth diamond king in the circle of the rich and powerful in Kyoto, a great figure to look up to!

Her mother-in-law wanted to climb the mountain of Fu Siyan more than once, saying that Fu Yunzhi’s position was all up to his cousin, but it was a pity that the other party didn’t even have time to take care of her.

Therefore, including Li Ge, there are only a handful of opportunities to meet Fu Siyan.

This is the first time, such close contact.

His eyes are cold, his features are sharp and angular, as if he can penetrate all of her thoughts at a glance, and his thin body reveals an almost inhuman indifference.

“Uncle Fu…Yes, I’m sorry.”

When Li Ge called out the title’little uncle’ for the second time, Fu Siyan reacted.

He frowned, then let go of Li Ge, leaving without a wave of waves in his eyes.

He didn’t have much interest in this kind of woman who took the initiative to send it to the door.

“Uncle Fu, wait a minute!”

Li Ge simply gritted her teeth, and soldiers came to cover the water and earth. She simply did the trick. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if she could approach such a golden mountain like Fu Siyan?

“I… I’m in a bad mood today. If I drank too much, would you rest assured to leave me alone in this bar? It’s not safe here.” Li Ge bit his lip, pretending to be harmless to humans and animals. appearance.

She secretly observed Fu Siyan, and saw that he was still expressionless, simply pretending to be aching, crookedly stroked her ankle, and said with a trembling, “Not to mention that I just got a foot… It hurts.”

If Fu Siyan’s face hadn’t been turbulent just now, the corners of his lips had already turned into a sneer arc, and a trace of interest flashed in his eyes.