Chapter 8 Tool Palace

The God Forbidden Land far surpassed the level possessed by Tianwu Continent. Like the Nine Star God Emperor Jue, before entering the God Forbidden Land, Qin Chen could hardly believe that there was such a magical technique in the world.

Because the above stated that only those who have opened up the twelve meridians throughout the body during the coagulation phase are qualified to practice the Nine Star God Emperor Jue.

However, although the human body possesses twelve meridians, it wants to do this during the coagulation phase. In Qin Chen’s impression, in the entire Tianwu Continent’s thousands of years of history, he has never heard of a case.

Even the top genius of the martial arts in the previous life can only get through eleven meridians, which is already the limit.

However, in this Nine Star God Emperor Jue, how to open up the twelve meridians was recorded.

“When I got the Nine-Star Divine Emperor Art in my previous life, I was already an eighth-rank martial emperor. The time to lay the foundation has long passed. Now that God has given me another chance, not practicing the Nine-Star Divine Emperor Art is a waste of my rebirth. Back.”


“Now I have entered the human level cultivation base, the seven meridians have been shaped, unless it is broken and then stand up, otherwise it is impossible to get through the remaining meridians…”

“Feng Shaoyu and the others are eager to do it, I’m afraid it is also to obtain the treasures of the Nine Star God Emperor Jue and other treasures from me, right?”

Qin Chen’s eyes were as bright as stars.

He pondered for a moment, opened the door, and walked out quickly.

“Mother, I want to go out for a while, and I will go back.” Qin Chen and his mother greeted them and left Qin’s mansion quickly.

“Be careful,” Qin Yuechi said anxiously, “Don’t cause trouble either.” She didn’t say this sentence, but prayed in her heart.

Along the way, all the servants of the Qin family stepped aside when they met him, and even the guards at the gate of the Qin Mansion looked strange and respectful.

In front of Mrs. Zhao, Qin Chen killed the two guards in the Qin Mansion. Almost no one in Qin Mansion dared to look down upon this young master with a special identity.

on the street.

The royal capital was very lively, and Qin Chen suddenly felt like a world away. He felt the plants and trees, each person and scene here, and couldn’t help but indulge in it.

Following his memory, he walked into an extremely lively street in the capital of the king, all the way in, and gradually reached the most prosperous street in the king of Daqi.

On both sides of the street, a variety of magnificent and magnificent shops stand upright.

“If you want to break and reconcile the meridians, you must rely on the Tianmai Shenzhen, and the materials for refining the Tianmai Shenzhen are very precious and can only be found in places where refiners gather.”

Qin Chen thought while moving forward.

Suddenly, a landmark-like building appeared in front of him. The building was a hundred meters high and magnificent. It was located in a corner of the street and occupies an excellent location.

At this moment, on the open space at the entrance of the shop, pedestrians are in an endless stream, and there are luxurious carriages parked. It can be seen that the guests entering this shop are either rich or expensive.

“Tool Palace!”

Qin Chen raised his head, saw the big gilt characters on the plaque at the entrance of the building, and stepped in.

Qidian is one of the most powerful organizations in Tianwu Continent, with an extremely long history, and it is said that it has been passed down from ancient times.

In Tianwu Continent, organizations such as the Hall of Artifacts, the Hall of Medicine Masters, and the Holy Land of Blood have strong strength, and even the top empires on the continent must be admired.

Among them, the Hall of Artifacts is an organization that specializes in gathering all the artificers of the world. The professional appraisal, upgrade of the ranks, and the issuance of badges for all articans of the world need to be completed in the Hall of Artifacts. Every city has a branch of Qidian. Qidu’s Qidian is located in the royal capital of the entire Great Qi Kingdom. Its magnificence and hugeness are naturally unmatched by other branches.

“I wonder if there are any materials for refining the Tianmai Shenzhen?”

Walking into the device hall at will, a noisy sound suddenly entered Qin Chen’s ears.

The hall on the first floor of the Qidian is extremely wide, and all kinds of people shuttle through it, which is very lively. There is no guard here, but it is in order.

“Welcome to the palace of equipment, may I ask this young man, is there anything I can help you?” A woman in a brocade robe suddenly stood in front of Qin Chen and said with a smile.

This person is young, his eyes are calm, and his aura is extraordinary. He is obviously the demeanor of a person accustomed to the world. He must not be the son of an ordinary noble family. Chen Yufei looked at Qin Chen and said inwardly.

Qin Chen was taken aback for a moment, and then came back to his senses. Every time he went to the Wuyu Temple Headquarters in his previous life, the major elders, deputy hall masters and others had already waited outside the door and greeted him warmly.

This kind of gentle and casual greeting made Qin Chen a little dazed. He smiled faintly, “I want to buy these refining materials, don’t know if you have them here?” Qin Chen took paper and pen and quickly wrote down a list of materials. , Hand it forward.

Chen Yufei pursed her ruddy cherry mouth and smiled: “The son is joking. Our palace is the place with the most refining materials in the Great Qi State. If there is no such place, you may not be able to find it if you search through the entire Great Qi State.”

Chen Yufei smiled and took the order and looked at it carefully.

When I saw this, my expression was startled, his eyes changed from curiosity to surprise, and he couldn’t help but laugh: “My son, you can’t write something wrong, right? I have been in the Hall of Apparatus for four or five years, and you write in it. I have never heard of most of the materials!”

Chen Yufei’s words caused Qin Chen’s heart to sink immediately. What he didn’t want to happen, unexpectedly happened.

He knew that the artifact hall of the Great Qi Kingdom was relatively remote, so he changed several high-level materials that could refine the Heavenly Vessel Divine Needle to ordinary materials, but he didn’t expect it.

If he couldn’t refine the Heavenly Maid Divine Needle, he would not be able to break it and then stand, rebuild the Qi pool, and then cultivate the Nine Star God Emperor Jue.

“Look at these kinds of materials again?”

Qin Chen wrote down several alternative materials and handed them to Chen Yufei.

If you don’t even have these kinds of materials, then things are in trouble.

“Hey, isn’t this Brother Chen? I heard that you didn’t awaken your bloodline at the Academy Awakening Conference last time? Why, I can’t become a martial artist, and I want to become a refiner?”

At this time, a mocking voice suddenly came from the door, and a man and a woman walked from the door of the Hall of Arms.

The man wears a white robe, and has a somewhat romantic and suave taste. This person is Qin Chen’s second brother and Zhao Feng’s second son, Qin Fen.

The woman who walked with Qin Fen was one of the four beauties in the royal capital, Zhao Lingshan, the daughter of Lord Kang.

Zhao Lingshan wears a pink dress with a refined temperament. At the age of sixteen or seventeen, her figure is extremely hot. Even if she is wearing a skirt, she can still feel her bumpy figure, which is very predictable. The white collarbone is like jade, which is attractive. Everyone’s eyes.