Chapter 9 Blind Date

After Mu Sheng arrived at the place, the food was ready in the box.

“Oh, Mu Sheng is here.”

“Sister Zhao, this is what you have been talking about just now.”

The neighbors Zhao Lin invited were all nearby neighbors.

Mu Sheng nodded and said hello, silently walked to Jiang Wan and sat down.

“Ignore him, we will continue to eat.”

Zhao Lin snorted coldly, and Mu Sheng didn’t look pleasing to her eyes, and she wished to kick him out now.

“By the way, Sister Zhao, you specially invited us today, is there any good thing?”

“I heard Sister Zhao say that there seems to be someone special coming.”

A fat woman said, took a seat in Zhao Lin’s direction, and asked curiously.

“No hurry, he is coming soon.” Zhao Lin had a smile on her face.

“Mrs. Zhao, you are so anxious to kill me.”


When everyone was wondering who it was, there was a knock on the door. Zhao Lin immediately got up from the chair and couldn’t wait to step forward to open the door.

Outside the door, stood a man in a white suit holding flowers, tall and handsome, with a handsome face.

“Hello, auntie.”

The man in the white suit bowed, with a slight smile on his face.

“Zhang Wenjie, are you finally here?” Zhao Lin quickly greeted Zhang Wenjie to come in, “These are your old neighbors, do you still recognize?”

“This, is Zhang Wenjie?”

“Oh, after so long in a foreign country, so much change.”

Those neighbors were also taken aback for a while before they realized that the object of Zhao Lin’s banquet today was actually Zhang Wenjie, the son of their former neighbor, but their family had moved overseas five years ago and has not returned until now.

No wonder, Zhao Lin called them all.

“Come on, sit here.” Zhao Lin took Zhang Wenjie to Jiang Wan, glared at Mu Sheng, and cursed, “Worry, don’t get out of the way!”

“I haven’t finished my meal yet.”

Mu Sheng raised his head and glanced at Zhao Lin, and said frankly.

“You, useless, do you dare to refute me?!” Zhao Lin was almost mad when she was rejected by Mu Sheng for the first time.

“Auntie, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter where I sit.” Zhang Wenjie was completely relieved, but his eyes were constantly looking at Mu Sheng up and down.

It was said that Jiang Wan was married to a useless person, and now it seems that she is right.

Look at Jiang Wan again.

Zhang Wenjie’s eyes straightened immediately! The figure is plump, mature like honey and peaches, just looking at it, I can’t help but dry his mouth, and judging from his experience with countless women, this Jiang Wan is still a fuck!

This woman, I’m going to make a deal!

Price swallowed fiercely, Zhang Wenjie found an empty seat to sit down, took out a box from his body, handed it to Zhao Lin politely, and said, “Auntie, I just returned to China. This is a gift I prepared for you.”

Zhao Lin happily opened the box. Inside was a necklace, in which the ruby ​​was dazzling and dazzling in the light.

Everyone was taken aback and said, “Wow, what a beautiful necklace.”

“Of course.” Zhang Wenjie nodded, but looked at Jiang Wan triumphantly, “This is a ruby ​​I photographed in France. I specially invited the famous British craftsman Tony to make it. There are diamonds underneath. Platinum is commensurate, rich and long-lived, and more colorful. The meaning of gold.”

“Wow, Zhang Wenjie, you are really hardworking.” Zhao Lin smiled from ear to ear, “This gift must be very expensive.”

“It’s not very expensive, it’s only more than half a million dollars, which I bought with my usual pocket money.” Zhang Wenjie said casually, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t hide his pride.


“More than half a million U.S. dollars, converted into Donghua coins, at least more than three million!”

“Zhang Wenjie, what are you doing in the United States now, you can actually make so much money!”

Everyone cast envy eyes one after another.

They didn’t expect that the neighbor who lived next door five years ago could actually soar into the sky and directly become a figure in the upper class.

“Haha, I just opened a few companies to handle overseas trade.” Zhang Wenjie waved his hand, “It’s not worth mentioning.”

“It’s not worth mentioning, so what are we? You are too humble.”

“By the way, Wenjie, do you have a girlfriend now?”

Someone spoke at this time.

“After I went out, I haven’t looked for it.” Zhang Wenjie opened his mouth, gazing deeply on Jiang Wan, and said, “Actually, I have always liked a girl in my heart.”

“Wow! Such an affectionate boy, not much now!”

Zhang Wenjie’s words caused another exclamation from everyone in the box.

“Okay, it’s great, but it’s a pity that my daughter married a little bit early. If I had a son-in-law like you, I would have enjoyed a good fortune.” Zhao Lin seemed to glance at Jiang Wan who was sitting next to her, as if she wanted to. Pointing, said, “Yes, daughter.”

Jiang Wan was slightly annoyed, “Mom, what are you talking about! Mu Sheng is still here!”

“Whether or not he’s useless, what’s the difference?” Zhao Lin didn’t care at all.

Zhang Wenjie noticed the disdain on Zhao Lin’s face and couldn’t help but sneered in his heart.

In order to pursue Jiang Wan, he had long ago found someone to investigate the relationship between the two of them and the background of Mu Sheng. Therefore, he will show up here at the invitation of Zhao Lin tonight.

However, Zhang Wenjie still pretended to just know, looked at Mu Sheng condescendingly, and said, “Oh? So this is Miss Jiang Wan’s husband? I don’t know, what do you do?”

Mu Sheng’s face became cold, his fists clenched under the table, and the blue veins rose up like a horned dragon, entwining his arms. He is not stupid, and how can he not see the purpose of this banquet by mother-in-law Zhao Lin? It was basically a blind date introducing Zhang Wenjie!

I am afraid that the invitation to him this time is to deliberately humiliate Zhang Wenjie in public and deepen his impression in Jiang Wan’s heart!

For this kind of person, Mu Sheng was too lazy to respond.

“Huh, Wenjie, ignore him, he will be a waste of soft food at home!” Zhao Lin snorted coldly.

“Auntie, don’t say that. A man must have his own career.” Zhang Wenjie pretended to be concerned and continued to say to Mu Sheng, “Mu Sheng, I don’t know what your diploma is? Me and the head of Mu Ran Company are also considered. Acknowledge, with my recommendation, I can give you a suitable position.”

“Me?” Mu Sheng said, a little impatient, “No diploma.”

“No diploma?”

“Hahaha, how come you don’t have a diploma, Mu Sheng, haven’t you even attended middle school or high school?”

“No wonder he stays at home every day. It turns out that he doesn’t have a diploma. Such people are destined to starve to death when they are put in the society.”

Everyone roared with laughter and made no secret of the contempt in their words. In their eyes, Mu Sheng was a scum at the bottom of society. If it weren’t for the Jiang family, he wouldn’t be able to live at all.

“It’s fine.”

Zhang Wenjie waved his hand and continued to say in the tone of a successful person, “There are also many bosses who start from scratch and build from nothing, Mu Sheng, as long as they are willing to work hard, they will be successful. Then, Mu Sheng, you will come to Mu Ran tomorrow. The company reports that I can give you a security post.”

“Security is okay. It’s better than eating at home all day long and waiting to die! Don’t hurry up and thank me?” Zhao Lin glanced at it and said, “Otherwise, when you get divorced and get kicked out of Jiang’s house, you can only Go to the street and beg for food!”

“Going to get a divorce?”

Zhang Wenjie smiled secretly. Now he shows off his identity in front of Jiang Wan’s mother and wins a good impression. Waiting until Jiang Wan divorces, is the matter of those two people a matter of course?

“It’s okay, it’s just a matter of effort, so let’s go, Mu Sheng, you come to the company to report tomorrow, and just mention my name.”

“Find a job for me? What are you?”

Mu Sheng raised his eyelids and replied lightly.

The voice fell.

The whole box was silent for an instant!