Chapter 3 What gift do you deliver?

Mu Sheng glanced lightly, raised his leg and kicked it across, as if he didn’t care about this extremely critical scene.


A sound of broken bones sounded throughout the house.

“Ah! My legs, my legs!” The head gangster suddenly knelt to the ground, hugged his calf and rolled over in pain, his wailing voice resounded.

Mu Sheng took another step to the left and threw a punch, colliding with another fist in the air.


The scalp tingling bones cracking sounded again, and the bastard hit the wall directly, his body almost folded in half, his head drooping softly, life and death unknown.

The two were relieved in an instant, and after the crowd saw this scene, a look of shock appeared on their faces.

what happened?

Didn’t they all say that the Mu’s son-in-law was a waste of money? How could he be so powerful?

“A bunch of trash, what’s the use for me to raise you? Go, go!” Wang Gui snarled at Mu Sheng, hoarse.

However, those gangsters were upset, didn’t they see that the two people who had done it before were abandoned? How dare they do it to Mu Sheng now!

“Are there any thugs? Call them all out.” Mu Sheng glanced at Wang Gui lightly and approached slowly.

Wang Gui was so scared that he backed away again and again. He pointed to Mu Sheng, his voice trembling:

“You… Mu Sheng, you know how to live and die, do you know what will happen to me if you offend me? Believe it or not, I will stop all supply of building materials from now on!”

“Once the company goes bankrupt, Jiang Wan will never end up with her at Jiang’s house!”

“Go away, go away!”

Wang Gui was still clamoring.

Mu Sheng stopped in front of him, his eyes like ice.

At this moment, he fell into the abyss in an instant, and endless darkness poured in from all around, as if to swallow him.

Wang Gui trembled all over, and the clamor stopped abruptly.

“If there is another time, I will take your life.”

Mu Sheng left a word, took Jiang Wan, and left the box.

Wang Gui was still curled up in the corner, his face was blue and purple, he did not dare to speak, he could only look at Mu Sheng’s back with vicious eyes.

Ling Yanran had been waiting at the door and saw Jiang Wan stepping out of the box. She immediately greeted him. After seeing Mu Sheng, she just wanted to say something, but saw Jiang Wan shook her head, indicating that the matter had been resolved.

The two drove home, speechless all the way.

As soon as she returned home and opened the door, her mother-in-law Zhao Lin saw Mu Sheng and Jiang Wan enter the door. She glanced at the light swelling on Jiang Wan’s arm, but unexpectedly did not get angry, “Jiang Wan, come here.”

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Jiang Wan walked over and couldn’t help but wonder.

“Mu Sheng, sit down!”

Mu Sheng frowned slightly, and the atmosphere in front of him was serious and weird.

But he didn’t say anything, and honestly sat down in the chair.

“Mom just watched it again. It is true that there are less than 60 days left before your dad’s will.” Zhao Lin said, “However, if you two get divorced, you will find a new partner. It’s a bit difficult and a bit too hasty. NS.”

“So, Jiang Wan, I have found a suitable partner for you, and he will return to China next week. Then I can arrange for you to meet each other, first get in touch, and then talk about other things.”

“I don’t agree!” Mu Sheng suddenly said coldly at this moment.

He was not angry because he was jealous.

He knew in his heart that even if he had been married for three years, there was no so-called love between him and Jiang Wan. Therefore, it was as easy as relief for him to get divorced two months later.

But what he cares about is dignity! If Jiang Wan stays with others before getting divorced, then he is wearing a green hat!

This is a problem that all men cannot bear!

“Trash! Did I ask your opinion?” Zhao Lin scolded when he saw Mu Sheng’s attitude, “I’m just telling you, I don’t have your place to interrupt!”

Mu Sheng clenched his fists. Although he was used to being insulted by his mother-in-law Zhao Lin, he would never let this touch the bottom line!

Just when Mu Sheng spoke again, Jiang Wan who was sitting aside suddenly got up, walked in front of Zhao Lin, and said, “Mom, this is what I can’t agree with! If I do this, it will be nothing to do with the non-partisan women outside. the difference!”

“Which, what is there to disagree with? Anyway, you are going to leave. It’s normal to start interacting with others now.”

Zhao Lin obviously didn’t expect Jiang Wan to have such a big reaction, “Do you want to spend a lifetime with this wimp? You will be ridiculed all day, and be looked down upon?”

“Yes! I admit that I look down on him, but even if I don’t live with him all my life, I will never do this kind of thing before divorce!” Jiang Wan said categorically.

She remembered the way Mu Sheng stood in front of her in the Emperor’s Club, and she suddenly felt sour.

Since being brought home by his father, he has worked hard, unable to fight back, or scolded. For so long, even if he raises a dog, he feels a little emotional. What’s more, today, if it weren’t for Mu Sheng, I am afraid she would have been successful by Wang Gui. NS.

“I won’t agree with this.”

“You! It’s the opposite!”

On the seat, Mu Sheng sighed. Until now, he didn’t know that this woman was not only disgusted with her. At this time, he was willing to stand up and speak for him.

Even if it’s just sympathy.

“If you are tired and need help, tell me.”

Mu Sheng whispered and turned back to the room.

“What?” Jiang Wan didn’t hear clearly.

“Trash, will you leave before I finish? Get out of my mother!”


After Mu Sheng’s lesson, Wang Gui did not dare to run out of stock, and Jiang Wan’s internal affairs also stabilized.

That night, Mu Sheng was reading in the room.

The door to the room was suddenly opened, and Jiang Wan, wearing a purple dress, walked in and threw the money on Mu Sheng’s bed, “This is your pocket money this month.”

With a total collapse of ten thousand, Mu Sheng glanced at it and said lightly, “So many?”

“Why, you still feel too much money?” Jiang Wan wanted to find a chance to thank Mu Sheng, but after seeing the other’s disapproving attitude, she felt angry in her heart. “Tomorrow my grandfather just finished treatment and was going to be discharged from the hospital. People are going to have a look, you remember to buy some decent gifts and clothes, don’t go there when the time comes, shameful.”

Throwing a bunch of words, Jiang Wan banged the door and went out.

“Is this woman taking gunpowder?” Mu Sheng frowned.

Moreover, taking yourself with him, this is not like Jiang Wan’s usual style.


Since Jiang Wan gave him so much money, Mu Sheng would certainly not be ambiguous. After choosing clothes and gifts, he and Jiang Wan went to the top hospital in Jiangnan City.

The fifth floor of the hospital has the top equipment, and the size of each ward is close to fifty square meters.

At this time, the ward was already full of people. When Jiang Wan and Mu Sheng came in, they turned their heads aside in silence.

“Look, the trash son-in-law is here.”

“I really don’t know how Jiang Wan would like such a man.”

“Be quiet, don’t bother Grandpa.”


The whispering around was very small, Zhao Ling was uncomfortable listening to her ears, she gave Mu Sheng a fierce look, her eyes seemed to say, if it weren’t for you, a trash son-in-law, how could they be looked down upon by others.

Mu Sheng lowered his head and walked behind Jiang Wan.

He is accustomed to being ignored, and he enjoys the life of an ordinary person after experiencing strong winds and waves.

“Yo, Jiang Wan, you actually brought your trash husband too. I’m not afraid of being seen by my grandpa, which will affect my mood.” Suddenly, a nasty voice came from the side. Jiang Wan raised her head. Sure enough, it was what she hated the most. The second brother, Jiang Mulong, relied on his grandparents to like him and bullied her on weekdays.

“Good uncle, good second uncle.” Jiang Wan pretended not to see it, and greeted politely, then holding the gift, walked to the bed, and smiled, “Grandpa, this is a gift I brought, I wish you a speedy recovery. .”

Lying on the bed was a gray-haired old man with black spots on his face. He was obviously not looking good. He nodded and said, “Let it go.”

Mu Sheng also followed, gave the prepared gifts forward, and said, “Grandpa, I wish you good health.”

Seeing that Jiang Wan didn’t pay attention to him, Jiang Mulong felt angry.


The gift that was just put on the table was suddenly knocked down, and the whole room suddenly became extremely quiet.

“What are you, you are qualified to give gifts to my grandfather?”