Chinese people in the past, when there is a disease, how to treat?

The old Chinese people who migrated to Thailand since the past, whether wealthy magnate or holding labor. When they have illnesses, they tend to treat those illnesses with traditional Chinese therapies that the Chinese have trusted and used to since they were at home. The method of treatment begins with the diagnosis of the disease through “Phamae” (切脉) or the pulse of Chinese medicine known as Doctor Mae. Phamae is an ancient Chinese medicine developed from the experience of healing or struggling to survive from various ailments. Of the Chinese that have been accumulating for thousands of years When Chinese people migrated from their native land to settle in other lands, they often followed by a Chinese doctor. Phamae then spread to everywhere that the Chinese people live.

There are many steps to be written Beginning with Doctor Mae, the diagnosis will require concentration and a calm mind. Then use three fingers (index finger, middle finger, ring finger) to hold the pulse under the wrists of the patient’s thumb. In which each position of the finger indicates different organs The middle finger touches the area of the convex button in the “agitation” position (关). The index finger is above the agitation of the “chun” position (寸) and the ring finger is under the “chi” position (尺).

The embossing of both hands will reveal the various internal organs. Of the body that varies with each point of contact, such as the left-hand side of the body, shows the disease in the heart The right hand represents the disease that is positioned in the lungs. The agitation point on the left hand shows the disease located in the liver and gallbladder. The right hand represents the disease that is located in the spleen and stomach. The point on the left hand and shows the disease that is located in the kidney area During the maternity, the Chinese doctor will check to see if the abnormal pulse characteristics, such as being shallow or deep. Slow or fast dance Does it flow? While the Chinese doctor is checking the pulse, the patient will have to determine the natural breath in and out regularly.

Abnormalities of each pulse can indicate the condition of the body and the symptoms that are currently living. After Doctor Mae has finished diagnosing the disease Will write Chinese prescriptions for patients to buy prescription drugs to bring to boil The prescription will consist of several Chinese herbs and the weight of each herb written next to the drug name. Including writing and writing how many packets of medication a patient will have to take. Patients can take doctor’s prescription to buy medicine at Chinese pharmacies. The Chinese drugstore will arrange the medicine or medicine according to Doctor Mae’s prescription. By bringing each Chinese herb to weigh according to the order and placing it together on a wrapping paper Once the patient has received the medicine, he can take it home to boil.

At present, the profession of Doctor Mae in Thailand is still quite popular. Although the number has decreased from the past As some Chinese Thais, especially the elderly, still trust in the aforementioned treatment in parallel with the treatment with modern medicine. Including a new generation of people who are interested in alternative medicine because they have been treated with modern medicine but have not recovered.

Currently, there are descendants of Thai and Chinese descendants who have completed medical courses from universities in Thailand and China. Doctor Mae coming from China and opening a clinic for treatment in Thailand. As well as Chinese Thais who have inherited Chinese medicine from their ancestors As a result, the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is still popular and has passed on to the present.

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