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Our Shining Days 闪光少女 Episode 8 Recap

Qin Fang, Chen Jing and oil residue chat. Chen Jing intends to abandon his ideal. The oil residue tells the evolution of evolution and encourages Chen Jing to stick with it. The oil residue suggested that Chen Jing go to the 502 dormitory to look for opportunities. Chen Jing was worried that people in the 502 dormitory could not communicate well. The oil residue encouraged Chen Jing to work hard. Youshui knew the people in the 502 dormitory very well. He told Chen Jing about their hobbies and gave Chen Jing a killer. The curtains in the 502 dormitory were closed tightly and everywhere, Chen came in boldly. She walked to the bed step by step and greeted her softly.

Xu Ying listened and took out her cell phone to signal Chen Jing to leave. Chen Jing didn’t retreat immediately. Beibei and Tata showed their heads out of the curtain. Chen Jing immediately indicated the intention. Bebe and Tata declined in person, saying they would charge a door charge. Chen Jing was reluctant to give up and continued lobbying. Xiao Ha took Chen Jing’s poster with him, and after reading it, Chen Jing left. Chen was surprised and turned to leave. At the door, Chen Jing suddenly had a flash of light, and thought of the sludge killer, she turned around and offered to buy one for everyone. Xiao Hao and others had an enthusiastic response instantly. After some bargaining, Xiao Hao and others finally agreed to join the band. The people in the 502 dormitory have been waiting for mavericks like Chen Jing, and this day has finally arrived. The 502 dormitory also ushered in the bright sunshine of life.

Chen Jingxing came out of the dorm in high spirits. Seeing the oil residue, he quickly drilled out to inquire. Chen Jing excitedly introduced the 502 bedroom from inside to outside and from top to bottom. Deep-fried excitement. Chen was surprised and surprised. Chen Jing thought that people like oil residue and Xiao Haze had similar interests, and the oil residue quickly turned to excuses to shift the topic. Youshui wondered how Chen Jing persuaded Xiao Hao and others to say that Chen Jing used the killer. The oil residue was startled. Chen Jing was in a good mood today, pulling the oil residue into the restaurant for seafood.

After Chen Jing and oil residue had eaten, Chen Jing questioned Xiao Heng and others’ piano skills. Su Bei happened to practice in the nearby piano room, and the oil residue took Chen Jing to listen. I didn’t know I saw Su Bei sitting outside the window and playing the piano. This scene was also seen by the department head. The monthly exam will start again every month. The head of the department met to comment on the school spirit and discipline, and also specifically criticized Su Bei at the conference. After the meeting, Chen Jing and Xiao Hao greeted each other warmly and left together. Zheng Tianen and a few other Western music classmates sniffed.

Chen Jing, Xiao Hao and others met in the piano room. Chen Jing was grateful for the joining of Xiao Hao and others. They were full of longing for the future. Haze suggested that Chen Jing find a place for rehearsal first. Chen Jing and Youshou begged grandpa to tell his grandmother that he wanted to borrow the place in the school, but the head of the department did not agree at all. Chen Jing and Youshui had to take Xiao Haze and other people to rehearse in the park. How could they know that they occupied the venue for the square dance and were driven out? Xiao Heng waited, and walked away holding the instrument.

Chen Jing and Youshui returned to school discouraged. When passing by the rehearsal hall, the oil residue had a clever move, went in to discuss with the janitor, and after the “sincere pay” of the oil residue, the uncle finally promised to borrow the rehearsal hall in the evening. The reason Xiao Hao agreed to Chen Jing was because Chen Jing promised to buy them a hand to do every week. Chen Jing always thought that the hand-handling was as simple as catching the doll in the machine. The oil residue appeared. He kindly reminded Chen Jing to see the price of the hand-handling. Chen Jing opened the link and found that the hand-handling had a high price.

Feng Anyu went on a hot search, and many people judged that he had a girlfriend. Seeing this, some inexplicable feelings. In the villa, Sister Yina came over to apologize to Feng Anyu. The reporter moved when he heard the wind and leaked Feng Jiawei’s water. When Yi Na saw this, she was afraid to come out in Feng Anyu’s villa. Sister Yina drank some wine at Feng Anyu’s house, a little drunk. Seeing this, Feng Anyu slipped out of the back door for an excuse. Feng Anyu was worried that Yi Na would drink up her treasured medicinal wine, so she took the jar of wine and went to He’s house. Seeing this, He was surprised. He Yan mentioned Feng Anyu’s scandal. Feng Anyu quickly explained. Feng Anyu held the wine jar and sat under the Feng Shui tree. Sit down and chat with him. Feng Anyu talked about his annoyance. When he saw this, he took out a bamboo basket, which was full of tools and medicine for arranging feng shui trees. He gently advised Feng Anyu to keep track of his life.

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