Chapter 6 Kneeling

One hour later.

The nine golden needles all left the acupoints, and the bright golden light in the room gradually dimmed.

Mu Sheng exhaled, the treatment was over, Jiang Sanye was almost expelled from the evil poison, and it was only a matter of time before he woke up.

“It’s really tired. It’s been a long time since I was so vigorous to save people.”

Mu Sheng opened the door and saw everyone from the Jiang family crowded around the door, one by one blocking the window, their faces full of anxiety.

“Mr. Liu, you are finally out!”

“Doctor Liu, how is my grandfather?”

Everyone didn’t care about Mu Sheng at all, and rushed past him to Liu Jianjun who was standing behind Mu Sheng.

“It’s going well, and it’s finally resolved. Sanye Jiang is still lying there, but I guess I will soon wake up.” Facing the crowd, Doctor Liu waved his hand and said, “But this time, it was all the credit of Mr. Mu, if it weren’t for him. , I can’t save Sanye Jiang at all.”

While talking, Liu Jianjun looked at his mobile phone and saw dozens of missed calls on the message, and he couldn’t help but pat his head.


He was pulled over by Mu Sheng during his busy schedule, and he didn’t deal with the matter over there!

“I’m sorry, I still have the meeting. It has been delayed for so long. I must go now! But it really has nothing to do with me. If you want to thank you, please thank Mr. Mu!” Liu Jianjun hurriedly left after speaking. NS.

“Mu, sir’s credit?”

“Ms. Liu said, is this useless?”

“how is this possible!”

As Liu Jianjun’s voice fell, everyone was stunned, and then they saw Mu Sheng, standing at the door, sweating profusely.

“Worry…no, Mu Sheng, you cured Grandpa?”

“Didn’t you have never studied medicine?”

There is a child surnamed Jiang that can’t believe it.

But in any case, this is the genius doctor Liu who admitted it personally!

“Heh, that was my master who was kind and not famous, and he deliberately gave credit to this waste.” Seeing that the limelight was about to fall on Mu Sheng, Li Nong who stood aside suddenly spoke and said mockingly, “Don’t think about it. I also know that a piece of waste can cure a disease that the hospital can’t solve for a few years? His sweaty appearance is probably exhausted from serving tea and pouring water in it.”

“Everyone, please come with me, I can prove that what I said is true.”

Li Nong sneered, carrying the silver needle, and leading everyone into the ward.

At this time, Sanye Jiang was still lying on the hospital bed, although his eyes were closed tightly, the dark spots had long since faded, and a healthy flush was faintly visible on his skin.

Li Nong sat on the side of the bed, spoke lightly, and said, “My master has dropped most of the needles, but because of an emergency, I have three needles left. I will do it now to make Jiang Sanye wake up and completely cure his lung disease! “

“Doctor Li, is this true? You mean my grandfather will never get sick again?”

Hearing this, Jiang Mulong immediately showed an expression of disbelief.

Everyone was shocked.

You know, Jiang Sanye’s illness has troubled the Jiang family for several years!

Enjoying everyone’s shocked gaze, Li Nong nodded with a confident expression, “If you let me take a shot, this is natural!”


“Grandpa, his illness can really be cured!”

“The genius doctor, you deserve to be the genius doctor! Master and disciple join hands, the medicine will cure the disease!”

Li Nong waved his hand gently, and everyone was quiet. His contemptuous gaze fell on Mu Sheng’s head with a look of contempt, “You are a waste of money, can you do this?”

“I can not do it.”

Mu Sheng shook his head, Jiang Sanye was very poisoned, and if a few injections were required to cure him, this was an ability that gods did not have.

“But if you administer the needle, Sanye Jiang’s life is in danger!”

The smug expression on his face has not yet emerged. After hearing the second half of Mu Sheng’s words, Li Nong only felt his scalp exploded. He jumped up from the bed, pointed at Mu Sheng and cursed, “You, you shit!”

“I have been healing people, and I have long since surpassed a thousand names. I have received pennants, even more so. How can I become a quack to harm people?”

“Trash, I want you to apologize, now apologize!”

Li Nong was stern, “Otherwise, I will ask a lawyer to sue you!”

“Worthy waste, you are so endless, right?” Jiang Mulong also turned around at this time, waiting fiercely for Mu Sheng.

“Mr. Liu is not a good-hearted doctor. He says he won’t give his own credit. As a result, if you don’t even have a medical qualification certificate, you really regard yourself as the genius doctor who healed your grandfather?”

“Are you worthy!”

Dozens of children surnamed Jiang became agitated, accusing Mu Sheng loudly, with an unpleasant voice and no mercy.

Jiang Wan’s heart became more uncomfortable as she listened to her, her face was hot. Although Mu Sheng was useless, but outside, what he said was his husband in name, and Mu Sheng was ashamed of her.

When will Mu Sheng not be so useless.

Mu Sheng looked at Li Nong lightly, his expression unchanged, “After sixty seconds, you will kneel down and beg me.”

“Please, haha!” Li Nong sneered, and followed closely, “I found that you are not only stupid, but also like daydreaming! When I wake up Sanye Jiang, let’s see how you roll out!”

“Worry, take a good look at my injection!”

Li Nong held the silver needle and was engrossed. Everyone watched with breathlessness, but only Mu Sheng could see that Li Nong was puncturing irritating acupuncture points. He wanted to wake Sanye Jiang up sooner.


After his five acupuncture points, Jiang Sanye’s acupuncture points were temporarily closed. If acupuncture were applied at this moment, it would be tantamount to killing Jiang Sanye!

“Moved, Grandpa’s eyes moved.” The sharp-eyed kid next to Jiang suddenly saw this scene.

“Do you see it!”

Li Nong grinned, “Trash, want me to make a fool of myself? You are not the one who is ashamed in the end!”

“There are still thirty seconds.” Mu Sheng glanced at his watch lightly.

“I really don’t cry without seeing the coffin!” Li Nong felt anxious and couldn’t help but increase his strength in his hands.

In his opinion, Sanye Jiang is about to wake up, and it is Mu Sheng who will be severely beaten in the face by then!

However, the next second.

Jiang Sanye’s original ruddy face changed in an instant, as if he was sucked into his body in an instant, his skin was dry, his face pale, and his chest that was still undulating for the last second stopped beating.

In an instant, life was lost!

“This, this, this!” Li Nong called three this, the expression on his face was dull.

what happened?

With the previous lesson, he only carefully stimulated two innocuous acupuncture points this time, but the current situation was more severe than before.

Even in his opinion, the third master Jiang is dead!

“Mr. Li, is my grandpa waking up soon?” Jiang Mulong didn’t understand the medicine, and as an outsider, he didn’t see the change.

“Ten seconds left.”

Mu Sheng stood aside and wrote lightly, “After ten seconds, you want to kneel and you have no chance.”

“Useless, shut up! Believe it or not, I will let you get out now?” Jiang Mulong was upset by Mu Sheng’s quarrel.

“Doctor Li Nong, hurry up and apply the needle. After my grandfather wakes up, I will let this wimpy kneel and go out!” The stoutest son on the side glared at Mu Sheng.

“Hurry up and let him go!”

“Yes, you shouldn’t stay here if you are a wasteful person!”

In the ward, everyone echoed.

Next second.


The dull collision remembered that Li Nong had already smashed his knees on the tiles, and knelt down facing Mu Sheng, “Mr. Mu, genius doctor Mu, please hurry up, just now, I was disrespectful!”

Others couldn’t see it, but Li Nong knew very well in his heart that if he procrastinated for a moment, this Jiang Sanye would be completely a corpse!

Boom! Boom!

Li Nong’s head is like pounding garlic, knocking out blood!

Everyone stood there, completely stunned.

Only the dull echoes in the ward remained in my ears.

Li Nong, kneel down?

He also called this wimp a genius doctor…