Chapter 4 Can’t Move

It was Jiang Mulong who stretched out his hand to knock off the gift.

“You are too embarrassed to take out the gift prepared by your trash son-in-law? Don’t you understand the rules? The Jiang family only accepts gifts from the Jiang family.” Jiang Mulong smiled coldly, “Moreover, is this gift over ten thousand?”

“Not yet, this is a nine-thousand-three customized model, I specially found someone to polish the golden needle…” Mu Sheng said truthfully.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Before Mu Sheng could finish, Jiang Mulong laughed, “Nine thousand three? You can give such a poor gift? Oh, by the way, I shouldn’t laugh at you, because you even have income. If you don’t have a waste, I’m afraid I got this money from Zhao’s family?”

“Of course, he doesn’t have a job. If we don’t rely on our family to support him, where does the money come from?” Zhao Lin also said in a strange way.

Suddenly, the eyes around Mu Sheng were filled with contempt. They heard that there was a son-in-law in Jiang Zhengzhi’s family. Unexpectedly, he was actually squandered to this point.

A dog who lives in Jiang’s family is more useful than him, isn’t it?

Mu Sheng looked at the gift rolling on the ground, picked it up silently, squeezed his fist lightly, and warned himself that the three-year appointment is about to come, so don’t worry about this kind of thing.

“Jiang Mulong, what do you mean? This is also a gift carefully prepared by Mu Sheng anyway.”

Jiang Wan heard harshly, and immediately stood up and stopped in front of him.

“So what, his gift is a fart! I will give you a long experience. The gift I prepared is the personal consultation of the famous Yanjing doctor Liu Jianhua! Donghua famous doctor, the consultation fee alone costs more than two million, and Even so, there are countless people who have invited him. If it doesn’t matter, they won’t be invited at all.”

When the voice fell, Jiang Mulong said to Mu Sheng contemptuously, “Your little money, the fare for asking someone to come from Yanjing to Jiangnan is not enough.”

“What, is the famous doctor Liu Jianhua?”

Someone yelled as if frightened.

“One of the four famous doctors of Donghua Country? My God, Jiang Mulong can actually invite him!”

“This gift is too expensive…”

“In such a comparison, this wasteful gift really can’t make it to the table. Jiang Mulong reached out and knocked it down. It’s not too much.”

For a time.

All the people around gathered together, and the sound of praise and exclamation sounded.

For nothing else, this Jiang Mulong’s gift is too expensive!

Jiang Wan’s face was green for a while, purple for a while, gritted her teeth, pointed at Jiang Mulong and said, “Jiang Mulong, I know you have two stinky money, what are you showing off!”

“This is not showing off, this is my filial piety to my grandfather.” Jiang Mulong triumphed.

At this time, only Mu Sheng stood quietly, his expression thinking, as if lost in memory.

He remembered that when he was still in the Mu’s family, he seemed to have seen Liu Jianhua. At that time, Liu Jianhua was just a little assistant in many medical teams.

Mu Sheng still vaguely remembered that he had explained medical books to Liu Jianhua back then.

Unexpectedly, now, he has become the four famous doctors of Donghua Country.

“Go to the side, a good dog won’t stand in the way!” Jiang Mulong turned his head and said to Mu Sheng out of anger.

Mu Sheng held the gift and walked to the corner without saying a word. This scene made Jiang Wan feel angry. She wanted to say something, but she could only hold it in her heart. There was only a strong disappointment in her eyes, yes, like you. How could a stubborn person have the stubborn resistance?

At that time, you who were in the Emperor’s Club were just playing clever, right?

When the people arrived, every child of the surname Jiang gave his own gift. All kinds of exquisite gifts were placed on the floor. The packaging alone was golden and bright. Jiang Mulong looked at the black in Mu Sheng’s hand. Long box, just about to laugh at something, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, and a man in a white coat walked in.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

The man in the white coat walked into the ward and greeted with apology.

The Jiang family’s eyes rested on the man in the white coat, “Are you?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.” The man in the white coat smiled. “My name is Li Nong, I am Dr. Liu Jianhua’s apprentice. Master is really upset this time, so I can’t get away, so I can only come.”

“My master also said that when the third master is discharged from the hospital, he must go to the clinic.”

“It turned out to be Dr. Li, hurry up and come here.” Jiang Mulong said with a surprised look, “My grandpa recovered from a serious illness. Before he was discharged from the hospital, I wanted to take a look at the doctor Liu, my grandpa’s physical condition.”

“However, as a disciple of Doctor Liu, Dr. Li must be a well-known doctor with a brilliant rejuvenation!”

“That’s natural!”

The man in the white coat smiled and sat down by the hospital bed.

The people around were not obstructed.

They heard that Li Nong was indeed one of Liu Jianhua’s many apprentices, and he was also named one of the top ten doctors in Yanjing.

Although it was not better than famous doctor Liu, didn’t they say that his master had something to do and it was delayed.

Li Nong put his hands on the old man’s wrists, pressed for a moment, got up, and said, “San Ye Jiang has early stage lung cancer. He has been treated by the hospital and he has recovered more than half and he can be discharged. However, Western medicine The effect is still mediocre. San Ye has congestion remaining in his lungs, and he needs to be passed through the lungs with acupuncture to completely eradicate it.”

“so it is.”

“Sure enough, I am a genius doctor, and I can see the root of the disease at a glance.”

“No wonder the old man keeps coughing recently. It turns out that there is still residual congestion in the lungs. The effect of this hospital is too bad…”

“There is no way, after all, it is a hospital, and it is impossible to do a personal consultation by a famous doctor. Thanks to Mu Long’s action, famous doctor Li was invited.”

As Li Nong spoke.

The surrounding Jiang’s children nodded and expressed their approval. At the same time, they looked at Jiang Mulong with approval. In their eyes, Jiang Mulong had been favored by his grandfather since he was a child. Home status, I am afraid it will only flourish.

However, just as Li got the needle, a strange voice suddenly rang, “The lungs can’t be needled. Grandpa is not a simple lung cancer. If he gets the needle, it will cause big trouble!”


Li Nong was taken aback. He was not as skilled as Liu Jianhua, but after all he had been in medicine for 20 years. Who would dare to question him at this time? Li Nong quickly looked over and saw Mu Sheng standing in the corner.

“Who are you?” Li frowned.

“Doctor Li is treating the disease, what do you mean by rubbish?” Jiang Mulong was immediately angry, “Do you know medicine? Just point and point, which delayed my grandfather’s condition. What do you take to apologize?”

“You are so good, why are you still staying at our house to eat soft rice?” Zhao Lin glanced at Mu Sheng and said with contempt.

“Don’t worry everyone–” Jiang Wan stood up at this moment. She didn’t think that Mu Sheng could cure the disease, but in the bottom of her heart, she believed what Mu Sheng said. Perhaps in her heart, she also hoped that Mu Sheng could make her Win glory once.

She turned her head and asked Mu Sheng, “Mu Sheng, do you have a medical qualification certificate? I can trust you, but grandpa’s illness can’t make you joke.”

Mu Sheng shook his head, “No.”

He grew up as a shepherd and has read countless medical books. Why should he test this kind of thing that is better than nothing?

As soon as they spoke, Jiang Mulong and Li Nong laughed.

“Damn, the kid who doesn’t understand the fart, he also instructed others to heal the disease, come and drive him out!” Jiang Mulong shouted angrily.

“Please go out.”

“Yes, hurry up, don’t force us to do something here, everyone who does it will not look good.”

The two Jiang family children said, their eyes were full of anger, if Grandpa was still here, they would have done it a long time ago.

“Okay, then I’ll go out first.”

Mu Sheng sighed, got up and went out.

Li Nong used the acupuncture, if he forced the shot, he would definitely be blocked by everyone. After all, in the eyes of everyone, he was just a son-in-law who could eat soft food.

Jiang Mulong looked at Mu Sheng with mocking eyes, “Worry, let alone my Jiang family, shame!”

There was a sneer in the crowd.

Jiang Wan shook her head disappointedly. She felt ashamed of Mu Sheng’s inability to do her best, and she was kicked out like this. It was really useless.

“Hey, is it Jianhua?”

Walking out of the ward, Mu Sheng made a direct call.

“Are you… Young Master Mu?”

There was a voice on the other end of the phone, he couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe that he could still hear Mu Sheng’s voice in this life.

Seven years ago, he was in the Mu’s family, under the guidance of Mu Sheng, and understood the way of medicine, and finally became one of the top four famous doctors! He didn’t dare to forget this grace of knowing and encountering!

After becoming a famous doctor, he also asked about Mu Sheng’s news everywhere, but learned that Mu Sheng had been expelled from the house by the Mu family and his whereabouts were unknown.

Now, after hearing the familiar sound of Jianhua, he immediately recognized it!

Mu Sheng turned his head and looked around, and continued, “Are you in Jiangnan now, having something entangled in something and unable to get out of your body, so you asked your apprentice to treat a patient named Jiang Sanye from the Jiang family?”

“Young Master Mu, how do you know?” The other end of the phone was taken aback, puzzled.

“How do I know?” Mu Sheng smiled faintly, his tone raised, and his eyes instantly became extremely sharp, “Because, the good apprentice you teach will soon be healed!”