Chapter 4 Uncle, there will be no deadline

Chapter 4 Uncle, there will be no deadline
“Don’t bother you, it’s on the table.”

Fu Siyan thought she was referring to that, and his chin was raised toward the bedside table, and various styles of sleeves were placed on the exquisite storage baskets.

Li Ge: “…”

Are hotels so caring now?

“Then, then I’ll take a shower, my body is dirty.” Li Ge pushed the man on his body twice, his heart beating wildly.

She seemed to have a foreboding what Fu Siyan would do next.

Damn it, she was the one who wanted to sleep with him. How come she has become ***like, letting others slaughter him?

Is Fu Siyan always pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?

Every inch of the little woman’s expression was reflected in his eyes, Fu Siyan had basically guessed her thoughts, there were many women who wanted to climb into his bed, and it was probably this woman who wanted to escape.

It’s getting more interesting, and I don’t know which partner sent the woman.

The man leaned down.

When Li Ge woke up, his whole body was very aching, and his body was crushed by wheels, especially…

Sore and painful.

She moved her arm, and touched a hot chest with her hand. Turning her head, she saw Fu Siyan next to the pillow. The man’s features were cold and hard, and it made people feel less jealous when he fell asleep.


She she she she, she actually fell asleep with Fu Siyan? !

She was so repulsive to bed/things, she didn’t repel Fu Siyan, and the two of them slept all night?

That’s weird!

Li Ge didn’t want to wait for Fu Siyan to wake up, the two of them stared at each other, taking advantage of this opportunity to get dressed and slip away.

Inadvertently caught a glimpse of the scratches on Fu Siyan’s body, one left and one right, she blushed, took out all the cash from the bag and put it on the table, and then left numbly.

Less than ten minutes after Li Ge left, the man on the bed woke up.

He seemed to expect that he would not be able to see the person next to the pillow when he woke up, so he got out of bed and put on his clothes. When he saw something on the bedside table, he walked over.

There was a wad of cash and a note on it.

[Uncle, I had a great time with you last night. 888 cash is not a tribute, I wish you send it! Will be indefinitely later! 】

“Will it be indefinite?” Fu Siyan swept his gaze over those words and sneered.

He threw the note into the trash can and collected the cash.

Zhang Tezhu called and said that the ticket had been booked, and he said: “Mr. Fu, if you have something, I can change the ticket to tomorrow.”

“No, I’m going now.”

When he was about to leave, Fu Siyan caught a glimpse of the red on the bed, shallow, like a small flower.

The man’s lower abdomen tightened.

Recalling that the woman kept calling him “Uncle”, and in his impression, it seemed that there was no such person.

After a pause, Fu Siyan and the special assistant instructed: “By the way, go to the hotel to check the woman last night.”

“Okay Mr. Fu.”