Chapter 5 Starting with the Golden Needle

Mu Sheng stood in the corridor for a moment, and saw Liu Jianhua hurriedly running up to the fifth floor.

“Master Mu, I finally saw you!”

Liu Jianhua held Mu Sheng’s hands tightly with excitement, “If it weren’t for you, Mr. Mu, I would not have achieved today’s achievements. After I left the Mu’s house, I tried my best to find you! I didn’t expect that today, today……”

Liu Jianhua’s eyes were slightly wet, and he couldn’t tell.

“I joined the army in recent years.” Mu Sheng waved his hand and said dismissively, “Lao Liu, at the Mu’s house back then, I just gave you free advice. It is you who can achieve today’s achievements.”

“No! The kindness of Master Mu’s knowledge of encounters, my Liu is not unforgettable!” Liu Jianhua kept shaking his head.

“Okay, you are crying in front of me in your sixties, passers-by thought I was bullying the old man.” Mu full bloom joked, “Also, I am not a young master of the Mu family anymore. Later, you call me Xiao Mu That’s it.”

“Xiao…Xiaomu.” Liu Jianhua repeated, somewhat unaccustomed, “By the way, Xiaomu, you just told me on the phone that my apprentice Li Nong is going to be cured, what’s the matter?”

Mu Sheng told him what had happened and briefly told him. After listening to Liu Jianhua, he couldn’t help being angry, “I asked him to notify this little cub, but he actually helped others get sick!”

“Furthermore, Xiaomu, you are a big business person, how come you become a son-in-law here? If you are short of money, just tell me.”

Mu Sheng smiled and said that he stayed in Jiang’s family because of kindness. He didn’t care about the money and called Liu Jianhua to come to save himself the trouble of being blocked.

“Well, since it’s what you meant, I won’t force it.” Liu Jianhua sighed, regretting in his heart, “But, if you have difficulties with Xiaomu, please come to me. Liu has no other skills and has been practicing medicine for ten years. I have met a lot of top predators from all walks of life!”


Mu Sheng nodded, did not say anything, looked out the window, feeling a little bit in his heart.

“Mu’s family…”

“I haven’t returned for more than ten years, I don’t know what it has become.”

Just when the two of them had just finished talking, an old wailing suddenly came from the ward behind. You can see through the window glass that the face of the old man on the bed deteriorated rapidly, his lips were purple, and his body trembled and stiffened!

Seeing this scene, the Jiang family knew that the situation had changed!

“Li, Doctor Li, me, my grandpa will be fine, right?” Jiang Mulong who stood by was panicked.

If something happens to his grandfather, the entire Jiang family will be over.

“I don’t know, I just pierced the silver needle.” At this moment, Li Nong is also Liushen Wuzhu. Although he is not a famous doctor, he also has some skills. He has studied medicine for so long. This is the first time he has encountered such a thing!

“what happened?”

“Grandpa, grandpa, you must have nothing to do!”

“Jiang Mulong, see what you have done!”

“Fuck, if my grandpa is put to death by you, don’t you want to live!”

Jiang Mulong was furious when everyone exclaimed and slapped Li Nong’s face with a slap.


Li Nong fell to the ground, covering his face and dared not to defend. It was true that Jiang Sanye’s situation changed drastically after he administered the injection. This cannot be denied.

“Could it be that……”

Li Nong thought of what Mu Sheng said before he was kicked out of the house, frowning, “What he said is true?”

“All out!”

When the ward was in a mess, the door of the ward was pushed open by Mu Sheng. Li Nong looked up and saw the figure following Mu Sheng, “Master? Why are you here?”

“Shut up, rubbish things, you have defeated my reputation!” Liu Jianhua gave Li Nong a fierce look, and then looked at the old man on the bed at this moment. He had already fallen into a coma, his eyes closed tightly, and his face was as dark as ink. diffusion.

At this moment, Sanye Jiang had half-footed into the ghost gate, and even Mu Sheng could feel the speed of the dark spots spreading. Once it spreads to his chest and intrudes into the heart, even the gods will be hard to save!

No delay!

“Go out, I want to prepare for treatment, let Grandpa get rid of the danger, and don’t disturb me until I finish.” Mu Sheng stretched his fingers and walked directly to the hospital bed.

“Master, he?” Li Nong looked at Mu Sheng with a puzzled expression.

“Let you get out, didn’t you hear?” Liu Jianhua felt even more angry, kicked Li Nong, and said sharply, “Listen to what Mr. Mu does, get out! During the treatment, none of you are allowed to steal. Look, let alone step into the ward!”

After speaking, Liu Jianhua closed the door directly, leaving Jiang’s children and Li Nong standing outside the door, looking at each other.

After a while, everyone came back to their senses.

“Liu, the genius doctor Liu is here?” Everyone couldn’t believe it.

“My grandfather is saved by Dr. Liu.”

“But why did he call that wasteful as Mr. Mu? Did the genius doctor Liu admit the wrong person?” There was something wrong with the Jiang family disciple.

“Fortunately, my master is here. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, I will be finished. Although this Jiang family is not a top-notch giant, the medical treatment is enough to ruin me.” Li Nong felt extremely grateful.

As for Liu Jianhua’s respectful attitude towards Mu Sheng.

He didn’t even bother to think about it.

“We are all out, why can Mu Sheng’s waste stay?”

“Yes, Mu Sheng’s commanding appearance makes him feel like he is a doctor.” Jiang Mulong was upset by the way that Mu Sheng rushed in and commanded. He secretly said, “After he comes out, he must teach him well. No!”

“Is that useless, won’t it be a waste of help in it?”

Everyone looked in anxiously, but the windows on both sides were tightened, and nothing could be seen.

Li Nong also explained, “My master likes to practice medicine behind closed doors, otherwise, it will affect the results of his treatment. I just hope that the uselessness will not be a bad thing.”

Jiang Wan looked at the closed door, did not speak, clasped her hands together, extremely nervous.

At the moment, in the room.

If someone is watching, he will definitely drop his chin. Liu Jianhua, known as one of the four famous doctors, stands beside Mu Sheng respectfully just like a student.

Mu Sheng looked at Jiang Sanye, who was almost dead, and muttered, “When you run into me, you shouldn’t be dead, Lao Liu, bring alcohol and fire.”

When the voice fell, Mu Sheng flicked the small box in his arms, and the black cloth strips stretched out. The nine gold needles hidden in it, like a dragon going out to sea, jumped up, and were firmly grasped by Mu Sheng in the air. !

Next second.

The golden needle picked a flame and landed firmly on Jiang Sanye’s shoulder.

“The heavens and the earth are mysterious and yellow, the yin and the yang are turning!”

“Hei Sha, break!”

Mu Sheng drank low and low, and the acupuncture points seemed to be surging. At the same time, the black markings that almost spread to Sanye Jiang’s body quickly receded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The receding black spots condensed at the nine needle drop points, and the shape was hideous, and the stench could even be faintly smelled.

“Give me out!”

Mu Sheng shook his fingers and picked the golden needle fiercely!


A surprising scene happened. The moment the golden needle was pulled out of the acupuncture point, a black air current also spurted out in an instant. It hadn’t condensed and formed, and after that, it was scattered by Mu Sheng’s palm.

Pick out one by one.

Mu Sheng couldn’t help but seep sweat on his forehead, and he was lucky to take acupuncture. This was an extremely exhausting matter. Even if the average person could see where the disease was, he would be exhausted and unconscious as soon as he picked one out.

Time passed quietly.

Liu Jianjun stood aside, staring at the scene before him, not daring to move.

He only knew in his heart.

In medical skills, he is inferior to Mu Sheng.

This was the case ten years ago, and ten years later, it is beyond reach!