One of the “poor” strategies in China

One of the “poor” strategies in China is to make villages in impoverished areas. Have strengthened and grouped together to do business to generate income for self-help / small villages in China Organizing a 3.9 million baht village village dividend payment celebration

And today, Ai Jong shares an example of a village in a rural area of China that was once listed as a very poor village but has now overcome poverty. From the business establishment of the village With every household in the village as a shareholder

This village is called Daoping Village, a rural village in Longan City, Gansu Province. Around 2018, people in this village formed a group to establish tourism and local products. By making the village into a new tourist destination in the form of an ancient Chinese village Including selling products through online systems or e-commerce as well By marketing, creating brand awareness for the products and their villages, until there is widespread awareness

For over 2 years That everyone in the village united to build this business At this point the level of success is known. It can be seen from the 2019 earnings that earned an income of 869,700 yuan (about 4.3 million) and the village has organized a dividend giving ceremony for 79 households and the central part of the village. The total amount is 785,000 yuan (about 3.9 million baht), according to data from People’s Daily, Xinhua ( and local Gansu media. 中国 甘肃 网