Chapter 7 Nine Star God Emperor Art

In the most luxurious Ziyi Garden of the Qin family, the atmosphere is very solemn at this moment.

Zhao Feng was wearing a colorful robe, holding a bright black cat in his arms, with cold eyes like a poisonous snake, sitting motionless.

At this time, a maid with an extremely beautiful appearance walked in and respectfully said: “Madam, Lord Hou is back.”

“I see.” Zhao Feng said coldly, stood up and walked outside the house.

Qin Yuanhong was walking slowly into the hall.

“Qin Yuanhong, what’s the matter with you today? I even let go of that little beast, still in front of so many people, and swept Prince Qi’s face, tell me, what do you mean?” Zhao Feng said angrily.

The Zhao family, the imperial family, is also a big family in the royal capital, so Zhao Feng is talking to Qin Yuanhong as if he is asking the teacher for sin, and he is not afraid of it.

Qin Yuanhong frowned and said, “You ask me, I haven’t asked you yet, what have you done in the mansion all day?!”

Zhao Feng said angrily: “What can I do? I don’t want the bitch Qin Yuechi to leave our Qin family. The little beast from the province will occupy my Qin family’s property in the future. It is you who helped that little beast. I see you. Are you reluctant to leave your good sister? I know that you don’t have a good thing in the Qin family!”

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

“Why am I talking nonsense? When the bitch Qin Yuechi did such an indignant thing, instead of driving her away, your father kept their wives behind. Now that kid also has the surname Qin, he will definitely be a threat in the future. Feng’er’s status and family property, isn’t it right for me to say that?”

Zhao Feng said with a sneer.

Qin Yuanhong’s face was pale, staring at Zhao Feng coldly, and said: “You also know that his father still remembers the third sister, so you dare to let Prince Qi come over today? You don’t know the temper of your father, let him know what happened today. Who can keep you?”

“Then let the little beast continue to stay in Qin’s house?” Zhao Feng’s eyes were vicious, his chest rising and falling.

“That’s why I told you to be tolerant.” Qin Yuanhong’s eyes were cold, and he sneered: “Qin Chen has not even awakened his bloodline until now. This time the college entrance examination will definitely fail the exam. Once he is expelled from the Star Academy, it is As the head of the family, my husband has a reason to expel him from Qin’s house. When the time comes, even his father will not be able to say anything. But you are fooling around at home all day, hum, it’s really a woman’s opinion.”

Zhao Feng was startled, his eyes flashed, and said, “So you made this idea.”

“Otherwise, what do you think? You are a woman, what else can you do except bad things!” Qin Yuanhong snorted coldly, turned angrily, and walked into the house.

“That’s right, every disciple of the Qin family possesses unique skills. If the little beast fails the academy examination, he will be expelled by then, the old man has nothing to say.”

Zhao Feng was scolded, not only was he not angry, but the corners of his mouth curled up.


The black cat in her hand suddenly screamed in horror, and jumped to the ground, looking at her master with fear and trembling, the hair on her body was erected like a hedgehog.

Mrs. Zhao is holding a handful of cat hair, which was plucked out just now.

The room was empty and cold.

Qin Chen sat there quietly, frowning and thinking about the road ahead.

Three hundred years of vicissitudes of life, whether it is to avenge Shangguan Xier and Feng Shaoyu, or for his mother, he knows that he must become stronger and become a powerful man who can control the Tianwu Continent.

The first step is to awaken the blood.

If you want to be a strong man, you must first awaken your blood.

Qin Chen was fifteen years old, and still couldn’t awaken his blood.

He hadn’t awakened his blood after he was sixteen years old. In the words of Tianwu Continent, he had missed the best age. Even if he awakened in the future, he would not achieve much.

“In the Tianwu Continent, every person has blood in his body. If he is delayed in awakening, there are two reasons. One is that the natural blood is too thin to be awakened. The second is that something is wrong with the body. Unable to awaken.”

No matter which of the two causes, I have a way to solve it. Let’s take a look at the talent and foundation of this body. “

As an eighth-order bloodline emperor in his previous life, awakening the bloodline was not a problem for Qin Chen at all.

Martial artists are among the top three in talent, understanding and aptitude. Needless to say, comprehension, otherwise there will be no such achievements in previous lives.

But talent and aptitude are born with the body.

“The foundation of this body is pretty good, but there are many problems.”

After some investigation, Qin Chen knew exactly what was happening to him, frowning slightly.

The predecessor of this body, with excellent martial arts talents, was admitted to the Royal Sky Star Academy, opened up the seven channels, and entered the human level.

“With this kind of talent, it’s no problem to become an ordinary powerhouse, but to defeat Shangguan Xier and Feng Shaoyu, it is still a thousand miles away.”

Qin Chen was lost in thought.

The foundation of a warrior is like building a house and building a foundation. It must be firm, otherwise no matter how you practice, problems will arise later.

“This body has just opened up the seven basic veins, and hurriedly entered the human level. Although it has condensed a Qi pool, it is not stable and has a small capacity. It seems that there is no problem now, but once it reaches a higher level, it will be troublesome. Will follow.”

Qin Chen felt the qi pool the size of a pigeon egg in his dantian, and was a little worried.

Opening up the seven channels is almost the weakest of the martial artists. Generally, only the weakest warriors will rush to condense the Qi pool and enter the human level when only the seven channels are opened.

Among the top geniuses in the martial arts, which one did not choose to condense the qi pool without having opened up the eight, nine, or even ten meridians. Some of the most against the sky would even open up the eleven meridians, Qin Chen clearly remembered , Feng Shaoyu and Shangguan Xi’er each opened up the eleven meridians, and in this life, if you want revenge, you must become stronger.

“With this kind of foundation, if I continue to practice, it will be difficult for me to return to my previous cultivation level. Even if I catch up later, I can’t make progress in a hundred feet. Moreover, with my current body, I have no way to cultivate the nine-star god emperor. Tactics!”

The Nine Star God Emperor Art is a volume of ancient exercises that Qin Chen obtained in the Forbidden Lands in his previous life, and it is also the strongest exercise he has ever obtained. The legend is handed down from the heavens.

Heaven is a legend in the Tianwu Continent. According to legend, the realm of Emperor Wutian of Nine Heavens is not the end of martial art. Above Emperor Wudi of Nine Heavens, there is a more terrifying realm of Wushen, capable of breaking through the void and entering a higher world-Heaven. !

However, in the history of Tianwu Continent for thousands of years, no one has broken through to the realm of Martial God, so no one knows whether the heaven really exists.

Originally, Qin Chen didn’t believe this, but since entering the Forbidden Land, he completely changed his mind.