Chapter 8 Takeover of the Company

Chapter 8 Takeover of the Company
Muran company, the most luxurious office.

Opposite Mu Sheng sat an old man with a black suit and strong spirit, showing the temperament and quality of the upper class between his gestures.

“Master Mu, you are finally willing to see me.” The old man said excitedly. His name was Old Xu. It was a person who stopped Mu Sheng in Rolls-Royce a few days ago. This is one of the housekeepers of the Mu family. .

In addition, he is also the main person in charge of Mujia in Jiangnan District.

Staying in the office, whether it was the surrounding luxurious decorations or the old man’s name, made Mu Sheng feel a little awkward. He opened the door and said, “I am looking for you, I want you to help.”

“Master Mu, as long as you speak, our Mu family will do everything possible!” Old Xu agreed without hesitation.

Mu Sheng nodded, not surprised by the result, and continued, “I need a sum of money. As for how much, you can give it to me. Also, I want you to do something for me in this branch in Jiangnan. thing.”

“Of course it’s okay! The money matter, I told the master back, if there is no accident, I will be able to call in in ten minutes.” Xu Lao agreed, “As for this company, the master said, this It was the meeting gift he gave you. As long as you sign this contract, let alone let the company do the work, even if you change hands and sell the company, there is no problem!”

Old Xu said, he opened the drawer and took out a contract that had already been drawn up, and handed it to Mu Sheng.

He promised so, naturally, at the beginning, this was the meaning of the Mujia.

Mu Sheng quickly signed the contract.

Xu Lao took the contract into the bag like a treasure, and then let out a long sigh.

Later, Xu Lao looked at Mu Sheng cautiously and asked, “Master Mu, sir, I am afraid that time is running out. Before he leaves, he really wants to see you…”

“My father?”

Mu Sheng was startled and fell into silence.

When my father was one of the family heirs, his mother was only 40 years old and gave birth to him. But the family was under tremendous pressure, and even the brothers killed each other. At that time, the father was afraid that he could not protect Mu Sheng, so he deliberately found someone. , Secretly sent Mu Sheng to the Mu family.

But even so, he was still discovered while Mu Sheng was sneaking away.

His mother died tragically to protect Mu Sheng from leaving. At that time, Mu Sheng vowed to find the murderer! As for his father, even though Mu Sheng knew that he also had his own difficulties, he still couldn’t let go of his mother’s death.

The feeling of being abandoned accompanied him for more than ten years in the barracks.

“I will go back.” Mu Sheng said lightly, without saying more.


When Mr. Xu heard Mu Sheng’s consent, he stood up with excitement, his eyes were red, and he quickly picked up the phone and said, “I will notify the master.”

Seeing this scene, Mu Sheng couldn’t help turning his head and leaning out of the window, mixed with mixed feelings in his heart.

The father I haven’t seen in more than ten years is still his father, and he has a relationship of blood thicker than water! What’s more, his father is now seriously ill and can’t make it anymore.

“When you finish dealing with things in your hands, go back and have a look.”

Mu Sheng made a decision and got up to leave.

He went home this time simply to see his father and the Mu family’s financial resources and support. When a person lay down on a mountain of dead people, walked through a rain of bullets, this kind of external objects could hardly affect him.

“Master Mu, what did you ask us to do in Mu Ran Company? You haven’t said yet!” Seeing that Mu Sheng was about to leave, Old Xu suddenly remembered something and asked behind him.

“Muran’s contract with the Jiang family was changed. The person in charge was changed from my wife Jiang Wan to Jiang Mulong. A few days later, Jiang Mulong will come to the company and submit their new contract and plan.”

Mu Sheng stepped out of the door and slowly said, “And my request is to let him go when Jiang Mulong comes!”


As soon as he got home, Mu Sheng’s cell phone rang, followed by the prompt text message that immediately jumped out of the bank card.

“Your bank card has received one billion yuan.”

Even though he was prepared, when he saw the balance in the card, Mu Sheng was taken aback by this string of numbers!

“I just asked you to give me some money, and you transferred me a billion? In your eyes, a billion is just a little money?”

Looking at the phone, Mu Sheng couldn’t help showing a wry smile. It seemed that the Mu family was several times stronger than when he left, and is now called the top of the four giants in Yanjing.

Just the small amount of money at hand, even the entire Jiang family, can’t match it.

In the next few days, after the Muran company’s contract was snatched away, every time his mother-in-law Zhao Lin went home, she didn’t show Mu Sheng a good face.

And Jiang Wan’s situation in the company is becoming more and more dangerous. She discovered that Jiang Mulong was in her company, constantly buying high-level managers, selling stocks, and wanting to take advantage of her rights in the company!

For this, Mu Sheng did not expect that after he had obtained the contract, Jiang Mulong would seek cooperation with Mu Ran Company as soon as possible, but he did not expect that the other party would start from Jiang Wan and wanted to take advantage of this contract change. Completely crush Jiang Wan!


Mu Sheng, who took over the entire Muran Company, was not worried.

The more greedy Jiang Mulong becomes, the worse he will fall!

On this day, Zhao Lin, mother-in-law, came home early, with a cheerful expression on her face. She said to Jiang Wan as soon as she got home, “Daughter, there is a banquet outside today. I have many friends coming.”

“Banquet?” Jiang Wan didn’t respond, why didn’t she hear her mother mention it.

“Yes, daughter, you remember to dress up better. Some important people are coming tonight.” Zhao Lin nodded, and then she glanced at Mu Sheng. The smile on her face disappeared instantly, and she said coldly, “You are a waste of money. go together!”

Mu Sheng nodded and continued to mop the floor.

“Does Mu Sheng want to go too?”

Jiang Wan was even more puzzled.

Her mother originally hated Mu Sheng, and after the hospital affairs, she refused to let Mu Sheng go with him at any gathering. This time she spoke, did the sun come out from the west?

“My daughter and I will go out first, and then we will follow you when you drag the ground!”

After dressing up, Zhao Lin took Jiang Wan’s hand and Meimei walked out of the room. After walking to the door, Bai Musheng glanced at it and snorted coldly.

Home is a bit far away, Jiang Wan hesitated, took out one hundred yuan from the bag and put it on the table, “Mu Sheng, if you can’t have time, please take a taxi.”

“What are you doing to this waste money, waste! Just let him run over.” Zhao Lin slapped the money back.

“Oh, mom, what he said is my husband.”

“I tell you, starting today, you are not allowed to call him husband!”

The door was closed with a bang, Mu Sheng was still mopping the floor, but there was a hint of warmth in his heart.

Although he hadn’t helped Jiang Wan yet, even Jiang Wan didn’t believe that Mu Sheng was able to help her.

But since that time, the relationship between the two has gradually become closer.