Chapter 2 Saving the Beauty

Emperor’s Club.

The Mu’s family found out where Jiang Wan was going in just one minute.

As one of the most senior private clubs in Jiangnan, going in and out is either rich or expensive. Mu Sheng didn’t know what was important about Jiang Wan’s arrival so late, but he walked in with the contemptuous expression of the security guard at the door.

A group of people stood on the third floor of the clubhouse. After seeing Jiang Wan, Mu Sheng stopped.

“Is it not solved yet?”

“Yes, Sister Wan, no matter what we say, Longgui Company said that there is not enough materials and it must wait a month, but after a month, the day lily is cold.” Ling Yanran aggrieved, “they I also said that if you don’t come in person again, don’t talk about it.”

“Three times, Mr. Jiang, you are finally willing to come.”

The young man in a suit at the door said cheerfully, “Our boss is in the box, please.”

“Zhang Yu, don’t talk weirdly there. I have investigated, and your company has no shortage of materials! Don’t forget, the contract I signed with your company is still in my hands!” Jiang Wan glanced coldly. The voice said coldly.

“Hehe, of course I know, our boss also said that he is willing to pay liquidated damages.” The young man smiled, “However, I don’t know which one is more than that of Muran Company.”

“You–” Jiang Wan’s pretty face paled instantly.

Muran Company, a giant in Jiangnan Real Estate, won the cooperation opportunity after squeezing her scalp. If she breaches the contract at this time, the consequences will be disastrous!

“You think about it.” The young man looked at Jiang Wan with a smile, seemingly satisfied with the angry expression on the latter’s face.

When he glanced at Mu Sheng behind him, he couldn’t help but stunned, followed by curling his lips, and said contemptuously, “On this occasion, why did you bring your wasteful husband?”

Mu Sheng frowned slightly and met the youth’s gaze.

“Hey, what are you doing here!”

Looking back, Jiang Wan, who was in Mu Sheng, was also feeling angry. Her father was not bad, but this time, how could she be so blind and let her marry such a waste!

Even if you can’t help at home, at this time, it will only be embarrassing.

“I’m worried about you, so come and have a look.”

Mu Sheng said truthfully.

“What’s the use of your worry? Don’t trouble me here, get out and go home!”

Jiang Wan snorted contemptuously, suffocating her heart, and venting on Mu Sheng’s body.

Mu Sheng sighed inwardly.

Two months, and another two months, even if this ridiculous marriage is over, I originally wanted to consider whether to let the Mujia help, but now seeing Jiang Wan’s mother and daughter’s attitude, Mu Sheng’s pity in his heart has long been gone. Nothing.

In the box, the atmosphere is ambiguous, the rows of champagne on the bubbles have not disappeared, there are ten bottles, and the table is horizontal, shining and exuding golden brilliance.

Longgui company boss Wang Gui spread his legs apart and sat on the sofa. When he saw Jiang Wan coming in, he smiled and got up, “Mr. Jiang, you are finally here.”

“Don’t say these are useless.” Jiang Wan patted Wang Gui’s hand and said with a cold face, “Wang Gui, how much money do you have to add before you are willing to continue to provide me with materials.”

“President Jiang, don’t be so angry, come on, drink this glass of wine first.” Wang Gui pointed to the table.


Jiang Wan picked up the wine glass and drank it in one fell swoop.

“Okay, okay, President Jiang is really bold.” Wang Gui laughed and said, “If President Jiang is willing to accompany me all night, let alone add money, even if I give you this batch of materials for free, I don’t mind. .”

“But… if you don’t agree, that’s not a coincidence. I just asked a few old friends about the material company they opened, and they are out of stock.” Wang Gui squinted Jiang Wan as he spoke, threatening. The meaning is fully exposed.

Hearing this request, Jiang Wan immediately became angry, “Wang Gui, don’t dream, even if the company really goes bankrupt, I won’t agree to this request!”

“Disagree? Do you think you still have a choice to disagree?” The expression on Wang Gui’s face became cold.

The men standing in the box immediately understood, left the box, and locked the door.

“What are you going to do?”

Jiang Wan shrank back. No matter what, she was just a woman. After seeing their actions, she became scared immediately.

But as soon as she retreated, Wang Gui grabbed her wrist, “Hahaha, of course I want to shoot you!”

Wang Gui’s eyes were full of excitement!


How much time did he waste and how much money he spent on Young Master Mu Long of the Jiang family before he deceived Jiang Wan. How could he not be excited?

Being pressed on the sofa by Wang Gui, Jiang Wan was stunned for a while. She had never been so forced by anyone. She sat there blankly at a loss, looking at the face that came closer, and closed her eyes.

“He is my wife, you better stay away from her.”

The expected action did not happen, Jiang Wan was puzzled, and a familiar voice suddenly rang in her ear.

Mu Sheng? Didn’t you let him go?

Jiang Wan opened his eyes and saw that Mu Sheng’s ten fingers firmly grasped Wang Gui’s arm like steel bars, and even though the latter’s face was flushed red, he couldn’t move at all.

Jiang Wan didn’t expect that in her eyes, she was just a wasteful eating soft rice, and she could stand up at this time.

“Hehe, you are the soft rice man from the Jiang family?” Wang Gui was taken aback, followed by a sneer, “Dare to fight me? I’ll give you a chance, kneel down, knock your head twice, close the door and get out. Treat this as it never happened!”

Mu Sheng didn’t say a word, his eyes looked at Wang Gui indifferently, his eyes were calm, but Wang Gui felt straight in his heart.

“This… is this Mu Sheng?”

Jiang Wan muttered in her heart, she only felt that the man in front of her was terribly powerful, completely different from the man who whispered at home on weekdays.

Wang Gui’s wrist was so painful that he could not help but bit his teeth, his face was fierce.

“Useless, you are looking for death!”

He slapped his hand sharply, but found himself floating suddenly.

With both feet vacated, the whole person retreated fiercely.

“You also match me to shoot?”

Mu Sheng sneered.

When the voice fell, the man who was over two hundred jins of fat took off directly and hit the wall of the box!

This, how much effort?


Hearing a loud noise standing outside the door, he immediately rushed in and was stunned when he saw the box scene.

No one expected that at a critical moment, Mu Sheng would actually stand up. In their eyes, Mu Sheng was just a waste!

Are you crazy?

He actually has the courage to take action against the boss of Longgui Company?

“court death!”

“It’s useless, I let you go, I didn’t expect you to sneak in!”

“Kill him!”

Several subordinates took out their weapons and swarmed them.

One of the thugs rushed to the forefront, dancing the iron pipe in his hand vigorously, aiming at Mu Sheng’s head, and smashing it down fiercely.

If this stick falls.

Mu Sheng’s head would definitely burst open like a watermelon.