Chapter 5 Hou Ye

When everyone else saw this knife, except Qin Yuechi, their eyes flickered.

This sword and tiger gave birth to wind, and the power was amazing. It was indeed a bit of skill, which made people feel cold.

But Madam Zhao was still dissatisfied. She felt that the guard shot was too conservative. It shouldn’t just be aimed at Qin Chen’s arm, but should be his head.

Even so, everyone seemed to see Qin Chen’s blood all over, begging for mercy in pain.


Ding Ding Ding!

The expected scene did not happen, Qin Chen’s long sword suddenly burst into three cold lights in an instant, and then the voice of Jintiejiaoge sounded.

The guard had not had time to understand what had happened. He only felt that there was a flower in front of him, his palm was numb, the handle of the knife in his hand was trembling, and the sword could hardly be held, and he almost broke out.

He urged his vitality, and then he firmly grasped the saber in his hand.

Then just prepared to fight back.

In the next instant, a long sword overflowing with cold light had already reached his throat.

The cold touch, like the sickle of the god of death, controlled his life, causing him to feel chills, his scalp numb, like a nightmare, and his body stiffened.

In an instant.

Everyone around them stared at their own eyes, and could hardly believe their eyes.

If it is said that the previous guard was succeeded by Qin Chen because of carelessness, then the guard had already made an all-out effort just now, but the result was still shocking.

Even the guard really couldn’t understand how Qin Chen, who was the only one in the early stage of human rank, blocked his poisonous dragon’s message? Hold the cultivation base of the late stage of others, and have the upper hand?

“This little beast, unexpectedly…” Madam Zhao’s eyes were cold, and she was taken aback, and blurted out: “Qin Chen, you are so brave, you don’t want to put down the sword.”

She was full of anger, majestic and majestic. At this time, she still had the majesty of Qin’s mistress.

“Let it go?” Qin Chen grinned.

Seeing a cold ray of light in his eyes, the long sword in his hand slammed and then pulled.

“Master Chen, don’t…”

Seeing this, the guard felt cold and hurriedly asked for mercy, but it was too late.


A stream of blood was like a fountain, splattered from his neck, and spilled all over the ground.

The corpse fell to the ground feebly.

“Want to kill me, but also want me to spare him?!”

Qin Chen always had a smile on his face, looking in the eyes of people, but making everyone cold, like a demon.

For a time, the entire Qin Mansion was silent.

“And you!” Qin Chen turned his head to look at Zhao Qirui, his eyes narrowed slightly, like a wolf staring at its prey, coldly said: “If you dare to beat my mother again, be careful I can’t help but kill. about you.”

Zhao Qirui’s face suddenly showed anger, just about to get angry, but after seeing Qin Chen’s eyes, a chill rose inexplicably from the bottom of his feet, his face turned pale, and he could not speak for a while.

He looked at Madam Zhao and snorted coldly: “Mrs. Zhao, is this what you called the negotiation?”

Madam Zhao hurriedly explained: “Prince Qi, there is a misunderstanding in this, wait for me to explain it to you.”

Immediately afterwards, she stared at Qin Chen fiercely, trembling with anger, and the hairpin on her head couldn’t help shaking, pointing to Qin Chen and said: “Okay, okay, little beast, you have the courage, even Prince Qi Dare to threaten…”

Her gaze was fierce like a snake, and she turned her head abruptly to look behind her.

Many people outside the house heard the movement and rushed to see the lively servants, so they shrank their necks and quietly stepped back.

In the end, she set her gaze on an old man who was always following her, and said bitterly: “Qin Yong, what are you doing in a daze? You won’t give me this little beast!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The old man named Qin Yong answered and walked out of the crowd.

This person was wearing a dark blue robe, with his hands tucked behind the wide sleeves, his eyes were indifferent, but with a hint of cold air. He had been looking at the situation in the room coldly before, and his expression had not changed at all.

At this moment, after he walked out, everyone’s eyes fell on him.

Everyone’s pupils shrank, including Qin Chen.

From this person, he felt an extremely dangerous breath.

“A prefecture-level master.” Qin Chen said in a deep voice, with an unprecedented coldness in his eyes.

“Master Chen, you are too much. The old slave doesn’t want to do anything with you. Master Chen should still catch him, obediently listen to his wife’s hair.” Qin Yong said lightly, staring at Qin Chen coldly with two emotionless eyes.

Qin Chen’s expression remained unchanged, and he smiled coldly: “If you want me to catch it, it’s up to you to see if you have this ability.”

Only a prefecture-level master, if you fight to the death, it is not without the power to resist.

Qin Yong frowned and said, “If this is the case, then the old slave has overstepped.”

When the words fell, Qin Yong’s figure suddenly resembled a goshawk, and instantly threw out. In an instant, a terrifying wind swept the entire room, and Qin Yong claws his hands and grabbed Qin Chen instantly.

This blow was several times stronger than the previous two guards. The strong aura suppressed Qin Chen’s breathing difficulty, and his bones creaked.

“Qin Yong, you dare to move the dust and try it.”

Qin Yuechi, who was always paying attention to his son’s condition, rushed out at this moment and stopped in front of Qin Chen.

However, Qin Chen shook his figure before holding Qin Yuechi behind him again with the sword.

His eyes were cold, and he just waited for Qin Yong’s claws to fall, and he was about to violently move. Although the earth-level warrior was strong, he boasted that when the opponent hit him, he could kill him in one fell swoop.

At first sight, Qin Yong’s claws were only a few feet away from him.

At this moment, a loud voice suddenly came from outside the house, shaking people’s eardrums, “Stop it all.”

A middle-aged man wearing a brocade robe, purple cloud boots and a three-fingered gold-rimmed python belt around his waist walked into the house like a tiger.

Qin Yong’s claws stopped one foot above Qin Chen’s head abruptly, and then hurriedly moved to the side, bending over respectfully.

“Master Hou!”

Everyone in the room bowed and saluted and spoke respectfully.

The visitor was Qin Chen’s uncle, Anping awaiting Qin Yuanhong.

Madam Zhao hurried to Qin Yuanhong’s side, and said angrily: “Master Hou, you are here just right. Today, this little beast is just the opposite. Not only did she kill two guards, she also dared to threaten Prince Qi. If you don’t promote your home today, Fa, some people are going to go to heaven.”

“Enough.” Qin Yuanhong yelled coldly, his face gloomy, and said, “Are you still not making enough noise?”

“What?” Madam Zhao was startled, her small eyes were round, staring at Qin Yuanhong and said, “Master Hou, it’s not that I’m making trouble, it’s this little beast…”

Qin Yuanhong yelled angrily and said, “Shut up, little beast, little beast, is this your appearance as the mistress of the Qin clan? He is your nephew, if he is a beast, what is the Qin clan?”

Madam Zhao flushed, she was trembling with anger, and she wanted to refute, but seeing Qin Yuanhong’s gloomy face, she suddenly held back what she wanted to say.

Seeing the Patriarch’s anger, the other servants all knelt on the ground, their faces pale and silent.