Chapter 3 Satisfied with my figure?

Chapter 3 Satisfied with my figure?
This woman’s acting skills are so clumsy that she can see through it at a glance.

But it’s interesting.

“Fu, Uncle Fu…” The man stared at him sharply, as if seeing through her tricks, Li Ge’s heart trembled, and he was a little embarrassed.

However, in the next second, her feet were light and her eyes widened, she was directly embraced by Princess Fu Siyan!

The feeling of weightlessness caused Li Ge to hug Fu Siyan’s neck in a hurry. His chest was wide and warm, and his nose was full of breath from his body. Li Ge’s face was flushed from the heat, and his heart was beating.

Is it so straightforward? Didn’t you just pretend to be a gentleman?

“The feet are still hurting?” Fu Siyan’s temperatureless voice was on the top of his head.

“Uh…” Li Ge swallowed silently, “No…it doesn’t hurt anymore…”

She stared at Fu Siyan’s extremely seductive side face in a daze.

“Heh…” Fu Siyan pulled his thin lips, his expression unchanged, and strode towards the car parked at the entrance of the bar surrounded by the crowd.

What does this man mean?

Li Ge was dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until she was carried into the car that she was in a daze. Just thinking about it, Fu Siyan had already told the driver, “InterContinental.”


Continent…Intercontinental? That is a five-star international hotel!

After getting into the luxurious suite on the top floor of the hotel, Fu Siyan threw Li Ge on the bed, turned around and went into the bathroom. It wasn’t until a minute later that Li Ge on the bed gradually reacted.

She…she actually hooked up with Fu Siyan and was taken to the hotel by him?

How did it feel so much easier than she thought?

There are no other traps, right?

But Li Ge didn’t have time to care too much.

As long as she thought of the scenes of encountering Fu Yunzhi’s derailment before, she felt hot eyes, and after drinking some wine, she was not afraid of the next thing, and even had a little expectation.

Fu Siyan is so good-looking, he’s not a loser when he slept!

And he is Fu Yunzhi’s cousin.

She would be happy to take revenge on that scumbag!

Li Ge pulled the bag over and rummaged in it, wanting to take the medicine first when Fu Siyan came out.

When she was in college, she made a boyfriend, but she didn’t expect that the other party was a beast, so she wanted to strengthen her.

Li Ge resisted desperately, but the other party did not succeed, but she had a sexual flow barrier and disliked the close contact of the opposite sex.

After marrying Fu Yunzhi, she also tried to accept it, but she felt nauseous at critical moments. It was okay for Fu Yunzhi to comfort her all the time, and even went to the second bedroom to go to sleep.

The better Fu Yunzhi was, the more guilty Li Ge felt. When she heard that there were medicines for this symptom sold abroad, she asked a friend to buy a box for herself. She wanted to try again on the first anniversary of her marriage.

In the end, Fu Yunzhi did well, but gave her such a big “surprise”!

Li Ge turned the bag upside down, but didn’t find the box of medicine. Later, she remembered that she changed the bag when she came out of home, and the medicine was in that bag.

At this time, the bathroom door was suddenly opened, and Fu Si said it.

The man was wearing a gray bathrobe with a loose bathrobe belt tied around his waist, revealing a lean chest. The black hair was still wet, dripping with water beads, and the whole person was seductive and sexy.

Li Ge stared directly at him and swallowed.

Uncle Fu is really the best!

Fu Siyan saw more women like this, and his face was dizzy under the light.

The towel was randomly wiped on her hair twice, staring condescendingly at Li Ge, approaching her blushing cheeks, “Is it satisfied?”

“Full, satisfied…”

Li Ge was wrapped in his pure masculine atmosphere, and she was dizzy. She struggled again after a daze, “Then what, I want to go out and buy something.”

She didn’t want to wait to throw up Fu Siyan because of nausea.