Chapter 7 Grabbing Credit

“The genius doctor of animal husbandry, I’m sorry, I just had eyes and no beads, your lord has a lot, just do it.”

“I beg you……”

Li Nong grabbed the ground with his head, banging, “Master Mu, please hurry up!”

He knew very well in his heart that if this Sanye Jiang really died, he would have become a complete murderer! The fame, fortune and honor of the past will no longer exist!

The children in the ward swallowed. A second before Li Nong made a vow, but the next second, he knelt directly to Mu Sheng. Faced with this turning point, everyone’s heads couldn’t turn quickly.

Mother-in-law Zhao Lin was stunned, what is the situation?

“I didn’t want to help you, but Sanye Jiang is not worthy of death.”

Mu Sheng spoke indifferently and came to Jiang Sanye, holding the silver needle on his arm.

“What kind of stitch is this?” Li Nong was confused.

He had never seen this special needle drop method.

But at this moment, he did not dare to show more atmosphere, for fear that it would delay Mu Sheng’s treatment.

After a few needles fell, Jiang Sanye finally recovered his vitality, slowly opened his eyes, as if after a long dream, and said: “Where am I now?”

“Grandpa, you are still in the hospital. Mu Sheng made the shot just now to wake you up.”

Jiang Wan said with joy on her face.

This time, thanks to Mu Sheng’s shot.

I just don’t know, when did he study medicine?

Jiang Wan looked at Mu Sheng with beautiful eyes, as if there was a huge mystery hidden in him.

“Just him?” Jiang Sanye looked at Mu Sheng with a deep disgust in his eyes, “I am healed by this useless waste?”

“Yes, Dad, thanks to my son-in-law, if you don’t believe me, just ask Dr. Li!”

Zhao Lin also reacted, hurriedly pointed at Mu Sheng and said invitingly, and at the same time, with her hands on her hips, she looked around triumphantly.

“It’s Mu Sheng, but it has nothing to do with him!”

Seeing Jiang Sanye’s expression, Li Nong rolled his eyes and sneered, “Sanye Jiang, I was nervous just now. In fact, after I gave the injection, your condition has improved. Just now, there was a sudden outbreak. It was you who were left in your body. It’s nothing more than poisonous gas.”

“Li Nong, you mean, it’s actually your treatment that worked?” Jiang Mulong asked in confusion.

“Yes, the results of the treatment of the condition have nothing to do with him at all. Without me and my master’s foreshadowing, he can’t cure Sanye Jiang at all!”

“From start to finish, he is just a speculative villain! And me, this is about caring, for the sake of human life, and disregarding dignity!”

With an impassioned expression on Li Nong’s face, with a few words of effort, he lifted himself into a life-saving healer!

Finally, Li Nong pointed at Mu Sheng and said angrily, “Otherwise, how could he be a housewife who knows medicine?”

The corner of Mu Sheng’s mouth twitched. He had never seen such a brazen person.

The child surnamed Jiang, who was shocked just now, suddenly realized that he had been fooled by Mu Sheng after hearing this sentence.

Yes, he eats soft food every day, relying on the awkwardness of the Jiang family, how could he know medicine?

If you really understand it, you wouldn’t have been able to get a medical qualification certificate before and be kicked out of the ward!

“No wonder, Mu Sheng, I thought you suddenly became a genius doctor!” Jiang Mulong suddenly realized, echoing with a strange yin and yang.

“It turns out that the supernatural doctor Liu has cured it, and the waste is just picking up a ready-made one.”

“Bah, shameless!”

The crowd pointed at Mu Sheng insulting loudly, and their hearts were also very angry, because they were just a little bit deceived by this uselessness!

“How can you open your eyes and talk nonsense!”

Jiang Wan’s face was ugly.

“Hahaha, Jiang Wan, shouldn’t you really think that your rubbish husband made the effort to save your grandfather? It was just like that, but he was a speculation by him!” Jiang Mulong couldn’t help holding his stomach. laugh.

“Grandpa, I don’t think this is the case.” Jiang Wan was anxious.

Grandpa scolded, “Shut up! What do you know as a girl? Do you really think your husband has any abilities?”

“Yes, he doesn’t know medicine at all!” Li Nong asked with a deeper smile on his face, pointing to Mu Sheng, “You just gave the needle and dropped the needle. There is no way to do it. It’s obviously a mess!”

“Seeing the leopard, what do you know about acupuncture?”

Mu Sheng was too lazy to say.

The acupuncture technique is a must-have, secretly hidden by his herdsman, and it is difficult to understand profoundly. Even Liu Jianhua has also learned the fur. Even if he is asked to explain, no one at the scene will understand it, and he is too lazy to do such a thankless thing. .

“You said I don’t understand, what about my master?” Li Nong said angrily.

“Understand a little fur.”

“Haha, well, after Sanye Jiang is discharged from the hospital, my master and I will come to see you again. When the time comes, it’s up to you to pretend to be!”

Li Nong sneered.

In his eyes, he had been taken advantage of by Mu Sheng before, and after his master was done, he would come in person, and the wretchedness in front of him would definitely be revealed!

“I also want to see how you look when your master comes.” A meaningful smile hung on the corner of Mu Sheng’s mouth.

“Trash, is it hard?” Jiang Mulong frowned, and took a sip on the ground. “I even invited Liu Jianhua. You have the ability. Why didn’t you invite someone over?”

“Hahaha, I’m speechless!”

“Waste is a waste, don’t grab the credit all day long!”

Everyone is not stingy with their own ridicule. In their eyes, Mu Sheng is a waste that is less useful than the subordinates. This kind of person has the lowest status. Does it still need to be respected?

“All right.”

The voice of Jiang Sanye sounded, and the entire ward suddenly became quiet.

“Don’t say anything, I know who is responsible for it.” Grandpa said, “I will be very grateful for the matter of Doctor Li, and the cooperation project between Jiang Wan and Muran Company. I think Jiang Mulong is better than you. Appropriately, let him be responsible. Of course, the Jiang family will not forget your credit… Now, you should take Mu Sheng out first.”


Jiang Wan’s body trembled, her face pale as paper.

She managed to get the contract from Mu Ran Company, and she was even threatened by Longgui Company, and she suffered countless hardships.

Now let Jiang Wan hand over the contract, how can she stand it!

“Do you want me to say it again?” Grandpa scowled.


Jiang Wan’s silver teeth clenched, but she didn’t dare to say anything. Grandpa has accumulated prestige at home for a long time, and she can’t resist it at all!

Jiang Mulong looked back at Jiang Wan and Mu Sheng, smiling at the corners of his mouth, as if to say, what would happen to you even if you got the contract? Waste like you is destined to be trampled under my feet for a lifetime.


The door was closed heavily, almost touching Mu Sheng’s nose.

Being pushed out of the ward, mother-in-law Zhao Lin couldn’t help pointing at Mu Sheng and yelling, “I blame you for being useless. If you have a little ability, we won’t be so embarrassed today!”

“Obviously it’s not your credit and you want to grab it? You don’t pee and look in the mirror!”

Mu Sheng lowered his head and did not refute.

He knew that Jiang Wan and his mother-in-law were in a bad mood. After all, if it weren’t for him, they wouldn’t have been kicked out of the ward. Jiang Wan even lost the contract.

Jiang Wan didn’t speak, and the appearance of going home in despair made Mu Sheng a little concerned.

“Hurry up and go back to the room. In the future, you will not be allowed to participate in Jiang’s party without my permission, otherwise our business will have to ruin you!” Zhao Lin slammed the door of the room, and she was annoyed when she saw the guy in front of her.

Mu Sheng was silent and walked back to the room alone. When he was about to go to bed after taking a bath, he heard a slight sob in Jiang Wan’s room upstairs.

After hesitating, Mu Sheng quietly went upstairs. When he saw Jiang Wan who was lying on the pillow and crying bitterly, his heart seemed to split, and he felt a sharp pain.

How long?

How long has she been under pressure?

Mu Sheng has always believed that Jiang Wan is a strong woman, and she can be alone in the company, but Mu Sheng forgets that no matter how strong she is, she is also a woman, and her emotions have been accumulated for a long time.

“Why, why do you treat me this way, just because I am helpless? Too bully, oooo…”

Jiang Wan shrugged her shoulders and wept, like a wounded hare curled up in a corner, collapsed and helpless.

“Do you need my help?”

After standing behind for a long time, Mu Sheng finally spoke.

“Why did you come in, get out of here…”

Jiang Wan lifted her head, just opened her mouth, and was suddenly stunned.

Under the moonlight, Mu Sheng’s eyes were calm, but as deep as the starry sky. At that moment, Jiang Wan remembered Mu Sheng who was administering the needle in the ward today. She was no longer the squatter who could only swallow. The power of conviction.

“Can you help me?” Jiang Wan didn’t know why, she would say this.

“Jiang Wan, as long as you want, I can do it!”

Jiang Wan was a little lost, Mu Sheng patted her on the shoulder lightly and turned to go out.