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Chapter 16 His Love Which Is Hard to Come By

The little guy was very sensitive. Besides Mu Yazhe, he was quite distant to everyone else. He was like his father most of the time. They were truly cast from the same mould. His small face was always emotionless. He was taciturn and serious, just like an adult. It was as if he were not a child of his age. He was extremely mature.

When he was three or four, Mu Yazhe often accompanied him. He was just like a little devil; mischievous and always loved to prank. He often teased the maids in the Mu residence – totally a hedonistic little ancestor.

However, for the past two years, work at the Mu Group became more arduous, and Mu Yazhe was very busy and always away. Without his father to accompany him, the little guy gradually became lonelier and quieter day by day. Eventually, he seldom talked anymore.

Sometimes, looking at his small face, Mu Wanrou could not help but be reminded of the young Mu Yazhe. He was also this cold and distant to everyone.

Only in front of Mu Yazhe would he more or less display a nature unique to children. He was still a child in any case. Therefore, he would sometimes act spoiled and do some bad things to get his father’s attention. Mu Yazhe, of course, doted on him and spoiled him rotten. Thus, in front of him, Little Yichen appeared bold.

Mu Wanrou came to her senses. She smiled and waved at him, “Yichen, come here!”

Little Yichen looked at her. He took a few steps toward her but eventually stopped. He appeared to be very unwilling as he looked toward his father.

Mu Yazhe spun around, and as he saw the little boy, the coldness on his face somewhat receded. He sat on the sofa, his large hands patting his long legs lightly. When Little Yichen saw that, his eyes curved up and he ran toward his side. A corner of Mu Yazhe’s lips ascended, and he held the child up to sit on his lap.

Little Yichen’s facial features mostly resembled his, but, under the shadow of his brows, he was dignified and gentle – nothing like his coldness.

More like that timid girl, from six years ago….

His eyes slightly strained. For many nights, that beautiful and out-of-this-world appearance would somehow appear in his mind. Underneath his body, her face was sometimes shy, sometimes flustered, and sometimes sunken.

That girl was the most beautiful person he had laid eyes on!

He had yet to savor her a little more, and that girl suddenly vanished from his world.

Six years ago, because of premature labor, when Little Yichen was born, his body was very weak. Knowing that the other child was not saved, he lamented to some extent.

He always thought that his heart was already as hard as ice. Because his grandpa loved children, he decided to fulfill his long-cherished wish and searched for a young woman for surrogacy.

Never did he expect to save only one of his children, though.

He always felt regretful and guilty about this, so he doted on Little Yichen more than anything else. Little Yichen grew up healthy under his care. However, he was not close to Mu Wanrou.

The child was innocent in nature, but he was spirited! Normally, at the Mu residence, Mu Wanrou would also dote on Little Yichen, even treating him as if he were her own. However, when she was alone with Mu Yichen, her gaze on him was only filled with jealousy and malice!

She hated herself for being infertile. As this child was not her flesh and blood, how much could she actually care for him?

As a result, Little Yichen was distant toward her from a young age.

“Daddy, I want to play with a remote-controlled racing car!”

“Remote-controlled racing car?” Mu Yazhe knitted his brows. “Haven’t you gotten sick of it? Why do you want to play with one again?”

“I just want to play with it!” Little Yichen pouted.

A rare tenderness appeared in Mu Yazhe’s eyes. “Okay, daddy will buy it for you.”

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