Chapter 6 Test

Then, Qin Yuanhong came to Zhao Qirui, who had an ugly face, and said, “Prince Qi, my Qin family is not strict in discipline, so you laughed.”

Zhao Qirui raised his eyebrows and snorted coldly: “Master Qin, your disciple from the Qin family just now threatened my life. I want to see, how do you deal with Master Hou?”

Qin Yuanhong nodded and said: “This matter, Qin will naturally give Prince Qi an explanation, but Prince Qi, you came to your house today to see her sister, and it seems not to be a good idea, right? There are still important things in Qin’s house. If you deal with it, Lord Qi will not be left.”

He is issuing an eviction order.

Zhao Qirui’s complexion changed, and his pale face became paler. After a few deep breaths, he seemed to be unable to bear the attack, but he suffocated the breath abruptly. He flicked his sleeves and said, “Master Qin is so big. The majesty and prestige, I remember this thing today.”

He snorted coldly and left Qin Mansion with an ugly expression.

Qin Yuanhong glanced at the people present, and shouted coldly: “And you, do whatever you should do. Do you want to be punished by sticking here one by one?”

Suddenly, a group of people stood up in panic and hurriedly withdrew from the courtyard.

Even Madam Zhao led people out of here with a green face. Before leaving, she gave Qin Chen and Qin Yuechi a vicious look with bitter eyes.

Not long after, only Qin Yuanhong and Qin Chen mother and son were left in the courtyard, as well as a few servants by Qin Yuanhong’s side.

“Qin Chen, you are so promising. You dare to kill people.” Qin Yuanhong glanced at the two corpses on the ground with some surprise, and said to the people around him: “Dispose of the corpses, and their family members, send them to each other. Go to Fifty Two and tell them that their husbands have been loyal to my Qin family.”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

Several subordinates quickly processed the bodies of the two guards and moved them out.

Qin Yuanhong stood there quietly, looking at Qin Yuechi, his eyes softened a little, and said, “Sanmei, are you still blaming Big Brother?”

Hearing this third sister, Qin Yuechi’s body trembled and her nose became sore. She pressed her lips, holding back her crying, and said calmly, “Master Hou, Qin Yuechi dare not.”

Qin Yuanhong sighed and said, “You also know that when you went out with Qin Chen on your back at the beginning, you caused a sensation in the capital city, and how much influence it had on our Qin family. Patriarch, there is no way.”

“Qin Yuechi doesn’t blame Lord Hou, it’s all Yuechi’s own making.” Qin Yuechi bit her lip and said.

Seeing Qin Yuechi’s stubborn expression, Qin Yuanhong couldn’t help but waved his hand, his expression also became gloomy, and said with excitement, “It’s not worth mentioning the past.”

Then, he turned his head to stare at Qin Chen, and said coldly: “I will not pursue this matter for the time being. There is still half a month, it is the big test of the Star Academy. You must work hard to cultivate before the big test. Complete the bloodline awakening so that the high-ranking officials and nobles in the royal capital know that every child of my Qin family has the talent to become a strong man, not a waste.”

Qin Yuanhong said nothing, turned and left the house.

The cold steel-like back made Qin Chen’s eyes cold.

The noisy yard quickly quieted down, and everyone walked away cleanly. Only Qin Chen and her son were left. Qin Yuechi’s eyes were tightly locked, staring at the door, his face was blue and his eyes were cold.

Qin Chen felt that Qin Yuechi’s state was wrong, and asked with concern: “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”

Only then did Qin Yuechi wake up, glanced at Qin Chen pitifully, and said: “Chen’er, mother is fine, you are hungry, take a rest first, mother will get you something to eat.”

With that said, Qin Yuechi came to the outer courtyard and started cooking. She, the eldest lady of the Qin Mansion, did not make any moves and was quick to do it. Obviously it was not the first time she did it. Within a moment, a bowl of steaming noodles was served. Arrived in front of Qin Chen.

Qin Chen was also hungry. He who had just awakened was naturally extremely weak after a fight, and immediately began to gulp.

As a human being reborn, Qin Chen couldn’t help feeling like a world away after eating this hot and fragrant noodles.

Qin Yuechi looked at Qin Chen lovingly, a hint of hesitation flashed across his face, but finally gritted his teeth and said: “Chen’er, you are still too young. There are some things that my mother shouldn’t tell you, but sometimes , But I have to tell you, I hope you can understand my mother.”

Qin Chen felt that there was something in Qin Yuechi’s words, raised his head, and said, “Mother, what’s the matter?”

Qin Yuechi said: “Your uncle pays homage to the general and Feng Anping. He is an extremely hard-hearted person. He has strict rules and pays equal rewards and punishments. He did not punish you today. It is not his style of acting. The last sentence he said Then you have to keep it in mind.”

Looking at Qin Yuechi’s worried face, Qin Chen said indifferently: “Mother means that he put the child on the surface today, but he is actually waiting for the child to pass the college entrance examination. There will be more reasons to deal with the child at that time?”

Qin Yuechi was taken aback, looked up at Qin Chen in surprise, and then suddenly smiled: “My Chen’er has really grown up.”

A cold light flashed in Qin Chen’s eyes, and he smiled and said, “Mother, you don’t have to worry, the child will surely be able to awaken the blood and pass the college entrance examination.”

“Well, mother believes you.”

Qin Yuechi glanced at Qin Chen deeply and sighed slightly in her heart.

In fact, she knew in her heart that Qin Chen was almost sixteen years old, and it was almost impossible to awaken his blood.

However, as a mother, all she can do is to encourage her children.

For a moment, she resolutely said: “Chen’er, believe my mother, even if we don’t stay at Qin’s house, I can let our wife live.”

Qin Chen knew what Qin Yuechi was thinking. He didn’t say much. He just nodded and said, “Mother, don’t worry, even if you go out now, the child will be able to feed you and ensure that you won’t be wronged any more.”

He clenched his fists and was extremely determined: “Mother, just wait for the child to surprise you, and the child will never let you down.”