Chapter 6 The Woman’s Perfume Smell

Chapter 6 The Woman’s Perfume Smell
No way, how could Fu Siyan’s cuffs come into her bag?

Fu Siyan is so rich, he shouldn’t care about losing a cufflink.

Thinking of this, Li Ge tucked the cufflinks back into his bag and stepped on high heels to enter the company.

Unfortunately, she raised her head and ran into Fu Yunzhi walking with a graceful woman. The two were talking and laughing.

Li Geduo glanced at the woman.

It was the woman she saw tumbling with Fu Yunzhi last night.

After seeing Li Ge, Fu Yunzhi’s expression instantly changed. In his impression, shouldn’t Li Ge be on a business trip in Munich at this time? When did you come back? Still didn’t go at all?

At this time, the woman next to Fu Yunzhi leaned in front of him, and she didn’t know what else she had said before she withdrew Fu Yunzhi’s attention. After a glance, the woman turned to the elevator.

There was a shallow hickey on her neck, and she raised her eyebrows at Li Ge when she left, as if she was laughing.

Li Ge lowered his face.

It seems that they have already had a’very close relationship’.

Fu Yunzhi glanced at Li Ge who was approaching, and neither of them spoke, and entered another elevator.

After the elevator door closed, Fu Yunzhi had no scruples and said, “That’s my boss. She just asked me about my work last week. By the way, didn’t you mean to go to Munich on business?”

Li Ge squeezed his handbag tightly, feeling uncomfortable and carrying some other emotions.

Because of the incident in college, she had a sexual disorder. After marrying Fu Yunzhi, she tried a few times and failed. The two had never lived as a husband and wife.

Fu Yunzhi is a normal man, so he must be unable to hold it back for so long.

Thinking of so much, the pleasure of finding someone to avenge Fu Yunzhi yesterday also disappeared in her heart little by little.

Li Ge pursed his lower lip and whispered, “Last night was our first anniversary of our wedding. I pushed off the itinerary and wanted to celebrate with you, but knowing that you were working overtime and didn’t come to the company to look for you.”

Fu Yunzhi’s face changed, and after touching the box in his pocket, his face returned to normal.

“Sorry, I have forgotten such an important holiday, but…” Fu Yunzhi took out the box from his pocket and opened it. Inside is a diamond ring: “I have prepared a gift for you.”

Li Ge looked at the ring, which looked very similar to the pair of earrings on his boss’ ears.

It is estimated that this is also for the woman.

In an instant, Li Ge was a little separated, and his hands shrank back.

Fu Yunzhi, who was about to bring her a ring, was unclear, so: “What’s the matter, you don’t like rings?”

“I like it, but I’m in the company now. It’s not good to be seen.” Li Ge said, taking the opportunity to take the ring from his hand.

Fu Yunzhi didn’t doubt the truthfulness of Li Ge’s words. He put his hand on Li Ge’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go to dinner tonight, and I will compensate you well.”

He smelled of that woman’s perfume, a bit pungent, Li Ge frowned, just about to push the person away.

The elevator door opened with a ding sound, and a colleague stood outside.

The colleague was about to come in, seeing that Fu Yunzhi and Li Ge were so close, standing there for a while, looking at them curiously.

“Miss Li, stand firm by yourself.” Fu Yunzhi reacted quickly. He moved his hand from Li Ge’s shoulder, and explained to the colleague that Li Ge was unstable in high heels, and he gave a gentle hand to him.

Li Ge couldn’t tell what it was like.

In the lobby, he can whisper to his boss so intimately, and they are a husband and wife, but he is afraid of being seen by others. It’s ridiculous!

“Well, thank you, Manager Fu.” Li Ge said lightly, and after thanking him, he left the elevator directly.

She disgusted when she smelled the perfume on him!

Li Ge worked very fast, and in the afternoon he asked a lawyer to draw up a divorce contract.

Fu Yunzhi had derailed first, and she hated it after she retaliated, but she knew that she couldn’t do it again with Fu Yunzhi.

She filed for divorce first, so she wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

However, Li Ge’s divorce paper has not been brought back, because New York needs manpower, and there was no time to pack things that night, so he went directly to the airport.