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Our Shining Days 闪光少女 Episode 7 Recap

The female reporter tweeted Yi Na’s contempt and Feng Anyu’s snicker, and attached the language. Feng Anyu and Yina’s fortification line fell instantly. A hot search of the matter, Sister Yina suddenly panicked, and tried to find a way around. Feng Anyu decided to take responsibility together. After Chen Jing’s ambition changed greatly, she didn’t want to live a long life. She wanted to join the school folk band. The head of the department heard Chen Jing being a student with no brain. At the last school meeting, the head of the department announced the dissolution of the folk band. Chen Jing was surprised. The head of the department knew that Chen Jing’s academic performance was not very good, and advised Chen Jing to learn a good cultural course first to find a way out.

At this time, Chen Jing’s cell phone rang, and the head of the department ordered Chen Jing to hand over the cell phone. Chen Jing had no choice but to hand it over. At this time, He Yan came in, and the cell phone was a banned thing in the school. The head of the department looked at Chen Jing’s mobile phone and lost his temper. Teacher Zhao took the opportunity to talk about discovering that Song Tianshuang was chasing the stars together, and he was not angry when he saw the situation. He Xun ordered Chen Jing to go home for training, Chen Jing was so ridiculous that he even fell down when he walked. Seeing the words, Teacher Wang encouraged Chen Jing with words and encouraged her to form a folk music band. Chen Jing is worried how to find teammates? Teacher Wang told her the story of a lone whale and encouraged Chen Jing to find people with similar interests.

In the piano room, Chen Jing took a hairpin to make barbecue, and the two hid in the piano room to eat. And all this was provided by the elderly living alone. Chen Jing and Youshui talked about the formation of a band. Chen Jing got the idea of ​​oil residue, and mysteriously invited oil residue to change his identity to accompany himself. The oil residue heard that Chen Jing liked himself and was very happy. I did n’t know that Chen Jing had invited you to join the band as a comrade-in-arm. He’s at home, and He’s looking for Chen Jing. Chen Jing responded with a hippie smile. Seeing this, he took out the killer, Chen Jing immediately turned her head into a good girl. Chen Jing offered to borrow a camera and asked for a reason. Chen Jing didn’t want to say a reason, but instead talked nonsense. He didn’t want to die early and had to go upstairs to get it.

Sister Yina did not discuss with Feng Anyu alone in the media to apologize, leaving Feng Anyu in a desperate situation, Feng Anyu’s image in the public’s heart suddenly plummeted, and the upcoming award was also changed. Unhappy in Feng Anyu’s heart, he came to He Ye’s house to visit Feng Shui Tree. Chen was shocked and greeted Feng Anyu warmly. Seeing this, He quickly pulled Chen Jing aside. Feng Anyu went to visit Feng Shui Tree. Chen Jing could gossip Feng Anyu in front of the concubine. After Feng Anyu came out, Chen Jing pulled Feng Anyu and asked East and West to leave Feng Anyu for dinner. Chen was shocked, and Feng Anyu called a table of crayfish.

He Su didn’t like the greasy inside of the house, and drove them out for dinner. Chen Jing optimistically yelled to maintain the ecological balance outside the house and immediately set out with Feng Anyu outdoors. He Yan is calm and quiet, and does not eat fireworks on earth. Chen Jing was so lively and innocent that Feng Anyu questioned the blood relationship between the two.

Chen Jing and Feng Anyu were chatting. The two made lovely shapes with lobsters in the yard. Chen Jing specially called for a kindness. He Xuan questioned Feng Anyu’s leisurely feelings today. Feng Anyu told what happened, but unfortunately he has sung a song for a long time. Chen was shocked and took out Feng Anyu’s star card to cheer and encouraged Feng Anyu to sing live. Feng Anyu played on the spot, singing loudly. He Ye listened intoxicated. After a song, Chen Jing shouted back to school. He Jing kept her, but Chen Jing was unwilling. He Yan plans to send Chen Jing back to school. Before leaving, Chen Jing was concerned about Feng Anyu’s hilarious laugh at the interview site and questioned Feng Anyu’s interaction with his girlfriend.

Seeing Zhan’s face halted, Chen Jing hippie left with a smile. He and Feng Anyu remained in the courtyard, and He quietly cared about Feng Anyu. Time was short, Feng Anyu didn’t answer directly. Chen Jing borrowed a kind selfie camera. She took the oil residue and took a picture together as a poster, intending to recruit soldiers. Soon, the two posters filled the campus. The poster did not attract everyone’s attention as expected, Chen Jing and Youshui decided to act separately.

In the piano room, you want Chen Jing to help find some teammates. My brother listened and analyzed it. He could persuade the slag to confess his rush and not to spare. Youshui said he would rather be a warm man than lose the friendship of Chen Jing. My brother saw this, and froze severely. On campus, in the piano room, Chen Jing and Youshui were looking for partners, but they were met with many eyes. He Yanman was full of Feng Anyu’s heart and cared about Feng Anyu’s gossip. On the way home, He Xun saw Feng Anyu’s movie poster. He Shunlu bought a gossip book, which recorded all the movements of Feng Anyu. He Yan looked at these gossips, remembering Feng Anyu’s nerves, and couldn’t help thinking about it.

In the dormitory, Zheng Youen and others learned about Chen Jing’s formation of a band. Zheng Youen laughed at Chen Jing’s imagination. Chen was not afraid, and stepped forward to challenge Zheng Youen, and fiercely returned to Zheng Youen. But Zheng Youen and others could be fuel-saving lamps. When Chen Jing returned to the house, he found that the dormitory door was locked.

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