Chapter 5 Fertility Tools

Chapter 5 Fertility Tools
Coming out of the hotel lobby, Li Ge’s heart was still beating.

The cool breeze brushed her cheeks, and she was a little awake.

She actually had sex with this big man Fu Siyan! This is not a dream, but a reality!

This is Fu Siyan! Is she going to die? The faint pain between her legs still reminded her of all the things she had suffered last night.

Li Ge beat his head severely, took out the last Grandpa Mao from his pocket, and stopped a taxi.

No matter what, let’s go back to Fu’s house first.

Before entering the house, Li Ge repeatedly confirmed that there were no suspicious traces left on his lower body before stepping in.

After entering the house, Li Ge saw her mother-in-law having breakfast at the table.

“Mom.” She still yelled docilely.

“Do you dare to come back?!”

Thinking of Li Ge’s confrontation with him on the phone last night, when he saw Li Ge at the moment, Roland became annoyed, “Divorce! Get a divorce with my son!”

Seeing her mother-in-law disliked her like this, she wished she could get out of Fu’s house immediately.

Li Ge clenched his hand, his eyes gradually cooled.

She knew that her family background was not good, and it was a high level to marry Fu Yunzhi, but she was also working hard, working as a senior translator in the translation department of the Fu Group, and her abilities were not bad.

But her mother-in-law didn’t look down on her, she had been talking about her since she came to the Fu’s house. After a year, after seeing that her stomach hadn’t moved, her face became darker, and she even smeared her in front of her relatives, saying that she was occupying her. The henhouse does not lay eggs.

He also brought the daughter of a friend to Fu Yunzhi in front of her many times.

For the love with Fu Yunzhi, for this family, she tolerated and did not care about her mother-in-law, and gave all the money she made to the family as much as possible, but Fu Yunzhi cheated!

Li Ge warned himself to hold back, and after taking a deep breath, he said to her mother-in-law, “Mom, I didn’t deliberately put the doctor’s pigeon. It was something in the company. I rushed to deal with the matter. My colleagues didn’t do things well. I felt a little angry. I said that to you last night.”

Roland didn’t buy it, as if wishing Li Ge and Fu Yunzhi to divorce quickly, “Don’t call my mother, I can’t afford it! If you can’t give birth to a son, divorce my son!”

“Mom, I know that I have been married to the Fu family for a year and have not given birth to any children, so I feel very sorry.” Li Ge took Roland’s arm and said guilty: “Don’t worry, if I can’t get pregnant this time, I, I divorced Yunzhi and I won’t delay him anymore.”

When she said this, Roland’s face immediately improved.

Roland glanced at Li Ge’s stomach, “Li Ge, if your stomach doesn’t move anymore, no matter what you say, I won’t indulge you anymore. I will definitely let you divorce Yunzhi!”

Li Ge smiled, and his heart sank fiercely.

Fu Yunzhi didn’t see her in her eyes, and she seemed to be just a fertility tool in the eyes of her mother-in-law.

Li Ge didn’t deal with her mother-in-law anymore. After going upstairs to change clothes, Li Ge drove to the company.

Although she and Fu Yunzhi both work in the Fu Group, the departments are different. Fu Yunzhi is in the planning department and she is in the translation department.

The Fu’s Building is very large, and they are separated by thirty stories.

When he first came to Fu Shi a few years ago, Fu Yunzhi told Li Ge that the company was not allowed to engage in nepotism and asked Li Ge not to disclose the relationship between the two.

So no one in the Fu family knew that they were husband and wife.

When Li Ge thinks about it now, he is really stupid.

As one of the top 100 companies in the country, Fu has outstanding talents and beautiful women. Fu Yunzhi is afraid that the title of married will restrict him from hooking up with beautiful women. He didn’t even wear a wedding ring in his previous class.

When she stuffed the car key into her bag, she saw a square cufflink from the bag. She knew the brand inside the cufflink. A luxury item cost more than two hundred thousand cufflinks in their family.

Li Ge held the cufflinks and looked at it carefully. Of course, Fu Yunzhi couldn’t use this kind of crystal cufflinks. An ascetic face suddenly appeared in her mind, and her heartbeat missed a beat.