Chapter 2 Mother

“That’s good.” The beautiful woman looked at Qin Chen with a gentle expression, as if only her son was left in her eyes.

“Chen’er, tell your mother, how did you fight with the son of Wei Qihou’s family? Did someone deliberately frame you…”

Qin Yuechi frowned and looked at Qin Chen, with a worried expression on her face.

“No, it’s my boy who wants to fight him myself.” Qin Chen bowed his head and said.

His eyes were very cold.

The fact is that Wei Zhen insulted him as a wild species at the academy and called his mother a bitch. He came to the stage to fight with him when he was angry.

It now appears that this should be a conspiracy against him.

Because, as soon as Wei Zhen came to power, he was murdered.

If he tells his mother the truth, with the character of his mother, he will definitely go to Wei Qihou’s family to work hard, but now his mother’s situation is also very difficult.

When Qin Yuechi was young, she was known as the number one beauty in the Great Qi Kingdom. She was the object of the secret admiration of countless princes and princes in the capital. The matchmaker who proposed marriage broke the threshold with gifts. Even today’s sages have heard of Qin Yuechi’s beauty and intended to accept her. For the concubine.

But at this moment, Qin Yuechi suddenly ran away from home, wandered around the world, and disappeared from the sight of everyone.

Three years later, Qin Yuechi returned, with Qin Chen who was just born, and returned to Qin’s house.

This incident caused a sensation in the entire capital.

Unmarried childbirth is a matter of extreme taboo and shame in the entire Tianwu Continent. It is a matter of disregarding the virtues of women, and in some remote and barbarous places, it is even more necessary to soak the pig cage.

At that time, the Qin family was so angry that they almost didn’t kill Qin Yuechi. It was Dingwu King Qin Batian, also Qin Chen’s grandfather, who rejected all opinions and took in Qin Yuechi and Qin Chen in the name of the Qin family’s blood.

But the people in the entire Dingwu Palace looked at Qin Yuechi and Qin Chen coldly, thinking that Qin Yuechi was a shame to the entire Qin family.

So Qin Yuechi’s life in the Qin family was very bad.

Otherwise, Qin Chen would not be in a coma for three days and three nights, but no doctor came to check.

“Chen’er, although you haven’t awakened your blood this time, it doesn’t matter. You still have a chance in the future. Don’t fight on impulsiveness and fight with others. Even if you can’t become a strong, that’s fine. Mother will always protect you. .”

Qin Yuechi looked at Qin Chen who was weak on the bed, and sighed slightly, her nose was sour again.

Chen’er has such a strong personality, if he can’t solve this knot, I’m afraid something will happen in the future.

“No awakening blood?”

Qin Chen learned something instantly by fusing the memories of this body.

It turns out that the master of this body has a good martial arts talent, and with excellent results, he was admitted to the Tianxing Academy of the First College of the Great Qi State.

It was just that during the several blood awakening ceremonies of the academy, he failed to awaken the blood. A few days ago, the academy awakened the students again, and Qin Chen still had no blood awakening.

Tianwu Continent respects blood, and without awakening blood, one cannot become a true powerhouse.

The previous owner of this body was deeply shocked after he learned the news. He wanted to become stronger in order to change the situation of him and his mother in the palace, but he did not expect that God would make such a joke with him. .

Under the shock, he was depressed, unhappy, and depressed every day.

That’s why Qin Yuechi thought that Qin Chen’s duel with Wei Zhen was because he had no awakened blood and was in a bad mood.

“Mother, don’t worry, such a setback won’t break the child.”

Qin Chen felt Qin Yuechi’s concern, his eyes softened, and he smiled slightly.

He is not comforting Qin Yuechi.

There is no awakening bloodline, for the eighth-order bloodline emperor of his previous life, it is really nothing.

Qin Chen’s brilliant smile warmed Qin Yuechi’s heart, and said with relief: “So, mother is relieved.”

Just as Qin Yuechi was about to say something, suddenly–

Bang bang bang.

Someone was knocking on the door, and the sound was so loud, almost kicking with his feet.

Qin Yuechi hurriedly opened the door.

A maid wearing a small coat of silver rat skin walked into the room.

“Miss, why did it take so long to open the door?” The maid said dissatisfied, although she was calling the lady, she didn’t look respectful at all.

“Rouge, Chen’er has just woke up, and his body is still very weak. Keep your voice quieter, so don’t disturb Chen’er.” Qin Yuechi said.

When Yanzhi heard this, he glanced at Qin Chen on the bed unexpectedly, and a mocking smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“It turns out that Master Chen woke up, that’s really congratulations.”

She said congratulations, but there was no smile on her face, her eyes were cold, as if Qin Chen owed her money.

This maid named Yanzhi was one of Qin Chen’s aunt Madam Zhao’s personal maid.

The Qin family is a loyal and loyal family. His ancestors have been military commanders for several generations.

In the generation of Qin Chen’s grandfather, Qin Batian, his momentum reached its peak, and he was named the King of Dingwu by the King of Qi, and he established a mansion.

The son of Qin Batian, Qin Yuanhong, Qin Chen’s uncle, was given the blessing of his ancestors, and was given the title of Anping Hou by the King of Qi and was in charge of the Dingwu Palace.

Therefore, Qin Chen’s great aunt became the mistress of the current Dingwu Prince’s Mansion.


Qin Chen’s eldest aunt, Mrs. Zhao, has always been extremely disgusted with Qin Chen and Qin Yuechi, thinking that the two of them have tarnished the reputation of Dingwu Prince’s Mansion, and tried everything possible to drive them out.

“What are you doing here?” Qin Chen looked at Rouge coldly.

“Master Chen, stop being passionate, I’m not here to find you.”

Yanzhi glanced at Qin Chen in surprise. Qin Chen didn’t dare to talk to her like this before. Why did he become so courageous after regaining his life this time?

“Miss, my wife guessed that you are here with Master Chen. It is true that you have not forgotten the agreement with your wife?”

Qin Yuechi’s body trembled, a trace of humiliation flashed across his eyes, and his face seemed a little pale.

She glanced at Qin Chen, covered him with a silk quilt, stood up and said softly: “Chen’er, mother, go out, you have a good rest.”

After that, turn around and walk out.

What a glance Qin Chen naturally saw Qin Yuechi’s momentary tremor, he felt a little bad in his heart, and frowned, “Mother, where are you going? I’ll go with you.”

Qin Yuechi paused, turned his head, touched Qin Chen’s face with warm hands, and said with a smile: “Silly boy, mother is in this palace. If you don’t go out, you are afraid that your mother will be caught in the palace. The bullying is unsuccessful, you just woke up, don’t catch a cold, take care of your body, and mother will come back when you go.”

Qin Chen frowned and said, “No, mother, tell the child, you and Madam Zhao have agreed something.”

Qin Yuechi’s face was hesitant, and he didn’t know how to speak.


Rouge said impatiently: “A half-dead person who asked so much what to do, I will tell you directly. Your mother promised our wife to meet with Prince Qi today. Now Prince Qi has arrived in the living room and waited for her to pass.”

“What, Zhao Qirui?! Zhao Feng, you bitch, you actually forced your mother to see this harlot!”

No one in the whole king knew that Zhao Qirui was the most absurd prince in the Great Qi Kingdom. He wandered around the place of wind and moon all the year round. There were groups of wives and concubines. The mansion was full of singers and dancers.

Zhao Qirui has always coveted his mother’s beauty. He visited the door several times, but was rejected by his mother. Who knows, Zhao Feng invited this old thief to his home.

Qin Chen stared at Rouge fiercely, with two cold rays in his eyes, and said angrily: “And you mean maid, get out of here.”

“What did you say?”

Rouge was trembling with anger, pointing at Qin Chen with her fingers, but was deterred by Qin Chen’s gaze, she did not dare to speak, but angrily said at Qin Yuechi: “Miss, are you such a godson? And you and Wangye Qi What happened, but you promised it in one fell swoop, don’t you want to regret it?”

“Mother promised?”

Qin Chen was shocked and looked at his mother.

How can this be?

In my memory, my mother was very disgusted with Zhao Qirui, and even more annoyed about his pursuit.

How could you agree to meet him?

He wanted to hear a negative answer from his mother, but saw Qin Yuechi’s body shake, he lingered.

“Chen’er, you just woke up, take a rest first, don’t hurt your body, that’s not good, mother just sees him, it won’t do anything.”

In the end, Qin Yuechi said with difficulty.

Qin Chen looked at Qin Yuechi in disbelief, and said anxiously: “Mother, why? You don’t know Zhao Qirui, you go out to see him, it’s like a sheep’s mouth.”

“Why? Master Chen, do you still have the face to ask why?” Yan Zhi looked at Qin Chen mockingly: “You are fighting with people, unconscious, and seeing you can’t survive. It’s your good mother outside our wife’s door. Kneeled all night, and begged her to give the God of Return. Madam Zhao was kind and agreed to the lady’s request. You still have the face to ask why, if I were you, I would have been hit and killed here long ago.”

“shut up.”

Qin Yuechi looked at Rouge abruptly, and said angrily: “Mrs. Zhao promised me that she would not tell me this matter, you dare to talk nonsense!”

Looking at the angry mother, Qin Chen felt a pain in his heart. He finally understood. It turned out that the mother agreed to Zhao Feng to see Zhao Qirui in order to return to the Shendan to save himself!

Return to God Pill.

It is a second-grade pill, worth only a few thousand silver coins.

But the mother gave up her dignity for this return to the gods.

Qin Chen’s heart was shocked, tears rolled in his eyes.

He got up from the bed, grabbed Qin Yuechi who was about to leave, gritted his teeth and said: “Mother, we are here, no one will see you. Don’t worry, from today onwards, I will never let my mother kiss you again. Suffering from any hardship will not allow you to meet Zhao Qirui’s lascivious old bastard!”

Qin Yuechi’s body shook, tears flickering in her beautiful eyes, looking at Qin Chen.

Qin Chen looked at Rouge coldly, eyes like a sharp knife, and said coldly: “As for you, get out of here now!”