Chapter 4 Killing

Qin Yuechi’s expression changed, and he hurriedly said, “Mrs. Zhao, Chen’er, he is still young. He is just impulsive and speechless. Please don’t take it seriously, Madam.”

Madam Zhao coldly said: “Young? If I remember correctly, Qin Chen is almost sixteen this year. I heard that at the awakening ceremony of the Star Academy not long ago, he still had no blood awakened. As a child of the Qin family, he I don’t know how to study hard and advance, and win glory for my Qin family, but in the academy, I fought privately with others, undermining my reputation of Dingwu Prince’s Mansion. “

Qin Yuechi’s figure shook, her face turned pale, Madam Zhao is going to convict Chen’er!

“You should be the one who should be the crime?” Qin Chen’s eyes were cold, and he raised his head to look at Zhao Feng. Facing the extremely powerful Madam Zhao of the Qin family, he calmly said: “You are the mistress of the Qin family. , To indulge his servants and to insult the disciples of the family, is this what you call the Qin family rules?”

“You…” Madam Zhao did not expect that Qin Chen would dare to speak back, and couldn’t help being furious.

But before she had time to speak, she heard Qin Chen continue to shout angrily: “You are a woman of the Taoist family, and you meet with Zhao Qirui, who is notorious and obscene in the royal capital, and gossiping together. Is this your feminine virtue?”

Zhao Qirui, who was originally watching the good show and staring at Qin Yuechi with squinting eyes, suddenly suffocated, and his face flushed.

“This little beast, why scold me?” Zhao Qirui scolded in his heart.

“You…” Madam Zhao pointed to Qin Chen, her hairpin trembling with anger, and said angrily: “Zhao Qirui, it is my brother Wang.”

Madam Zhao’s ancestors had some connections with the royal family, and she was also the prince. Zhao Feng called Zhao Qirui the king, but it was not an overstepping.

“Okay, if you are brothers and sisters, meeting in private, it is an act of incest, and it is even more unbearable. As a lady bestowed by the court, you should be the representative of women in the world and act dignified. If this matter spreads, Qin How can the family be established in the Great Qi State.”

Qin Chen roared again and again, with cold light in his eyes.

“You…you little beast, you’re talking nonsense, take him down for me.” Madam Zhao couldn’t bear it anymore, and shouted at the two guards.

She was trembling with anger. If what Qin Chen said really came out of the Qin Mansion, then she, the mistress of the Qin Clan, would continue to stay in King Capital wherever she was.

When the two guards heard Madam Zhao’s order, they immediately roared and rushed up towards Qin Chen, one left and one right, and they were clamped in the center.

Qin Yuechi exclaimed, and fought to stand in front of Qin Chen, and said angrily: “Who dare to move my Chen’er.”

One of the guards looked cold, and said coldly: “Miss, I’m sorry.”

After speaking, he pushed with a big hand, trying to push Qin Yuechi away.


Before his hand touched Qin Yuechi’s shoulder.

Suddenly, a sharp cold light passed, everyone only felt a flower in front of them, and the air in the room was cold.

Immediately afterwards, there was a chuckle, blood suddenly appeared, the guard let out a miserable scream, half of his arm had been cut off by Qin Chen with a sword, and blood splashed all over the ground.

Under his severe pain, his figure retreated violently, but the long sword in Qin Chen’s hand was like a meteor rushing to the moon, chasing after him. No matter how he dodges, the guard could not escape. He lost his heart, and his eyes were filled with endless fear.

Take out the sword, close the sword.

All in one go!


A burst of blood spattered from the guard’s chest and rushed out to a height of two meters.

The guard was panicked and tried to cover the wound with his hand, but the blood was like a fountain, and he couldn’t cover it no matter what. Finally, his eyes showed terrifying eyes, his body weakened, and he fell down.

“I said, whoever dares to touch my mother, I will kill someone!”

Qin Chen said word by word.

He was holding a long sword, like the same killer god, without even looking at the fallen guard, his voice was as cold as a demon from Jiuyou Hell.

The blood on the tip of the sword slowly dripped, and there was no sound in the room, only the sound of blood dripping on the ground echoed.

Madam Zhao, the fierce group of guys, all froze in place, like ducks with their necks pinched, at a loss.

The people watching from a distance outside the door showed horror, and Rouge made their faces pale and trembling, and their hearts trembled: “This little beast really dares to kill!”

As for the other guard, he felt cold in his forehead, cold sweat, stiff, and he didn’t dare to move.

He just remembered.

Although this Young Master Qin Chen did not have his blood awakened, he was sure that he was admitted to the King’s Sky Star Academy by his true ability. He was only fifteen years old and was already a human-level warrior.

In Tianwu Continent, there are nine levels of martial artists.

Human level, earth level, heaven level, profound level, clan level, respect level, king level, emperor level and emperor level.

Each level is divided into three levels: initial stage, middle stage, and later stage.

On the first floor, it feels like a great heaven to practice.

Before the human level, there is actually a state of the coagulation phase. The so-called coagulation phase is to open up the meridians in the body. Only by opening up the seven meridians can you condense the true energy and enter the human level.

Therefore, the human level can already be regarded as a real warrior.

The most common guards of them are basically in the middle and late stages of the human level.

That’s why he was killed by Qin Chen with a sword.

After a brief stupor, Mrs. Zhao was the first to recover. Her face flushed red, and an incredibly vicious light came out from her eyes.

She really did not expect that Qin Chen, who had always been timid, would dare to commit murder in public.

Not only her.

Even Qin Yuechi was stunned, and his heart sank suddenly while shocked.

“Qin Chen, you are crazy, you dare to commit a crime in public, come and take him down for me, and deal with the family law, so as to prevent you.” Madam Zhao shouted sternly, with thunderous voice.


The other guard immediately recovered.


He withdrew the saber from his waist, staring at Qin Chen like wolves, and rushed forward fiercely.

He slammed his feet on the ground and screamed. He was like a cheetah. The sword in his hand turned into a cold light, and he slashed towards Qin Chen’s arm.

His sword is exactly one of the famous yellow-level swordsmanship of the Qin family, the “Flying Dragon Sword Technique”, which is called the “Poisonous Dragon Spreading Letter”!

In the Tianwu Continent, the ranks of martial arts and martial arts are divided into four levels from high to low: heaven, earth, mysterious, and yellow!

And each level is divided into upper, middle, and lower three levels, a total of four levels and twelve levels.

Although the flying dragon sword technique is only a yellow-level sword technique, it is a yellow-level advanced sword technique. Among them, the poisonous dragon spat is the most insidious.

He even settled his attention and wanted to make a hole in Qin Chen’s hand to give his dead brother a sigh of relief.

Anyway, the order was from Madam Zhao, as long as he didn’t kill Qin Chen, he would be punished at most.